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Artist: NALA_G
Folio: "STAY_SOFT"

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Editors Pick week 768
editors pick week 768

Artist: LUCY_P
Folio: "REDROOM"
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Artist name: Addison
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Currently living in: Australia
Occupation: Waitress
Age: 25
Height: 156cm
Starsign: Gemini
The biggest passion in my life: Atoning
I like to listen to: Independent hip hop and drum n bass when I need to wake up, also bands like Placebo and QOTSA
I like to watch: Lightning, rain calms me and lightning excites me
I like to smell: My partner because he smells like maple syrup, fresh cream and a hint of new baby smell

New Releases

Dec 14, 2018 Addison//"echeveria"
"In some pictures you can see that I'm a bit wary and in some I'm cracking up because I had to do the shoot with builders working parallel to my windows on the first floor. I had been waiting for a day when they weren't working but there wasn't one! So I thought fuck it, they probably can't see me (or not very well at least). I'm not 100% sold on the photos I took and sad that I couldn't be as creative as I wanted to be because of not living alone and the builders didn't help things either, but c'est la vie."
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Dec 13, 2018 Ari//"coppice"
"I chose the forest to shoot in because it is the place I feel the most serene. I love the way it sounds in its heavy stillness, absorbing all noise from the outside world and muting it. Leaving you at home with just yourself and the birds in the trees. In order to phase out everything outside of me and fully sit with myself, I felt this would be the perfect place. It was a pleasure to see myself unabridged through this lens. I had the time to appreciate my subtle tones and really view myself in a way I had never experienced before. The forest roughed me up a bit by the end and I really enjoyed that."
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Dec 12, 2018 Miriam_R//"safety_first_2"
"I am so lucky to have this little piece of paradise in the big smoke to call home with people who appreciate it with me! And of course, the felines who complete the household."
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Dec 12, 2018 Holly_D//"naturalform"
"So of course I have sent nudes before but never have I ever taken it to a more professional level. I didn't realise how creative you can get when you explore taking nudes. I for one didn't ever think of taking a picture with my toe til' now! I always hear people/friends say "You shouldn't sell yourself" or "Don't show off your body" "Respect yourself" and honestly in this experience I gained more respect for myself and realised I love myself in my own skin, and that I should have no worries about showing off my body!"
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Dec 11, 2018 Sass//"me_enamore"
"I've always wanted to do a shoot like this one. My confidence in photo shoots and videos have awakened more within me since I've gotten older. I love making videos and taking shots, so doing this shoot made me very happy. I did laugh at myself sometimes because all of the crazy positions I got myself into."
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Dec 10, 2018 Victoria_P//"earthly_vessel"
"My whole room was rearranged for this shoot! As well as this, I utilised some of my greenery to help me feel like a jungle woman and had such a lovely time, chlorophyll and skin is a magical combination. I felt as though it was possibly even more explorational and enjoyable somehow than the first one, it didn't seem to come as easily but that made my experience perhaps more valuable. This is documentation of me reveling in the bliss of inhabiting my very own earthly vessel!"
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Dec 10, 2018 Penelope_T//"softmilk"
"ISM is amazing! I love that they use everyday people - REAL people, with beautiful flaws and all! I wanted to contribute to ISM because there was a time that I absolutely hated my body, and there will be others out there who may feel the same way, so being about to share my naked body to the world gives other people the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin too. Nobody should feel anything less than beautiful. Everyone is unique, and that's what makes everyone independently special."
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Dec 09, 2018 Amy_S//"truetome"
"It is the third time to do "ishotmyself". It's been 4 years since last time. During these years, I got a big change. I got married and became a mother. But same thing is I still can find my passion with photo shoots. The difference is I am more mature and more relaxed in front of the camera. I really enjoy to shoot myself and happy to share my body to others. I also find beauty is not just the outside but more the spirit in the soul. I'm very happy about working with ISM again. Being a model makes me more confident and find the true nature of me. With time goes by, people's beauty may fade out, but they would get more in their minds. Thank you ISM."
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Dec 09, 2018 Thea_C//"moitiemoitie"
"J'ai effectue le shooting en deux fois. J'ai du arreter la premiere fois car je me photographiais chez mon copain et j'ai du me cacher de ses colocataires ce qui a ete une grande mission! Mais j'ai beaucoup aime faire ces photos et j'ai pris plaisir a trouver toutes ces idees et objets qui m'ont permis de nourir ma creativite. / I shot my folio in two batches. I had to stop the first time because I was shooting at my boyfriend's house and had to hide from his housemates which was a big mission! In the second one I broke the mirror I used to shoot some of my photos. I really liked doing the shoot and finding all these little ideas and props that made me improve my creativity."
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