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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: LAUMA

$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 911
editors pick week 911

Artist: SHELBY_J
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Artist name: Lotte_S
Birthplace: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Occupation: Freelance model, amateur artist
Age: 27
Height: 159cm
Starsign: Scorpio
The biggest passion in my life: Reading books, shopping and fitness
I like to listen to: Birds singing in the early morning and the rustling of the leaves
I like to watch: The scenery from the window of a moving train, the raindrops dripping down the window glass. I also love the naked male body
I like to smell: I love the scent of morning coffee and freshly baked croissants. I love going out in the garden and enjoying the smell of blooming trees continued

New Releases

"It was an interesting experiment to take these pictures. I've been taking these photos for a week or longer. It was extremely cool to spend that time constantly taking photos, whether I came in after a walk and was about to take my clothes off, a couple of shots on the couch, whether I was going to have breakfast on my balcony, leopard pajamas and a photo of my breasts with beautiful geranium flowers, or whether I came out after a shower and applied a funny clay mask..."
Shot with a selfie stick. "I came home in the afternoon after work and felt that today is a special day. Today I decided to take a shower after a hard day, but I was very cold in the shower, so when I came out of it, I saw that the sun was shining and I felt good and happy. I went out into the garden and it warmed my naked body and I decided to take some selfies as a memory of this lovely day ;)."
"I took the photos in my living room and my bedroom. I enjoyed really exploring my body, different ways of moving, seeing myself in new ways and noticing how beautiful I felt! I also loved exploring my sense of liberation in a sexually wholesome way, that felt nurturing and kind towards myself. After completing the shoot I definitely felt more confident, more sure in the knowledge that I am sexy, and more comfortable in my body. I didn't put my clothes back on all afternoon!"
"I did this shoot throughout my home, a place where I feel safe and at peace. I kept noticing marks on my skin I hadn't seen before and finding new cool positions to do because I wanted to stretch out, I couldn't believe how strained I felt by the evening or how dirty I got. This was a sort of eye opener for me, there's nothing wrong with the scars and marks on my skin or the way my skin sags since losing weight, I'm a fucking masterpiece."
"I took these photos in my friend's apartment. It seems to me that photos in this format show something more real than a photo with clothes, makeup and a ton of filters. I thought - "Hey, maybe I too can try to do something like this and show my personality without clothes". I loved doing this shoot and it felt so freeing and good to portray myself how I wanted to rather than worrying about flaws."
Oct 12, 2021 Mila_C//"renovada"
"Hice este folio en mi casa. Tome algunas fotos en la casa de mi novio, muchas veces pensaba cosas diferentes sobre la vida mientras me fotografiaba a mi misma. Despues de esta sesion, me senti renovada y con mas animo, y mucho mas sexy. Ha estado lloviendo un poco, por lo que ha sido perfecto para tomar muchas selfies increibles y descubrir mi sensualidad. / I did this folio at my boyfriend's house. While photographing myself, many times I thought different things about life. I felt renewed and with more spirit, and much more sexy. It's been raining for a bit, so has been so perfect to take many amazing selfies, and discovering my sensuality."
"It brings me comfort in lock down #5 to create erotic art, and to share the pleasure I take in my body with you all. In front of the mirror I rescued from land fill, wearing lingerie gifted by a friend, and with my magic wand that Betty Dodson gave me the very last time I saw her, I feel transformed. As we approach the vernal equinox I am ready - ready for the sun to cross the celestial equator, from the north and ready for the flowers to re-emerge. And I am so ready to bloom."
"Choosing to shoot in my room was reflective of my relationship with intimacy and being comfortable. Unexpectedly, I found myself getting less and less judgemental of myself and the creases on my body as the shoot went on. I looked back and saw someone sexy and free, which I sometimes fail to recognise. Doing ISM allowed me to see myself in a liberating way, in charge of my body and how it is perceived."
"Twas this February, with my garden sleeping still, with the winter of the mind dark and cloudy. There came a challenge to me, a new and interesting one. Posing nude? Have been doing that since 2007, for hubby. Even filmed our lovemaking ever since 1995, in the secrecy of our bedroom. Watch me in the winter garden, on the sofa, at my desk, in the bedroom and yes! Out there in my garden. Because Spring is coming."
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