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Artist: CLARA_T
Folio: "RED_LIPS"

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Editors Pick week 741
editors pick week 741

Artist: BLAKE_W
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Artist name: Ross
Birthplace: Bacchus Marsh, Australia
Currently living in: Melbourne
Occupation: Food truck manager
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Starsign: Capricorn
I like to listen to: 'Local List'
I like to watch: Catfish
I like to smell: Freshly made custard

New Releases

Dec 17, 2017 Ross//"si_frais"
"I used my bedroom for this shoot as it is the place I feel most comfortable. My window was a great source of light, which made for some really good shots. I had just had a shower and decided not to wait for my hair to dry before shooting, for it made me feel fresh and clean. I felt so comfortable and sexy in my own skin, seeing how beautiful some of the shots were coming out. I was having so much fun dancing around, taking snaps."
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Dec 16, 2017 Annalice//"let_it_linger"
After a (much too long) hiatus that Golden Goddess known as Annalice returns to ISM with another stunning folio. Everything from her creamy skin to the peachy pink in her dress, there is something undeniably beguiling about Annalice that won over so many of us last time she was here. Today she cranks up the beautiful to 1000 and proceeds to destroy our hearts all over again and we are perfectly okay with that.
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Dec 16, 2017 Nicole_S//"multiplicity"
"I'm not one to work in natural light. Between my everyday visual art and my everyday sleep schedule, I'm definitely more of a nightcrawler. I'm comfortable being nude but not comfortable creating outside of the creative means I'm used to. So that's sorta how I went into this - ready to do my best with tools that I'm not the most comfortable with. Ready to destroy some comfort zones. Ready to really trust my intuition. It was hard as hell initially but I found that the less I stressed and the more I just appreciated the process and my own flesh, the more that I came to find my own self through these images. I got lost in the experience, really. When I finally decided to wrap it up I realized that much longer than the measly 20 minutes I'd expected had passed. I learned a lot of little beautiful things through this experience and through myself. It was a wonderful chance at some outer, and introspection. Dual in nature as my images and self, all making one beautiful body."
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Dec 15, 2017 Estelle_V//"familiarities"
"Unflinching and open I tried to show through my photos a sense of home and comfort in skin. I deliberately chose not to make a lot of the photos sexy or flattering in an attempt to deconstruct the idea of a woman's body as a sexual object. To show that vulva, breasts and butt are not necessarily sexual in themselves, they are just skin after all. I chose to shoot in my garden and in my home, with some of my favourite objects that remind me of the comforts of home, food, records, the sound of my housemate's guitar, tea and books. Some of the photos are cheeky and playful, warm and affectionate to reinforce the idea of finding comfort and home in nudity, that you can relax, that you can be silly and familiar in your own skin."
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Dec 14, 2017 Bree_B//"the_sparrow"
"When I was shooting myself, I had a little trouble at first with the window situation in my apartment as there are windows along the whole wall and I live on the first floor. So there were people walking by and I would duck and hide! Then I just started thinking, "WHO GIVES A FUCK IF THESE PEOPLE SEE ME, I HOPE THEY DO!" I've never been shy with nudity but just the thought of getting "caught" was a little weird. But who really cares? I love my body and showcasing it in the window of my flat to my neighbours was a nice little rush for me. This was a reminder for me to stay bold, fearless and proud! Every day, not just the days I am in front of a camera."
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Dec 13, 2017 Celine_H//"pa_stranden_01"
The bodacious Celine_H is back with her first ever ISM Video. This two-parter begins by showcasing (some of) this incredible woman's many talents: singing and songwriting, while also looking drop-dead gorgeous in a vintage swimsuit.
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Dec 13, 2017 Bee_W//"cup_me"
"This shoot was tricky given the Melbourne winter weather. I'm from a national park and so wish I could have shot myself outdoors, but alas that wasn't possible which meant I was forced to get creative in other ways. It was kind of nice just being really honest with my body. I didn't put make up on or try to act like anyone else, or even be particularly sexy or beautiful. I just wanted to be honest. I used to love drawing on myself in the bath in summer with water colour pencils so I brought some of those into the shoot. I also do a bunch of alternative health and bdsm practices so I thought getting some cupping bruises would be fun. It was tricky holding the camera and cupping myself but I managed a few!"
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Dec 12, 2017 Arielle_B//"quelle_joie"
"Ishotmyself was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. I saw myself in a different light and I think I am gently falling a little more in love with my own self. Quel bonheur d'etre en harmonie avec sois-meme! I had a lot of fun playing with the emerging sun light in the morning and the shadows of my plants. I decided to shoot the first few pictures as soon as I jumped out of bed giving a bit more of a 'raw' effect. It started in a natural authenticity and later the use of a few props made the shots a lot more playful and colourful. An outdoor setting would be a lot of fun, next time ;)"
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Dec 11, 2017 Blake_W//"witchcraft"
Looking like she came right off the set of that wonderful 90's movie gem The Craft, Blake_W returns with a stunning bedroom shoot. With her incredible sense of self and a serene but commanding energy, few can resist the charms of this wonderful being. No sorcery needed Blake_W, our heart, mind, and soul belong to you.
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