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Artist: NICOLE_S

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Editors Pick week 743
editors pick week 743

Artist: LILITH_B
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Artist name: Sami_S
Birthplace: Makati, Philippines
Age: 26
Height: 163cm
Starsign: Leo
The biggest passion in my life: Game of Thrones
I like to listen to: Karen Carpenter, that voice just makes me relax every time
I like to watch: Every Lucy Worsley documentary
I like to smell: The sea water at every afternoon

New Releases

Jan 17, 2018 Tori_T//"aworldofmyown_3"
"When it got to the late afternoon I started to goof around and started doing things you might do on a lazy afternoon like going through old stuff and lounging around. As always I had a great time (can you tell?) and hope you enjoy the finished product. x"
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Jan 17, 2018 Samy_Sam//"sarili"
"This is my first time to do this, so it's nerve-racking, but every time I visit this website I smiled at the free photos of every girl here. It looks pure fun, artistic, random, empowering, overall... Beautiful. I thought of a lot of poses at first, but they all seem very awkward, my natural awkwardness is just screaming in every photo. I let loose and just keep taking pictures until I realized that I'm actually having fun, something I hoped to feel like when I randomly decided to do this self-photo shoot."
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Jan 16, 2018 Chelsea_H//"contortionist"
"I found it very hard to position the camera, I did enjoy shooting however as it was very confronting to see myself in the lighting and positions. I tried to incorporate my circus ability however it was hard to hold positions and a camera."
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Jan 15, 2018 Evestaar//"kewpie_doll"
"As this is the second time I have done I shot myself, I went into it with a much different mindset than the first time. Originally I was very nervous and had to keep deleting photos, whereas this time I was able to just happily take the photos and see the beauty in my imperfections. I did this shoot outside and kept having to go inside as I was freezing! I was able to see my body in an even different light than the first time (natural light/use of a mirror) and this had helped me even further on my way to self love and self acceptance."
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Jan 15, 2018 Mel_Biche//"de_plume"
"J´ai participé à Ishotmyself pendant 2 après-midis et 1 matin dans mon appartement. J´ai commencé à jouer nue sur mon lit avec les jouets que j´ai trouvé autour, juste à experimenter avec l´appareil photo. Quand j´etais plus en confiance, j´ai sauté sur le sol en face du mirroir où je voulais attraper mon double moi. J´ai eu une jumelle pendant environ 20min, c´etait assez marrant. J´ai finalement bougé sur le balcon où mes vêtements étaient en train de sécher et je suis revenue ensuite sur le lit à jouer avec le mirroir à nouveau. J´ai beaucoup aimé faire n´importe quoi avec l´appareil photo, en prenant simplement du temps pour moi, en explorant mon corps et en me regardant depuis chaque recoin dont j´en ressentais l´envie. Je pensais vraiment que j´aurais épuisé mes idées d´images rapidement mais chaque jour vient avec une nouvelle humeur, l´espace change un petit peu, de nouveaux jouets apparaissent et disparaissent et je peux m´amuser et avoir de l´inspiration à nouveau. / I shot myself during 2 afternoons and 1 morning in my apartment. I started playing naked on my bed with all the toys I found, just experimenting with the camera. When I got more confident I jumped on the floor in front of the mirror where I wanted to catch my double me. I had a twin for 20 minutes, it was pretty funny. I finally moved to the balcony where my clothes were drying and I came back then on the bed playing with the mirror again. I enjoyed a lot doing whatever with the camera, simply taking some time for myself, exploring my body and watching me from every corner I felt like. I thought I would not have more ideas of pictures really quickly but every day is coming with a new mood, the space is changing a little bit, new toys are appearing and disappearing and I can have fun and inspiration again."
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Jan 14, 2018 Lara_F//"Geburtstag"
"Herzlichen Gluckwunsch Johan. Or Happy Birthday, depending on your geography. Johan is one lucky puppy, even if he didn't get to unwrap the gift himself - something tells me there might be a little of that going on tonight though. As gifts go, this has to beat a new set of spanners!"
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Jan 14, 2018 Veruka_W//"gypsy_soul"
"I ventured outside after a while and really felt alive out there, as my neighbour's window looks right down into my garden so it was a bit risky and nerve-racking that they would see. Also, this morning was absolutely freezing so I felt like my nipples would pierce the lens! I really enjoyed this project. It made me really come out of my shell and explore my body in different ways and learn to love every roll... LOVE YOUR BODY IT'S BEAUTIFUL!"
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Jan 13, 2018 Ray//"furry_friends"
"I really enjoyed doing this shoot, it was really fun putting glitter on my face and getting creative. Even though I didn't shave or fake tan or even brush my hair before the shoot, I was really happy with my photos. I climbed on my roof for a few of my photos and didn't realise for about 5 minutes that there were tradies on the roof next to me, not that I cared but it was pretty funny."
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Jan 13, 2018 Eryn//"radical_notion"
"I had a lot of fun! It is so relaxing to know you can just take pictures of your body freely, without worrying how good or sexy it looks! So much less stress than taking pics for sexting, when you're trying to make sure your cellulite or rolls don't show. It was absolutely and completely liberating. / Mi sono divertita un sacco! E' cosi' rilassante sapere che puoi farti delle foto senza preoccuparti di quanto sexy tu sia nelle foto. E' infinitamente meno stressante che fare sexting, perche' in quel caso cerchi sempre di far si' che la tua cellulite o i tuoi rotolini non si vedono. E' stato assolutamente liberatorio."
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