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editors pick week 883

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Artist name: Lol
Birthplace: Bryan, USA
Occupation: Artist
Age: 44
Height: 175cm
The biggest passion in my life: Creative expression
I like to listen to: Birds in the trees, kids playing in the park, the sound of my bike as it plugs along, the sounds of mutual masturbation, sounds that you can't hear but sing forth with radiance
I like to watch: Documentaries and old films, art, performance, dance, concerts. And RuPaul's Drag Race
I like to smell: Spices and foods, my armpits, my pussy, other people who smell good, fresh flowers, things that are weird so I can learn about the world, palo santo continued

New Releases

"I'd gotten sooo bored of having plain hair that hasn't been touched in years, so why not go all in and change it up. I'm a trained hairdresser that has had literally every single hair colour under the sun, but I think orange has always been my favourite. Bleaching your own hair is always a wild ride, even as a pro that has done it a million times before! While I did have to concentrate very hard to get it all even, not much will stop me from crapping on about myself and telling some brilliant dad jokes (if I do say so myself)."
Apr 21, 2021 Lol//"regality"
"I shot this ISM folio in my bedroom at home in Berlin. It was shot in the afternoon on the first day of Summer (solstice!) I was feeling sexy and empowered thanks to a special online workshop about releasing my inner Queen I am participating in over this weekend. I could have kept shooting and shooting because I really love taking pictures, feeling sexy and silly, playing with myself and trying new things. I was so tempted to use a tripod/timer (but I didn't!) so that I could get a bunch of different angles, but I like a challenge, so it was interesting to have to work within the parameters of this project!"
"I shot this in my own apartment with all my new leafy friends, I love being surrounded by nature and bringing it inside to fill my home. Being surrounded by plants and light relaxes me and puts me at peace, and I hope one day to do a shoot with ISM outdoors too. It has been a long time since I’ve done I shot myself and I’m so happy to be back as I always have so much fun. I love being able to express myself creatively and capture my growth physically, sexually, mentally and creatively over time with each new shoot."
"So after a few different attempts at shooting, I finally feel really good with the images. It was mostly all taken on a hike, going through trails that were less trail and more bush. I floated from woods to a treehouse just looking off a bridge. Technically I live in a rain forest so let's be honest this shoot was muddy and dirty. It was honestly so wonderful to go through all the wild berries and try not to munch on them. The treehouse I ended up in had so many folks walking by which threw a wrench in my plans but it was okay because I still ended up with some beautiful shots."
"Esta vez toma mis fotos en un lugar muy especial: mi cuarto de meditacion. Ademas fue un dia muy especial, ya que habia luna llena, por lo que hice una pequena ceremonia quemando un poco de copal y ofrendando unas frutas para agradecer por todo lo lindo que sucede en mi vida (aunque me comi una de las frutillas). No me presta atencion y no pude tomarme fotos con. Me senti segura, expresandome, me senta hermosa y femenina. / This time, I was in a very special place: my meditation room. And it was a special day as well, full moon. That's why I did a little ceremony, burning a bit of coal and offering some fruit (though I ate one of the strawberries), to thank for all the nice things that happen in my life. I felt confident, expressing myself, I felt beautiful and feminine."
"Fue muy interesante ir con un grupo de chicas a hacer este proyecto. Estabamos todas en la misma situacion, nos entendiamos. Empezamos muy timidamente, y fue paradojico, porque estabamo en el medio de un parque nacional, subiendo una montana, y a medida que fuimos ascendiendo fuimos capaces de liberarnos mas y mas, al punto de que finalmente llegamos a una playa y terminamos corriendo desanudas hacia el mar. / It was very interesting to go with a group of girls to do this project. We were all in the same situation, we understood each other. We started very shyly, and it was paradoxical, because we were in the middle of a national park, climbing a mountain, and as we were ascending we were able to free ourselves more and more, to the point that we finally reached a beach and ended up running naked towards the sea."
"For my second shoot, I shot myself mostly outdoors, in my back garden. The weather was constantly changing but that gave me the opportunity to play with different degrees of natural lighting! One housemate did walk out on me half naked with the camera in my hand... but he has respect for the arts, so it wasn't too awkward ;). I felt much more confident after that was out of the way! The sun (and rain) on my skin was invigorating, and I eventually became one with the dirt and leaves outside. How natural to be nude in nature!"
"Ich wohne seit neustem in einer wundervollen Frauenkommune. Ausserdem bin ich Yogalehrerin und liebe es meinen Koerper zu bewegen. Ich habe mich auf eine Reise der Selbstliebe und koerperlicher Positivitaet begeben und bin dabei auf die Idee gekommen, an diesem wunderbaren Projekt teilzunehmen. Ich liebe es nackt zu sein und mich frei zu fuehlen. Es hilft mir meinen schoenen Koerper wertzuschaetzen. / The house I am living in is an open, body positive and sex positive community of women. I am a Yoga teacher and love to move my body. I came to the idea to be part of this amazing project through a journey of self love and sexual awakening. I love to be naked and free. It makes me extremely comfortable in my own, beautiful skin."
Apr 14, 2021 Liv_C//"PuraVida"
"Playing in this new house in Costa Rica is so fun. Feels like I have all the space I could want to jump on the bed, and I did! Or squirt on the floor and not worry about the mess. Join me in enjoying myself this beautiful pura vida morning. I felt turned on gazing in the mirrors and watching myself from different angles. And oh boy that camera is fun! I would check the pictures from time to time and was so turned on by the light and would get inspired to keep playing. Squirting on the cool tiles felt so good and my body easily offered this up I was enjoying the opportunity to express so deeply."
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