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Editors Pick week 817
editors pick week 817

Artist: EMILY_H
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Artist name: Heidi_G
Birthplace: Germany
Occupation: Student
Age: 28
Height: 153cm
Starsign: Aquarius
The biggest passion in my life: Music, weil ich selber seit jahren klavier spiele/Because I play piano myself for years
I like to listen to: Heavy metal, rock, techno
I like to watch: Pornos und horrorfilme/Porn and horror movies
I like to smell: Eine frische mango, frische fruechte, frisch gebruehter kaffe/Fresh mango, fruit, and coffee

New Releases

Jan 17, 2020 Heidi_G//"arsch_beiben"
"Als ich beim essen zubereiten war, wie immer nakt, kam mir die idee in den sinn ein shooting zu machen, als ich die kamera auf meinem regal sah. Dann bin ich schnur straks in den garten gesprintet um ein paar shots zu machen. Da ich mich nicht ganz so comfortabel gefuehlt habe, habe ich mir noch ein paar sexy sachen aus meinem kleiderschrank rausgewuehlt. Als ich mich grade gut gefuehlt habe, haben mich ein paar ameisen in den po und oberschenkel gebissen. Na super! / I just came from the kitchen where I prepeared my meal naked, as always. Then I saw the camera, just right in front of me on my shelf while I was eating. I thought I might get some pictures in the backyard. I took my nice stuff out of my wardrobe and started the selfie session. I felt quite comfy after I took a few shots. The funny thing about my shoot was, I got bitten by some ants in the grass. You can actually see the bites on my bum and thighs."
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Jan 16, 2020 Ilona//"rub_it_in"
"I had so much fun shooting myself, it was such a new and exciting experience which really pushed my creative boundaries. As it was my first shoot, I felt like a bit of a rookie taking photos on a camera (I'm used to taking them on my small iphone 5). However, over the course of the shoot I felt myself gaining confidence and experimenting further into more interesting angles and new and interesting ways I could express myself. Being naked is so liberating, natural and fun and taking sexy photos of myself made me feel so empowered and a bit cheeky which is definitely my favourite mood. Thanks so much ISM for helping me express myself in a completely new way. It's really helped me open myself up and show myself off to the world."
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Jan 15, 2020 Euphemia//"wake_to_wild_4"
"We women have a special connection to the land and whispers of the forest. They remind us that we are worthy, beautiful and powerful. All we must do, is walk along the grass barefoot and let her sink back into our pores. This is a moment for me I will never forget, where I celebrate becoming 24 and oh so in my power for me, and for you."
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Jan 15, 2020 Andrea_P//"Day_Mix_9"
"At first, this project felt a little funny, despite how excited I was to begin, and how experienced I've become at autonomous nudie shoots. I tend to have an allergic reaction to anything that feels forced, but once I cranked up Pabels on my speaker I really started to let loose... and the wine didn't hurt either. I listened to one of Pabels Day Mixes on Soundcloud, Day Mix 9 to be precise. If you want to hear what I heard, blast this and wait patiently for the build up to Sister Sledge at about 1:12:00...you won't regret it."
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Jan 14, 2020 Hayley_A//"little_star"
"I did my shoot was in the comfort of my own bedroom. This is a safe spot for myself. Even my cat decided to come see what I was doing. She tried to get into a few shots and wanted to play with the fairy lights I incorporated in this shoot. It was quite funny watching my cat try get into the shots, I had to close my door so she wouldn’t get into any more. I used the fairy lights as a metaphor that my body can be as pretty as these lights can be. During this shot at first I was feeling nervous as I’ve never done anything like this before. It was quite challenging with trying to get different shots. But after my second try - and a camera malfunction I was able to get these amazing photos of myself and I’m super happy with them."
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Jan 13, 2020 Ellen_A//"crack_of_dawn"
"Being my second shoot I went into it feeling confident. As soon as I woke up I quickly snuck outside to catch the sunrise (and to ensure everyone in my house was still asleep). Being up early in the morning in the middle of winter I was absolutely freezing (!!). After taking a couple of photos I felt a sudden shift of creativity so I ventured back into the house for some new inspiration. These shoots with ISM have given me a new-found love and appreciation for my body, I plan to love and show love to myself every damn day. Enjoy my shoot :)"
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Jan 13, 2020 Annie_S//"sola_en_la_casa"
"Esperar a que mis amigas no estuvieran en casa, sentirme tan sexy como me senti fue impagable. Fue una muy linda experiencia y adrenalinica. En algun momento escuche ruido y me oculte pensando en que alguien me veria desnuda, pero solo fueron miedos, no paso nada mas. Asi que comence a disfrutar mi experiencia. / Waiting for my friends not to be home, feeling as sexy as I felt was priceless. It was a very nice and adrenaline filled experience. At some point I heard noises and hid myself thinking that someone would see me naked, but they were only fears, nothing else happened. so I started to enjoy my experience."
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Jan 12, 2020 Julieta//"todo_kawaii"
"Me divertí mucho haciendo este montaje. Me llevo unas 4-5 horas y solo me detuve porque ya no tenía luz natural. Me encanta usar el contraste de colores en mis fotos, desde chica siempre fui así, me gustan los colores, los brillos, los moños, las estrellas, los pompones, lo kawaii. Mi parte preferida fueron las burbujas, fue muy divertido hacer estas tomas y ver los resultados. / I had so much fun doing this shoot! It took around 4-5 hours and I only stopped because there was no more natural light. I love the contrast of colors in my photos, since I was a kid I always liked colors, glitter, bows, stars, pompoms and everything kawaii. My favorite part of this shoot was the bubbles, it was super fun to take those pictures and see the results."
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Jan 12, 2020 Emily_H//"have_a_nice_day"
"The shoot was an incredibly enlightening experience because prior to this I had only really taken nude photos that in one way or another were intended for someone else, and not myself. It was also clear during the shoot that I was less inclined to hide behind mannerisms that I normally do when taking nude photos (for others), such as sucking my stomach in and posing in an uncomfortable way. I think that overall feeling is untouchable and not fearing the reaction of exploring nudity was something that I hadn't really experienced until this shoot."
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