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Artist: IRIS_M

$250 prize!
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Editors Pick week 892
editors pick week 892

Artist: MARY_V
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Artist name: Susan_B
Birthplace: Maffra, Australia
Currently living in: Sunshine
Occupation: Office Administration
Age: 59
Height: 5'2
The biggest passion in my life: Dancing and living every moment wholly
I like to listen to: Classic music, chanting, and pretty much all genres of music
I like to watch: Waterfalls, my chickens, NCIS, Between
I like to smell: Roses, hot food, fresh cut grass, and cow manure because it takes me back to my childhood continued

New Releases

"This was so exciting and so different to see my naked body from all these angles! I had to tell my very shy housemate I would be about taking naked photos on the weekend. I am inspired daily by the paint swatches I use throughout my house, reminding me how wonderful I am and life is. The girls (chickens) have become my companions during hard lockdown, they never complain and produce great food. This was an amazing experience!"
"It's been such a pleasure repeating the experience of ISM. I played some feeling sexy music and as soon as I grabbed the camera and started shooting, I started to feel like a star. I love the feeling of being desired, smiling and playing with the camera is an instant ego boost for me. I think a lot of people could use an experience like this to reconnect with themselves. Also it offers you a memento of being alone feeling sensual and full of love energy."
""In sala ho un tavolo grande e marrone, ho pensato fosse perfetto per rotolarcisi in uno shooting, quindi gran parte delle foto sono state fatte li sopra! Il mio set è come me - disordinato! Amo piedi e gambe quindi ne troverete un bel pò, spero che vi piacerà. / I have this big brown table in the living room, I thought it was perfect to roll on for a photoshoot, so most of my photos are taken there. This photoshoot is like me - a mess! I love feet and legs so you will find quite a few, I hope you will enjoy it!"
"I found this whole experience so freeing, this is my first adult space I have ever had to myself. It was so liberating to be naked and completely myself in my complete own space which I am fleshing out to feel more like home. After this shoot I feel like I have shed yet another layer of myself, another layer of deeply rooted self hatred and shame, and feel lighter at the other end."
"I shot this series of photos in my house in Melbourne, I chose angles that captured the vibrant colours and forms of plants and me in my most natural state. I felt calm, enjoying the morning breeze on my skin, earth pressing through my toes and resting my face against a hard, icy brick wall. I experimented with tape to create "clothing" on my body without being covered, but rather create shapes through pressure and binding. Applying pressure to my body felt sensual and the discomfort of being bound was pleasurable. Binding myself in black wrapping ribbon symbolised a dark, sinister gift."
"During the shoot, I fluctuated from really feeling confident in my body, to finding myself critiquing how 'imperfect' it looks from certain angles. I decided to embrace the imperfections and love my body regardless. No one's appearance is 'perfect', and that's okay. After (and during) the shoot, I felt really empowered and confident in my femininity. All the curves, rolls, folds and dresses on my body are unique, and that's something to celebrate."
"I was a little flustered from swimming and being in the sun all day so I loved retreating inside into the cool to play with myself and nude expression. I adored wearing my lingerie and long stockings and dressing up for the shoot. I enjoyed removing my Honey Birdette wear slowly, teasing myself and unravelling. I was burning a candle throughout the shoot and spontaneously decided to drip the wax onto my stomach at the end which was such a fun sensation. I feel juicy and energised post-shoot!"
"I had a few goes at taking photos for the shoot over the last month, in different rooms of my house. For one I was in the kitchen so it was really exciting not knowing when my housemates would be up, and of course they came downstairs whilst I was in the middle of the shoot, but I got my clothes on before they came in luckily. I felt really good taking pics of myself, seeing myself at different angles than I'm used to."
"For the last year and a half I have been wanting to get out of my comfort zone and explore some parts of myself that I have been curious about. This folio became about exploring the parklands around Melbourne, and exploring my exhibitionism. The weather was perfect for a bushwalk, so I had my partner act as a lookout. It was a very fun set of photos to shoot, this is definitely not the last time I will be getting naked in nature!"
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