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Editors Pick week 770
editors pick week 770

Artist: ELIZA_B
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Artist name: Sadi_C
Birthplace: Sydney
Currently living in: Sydney
Occupation: Sex Worker
Age: 21
Height: 173cm
Starsign: Aquarius
The biggest passion in my life: I love helping people and I am also passionate about creating music and art
I like to listen to: Rain and a friend's voice I haven't heard for a while
I like to watch: Porn! Hehe
I like to smell: Body odour

New Releases

Jan 22, 2019 Sadi_C//"pheromonal"
"Being in such provocative positions and using my whip actually really turned me on! My friend was in the room while I was taking the photos and we were both laughing at each other. It was a really fun experience!"
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Jan 21, 2019 Laurie_N//"dewyhaze"
"For this shoot I wanted to use props that make me feel super cute. Special pockets of my personality are reserved for the times I wear a mask or a swanky hat, especially when I'm naked. I was feeling more confident with this shoot for sure and felt like I know my myself and my angles a little more now. I took my pictures in the morning mostly, while I was still feeling dewy and hazy, before anybody else was around. I found myself drawn to the sun as the weather has been warming up over the past couple weeks. It felt really nice to lie out next to the veggie patch. I had a bunch of fun!"
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Jan 21, 2019 Valentina_A//"tantaalegria"
"Esta sesion de fotos fue muy divertida para mi, si bien algunas veces he hecho algo similar para algun novio (risas) esta vez fue divertido y mas interesante porque tenia un proposito mayor. Y justamente las veces que hice algo similar para un amante o novio, intentaba tomar las fotos en angulos donde no se viera mi panzita y me pasaba tiempo borrando y tomando nuevas fotos, solo para que no vieran que tenia esa panzita "de mas". Esta vez me dio mucha alegria poder hacerlo sin que NADA importase poder ser yo al 100 y estar contenta y sentirme orgullosa de eso, y luego al ver el resultado, hasta me dan ganas de mandarle una algun amante proximo jajaja / This photo shoot was super fun for me, even though I have done something similar in the past to send to a boyfriend (lol), this time was different, it was super fun but much more interesting, as it had a bigger purpose. The times I have done a couple shots for a lover or boyfriend I was always trying to check my posture, using the timer, or using any other trick to cover and hide my tummy and that "excess" of fat I thought I had, so they wouldn't see and tell I had that. But this time it gave me so much joy to just not care about ANYTHING and be able to be myself a 100% apologetically, feel happy for it and proud of it, then seeing the result and I even feel like I wanna send a couple to a future lover, hahaha why not!? This is who I am, and it's awesome, just like you!"
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Jan 20, 2019 Kaydie//"flowinglight"
"This was a great new experience for me, a little awkward at first, but it took me no time at all to start getting into things. Until I remembered my neighbours, I had my window wide open to get some good light flowing through to my bedroom and then one of my lovely old neighbours walked right past, it scared me so much I literally fell off my bed! But no regrets, I would 100% do this again if I was ever asked!"
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Jan 20, 2019 Muskan//"ism_lifestyle"
"Being my second shoot, I felt way more at ease with showing my body on camera. I didn't question how much I should be showing or how often I should show certain parts of my body and I was only focusing on the creativity I needed for the shoot. I also played with way more accessories this time around, especially mirrors and this time I was able to use several simultaneously. Lots of angles, lots of things to look at and be distracted by. The best part was walking around the house naked all day, and I even took a break and laid in the sun for an hour. Ishotmyself is a lifestyle!"
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Jan 19, 2019 Holly_M//"heavenward"
"I haven't touched a camera that wasn't a smart phone in about 10 years, who knew taking selfies would be so hard! Poppy the cat snuck into some of the photos, however refused to actually pose in more than one of them. Getting the stray cat hairs off me for the shoot was an issue I didn't anticipate, as was getting Poppy to stop knocking the camera over while she was investigating what was going on. I felt a bit anxious that my roommate was going to come home while I was shooting in the living room but luckily she didn't walk in on me!"
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Jan 19, 2019 Macy//"morelove"
"I shot myself is such an empowering thing to do. The feeling of being naked and taking photos of yourself is always very daunting but I found the more I took the easier it was. This is my second contribution to ISM so I was a little more confident this time, and since my last shoot I've found that I've started to love little things about my body that I didnít love previously."
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Jan 18, 2019 Rita_S//"transitional"
"Shooting for this project took more time than I had anticipated however I was really enjoying myself so the time really flew! I realised that the morning sun through my room's large window provided the best setting and clear photos. I did manage to build up enough courage to take the shoot outside on my balcony. I kept having to duck back inside as there were people coming and going and I'm pretty sure the building's gardener got an eyeful!"
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Jan 17, 2019 Charlotte_L//"energeticair"
"The shoot was more challenging than I initially anticipated. I got caught up in the logistics of it. However, I poured myself a glass of red wine, put on some music and soon relaxed into it. Appreciating the moment rather than attempting to make every photo perfect. My partner walked in mid way and could see how sexy it was making me feel, there was definitely a charge in the air throughout."
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