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editors pick week 908

Artist: LARA_A
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Artist name: Pat
Birthplace: Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Sales Assistant
Age: 32
Height: 5.9m
Starsign: Gemini
The biggest passion in my life: Trying to be happy
I like to listen to: Music that gives me goosebumps
I like to watch: My Ubereats delivery tracking
I like to smell: Lip Smackers lip balm from my childhood continued

New Releases

Sep 25, 2021 Pat//"sharehouse"
"I completed my photo shoot at my sharehouse. I wandered into the wilderness of our yard, bare assed and ready for the adventure. As a creative person I enjoyed the challenge of making a beautiful shoot while trying to overcome my many insecurities. My plan was to avoid looking at the pictures until after the first round of shooting. I didn't want to scrutinize every detail of myself. In the end, I was so surprised and happy to see how the photos looked. I felt beautiful."
"Waking up in the morning a ray of sun from the window warmed my body. The smell of coffee from somewhere nearby spread throughout the house and I felt so good! I began to dance, arching all the parts my body. I shot myself from all sides and enjoyed the process so much. It made me feel so beautiful and this shoot will remain in my memory long after this. I ended up getting myself off afterwards because I was so turned on by the whole process."
"Hi, this is my first set for ishotmyself! I took pictures in my bedroom, living room, deck and a few on the rooftop! I started off early in the afternoon, and then finished just before sunset. It was incredibly warm, and I was happy and felt free with the inviting sun kissing my skin. I love being nude, and this was the perfect day for it! In some of these pictures, I needed to cool off with one of my favourite treats, coconut whipped cream!"
"In this shoot I wanted to use the natural lighting from the windows around my apartment balcony and reflections in the windows as a background. I first found posing fully nude in such an open area above city streets nerve wracking, even if I was too far up to really be seen. As I undressed I surprisingly felt comfortable and ended up enjoying the solitude whilst experimenting with poses and appreciating all angles of my body. I felt free in my body after doing so."
"It took me a few tries to find positions that I thought were experimental and interesting. During the shoot, the afternoon sunlight was reflecting off of all the buildings around me, which filled the room with a diffused light that I thought I looked lovely in. I wanted to decorate my surroundings with lots of colour and different textures to really show my personality through these images. I always enjoy creating the most when I'm adding my own personal touches."
"Hice las fotos en mi casa, por la tarde, cuando mejor luz suele tener. Me senti sexy, sensual y excitada al ver las fotos que habia hecho. Me encanto hacer esta sesion y espero que tambien te guste ver las imagenes que he tomado. / I took the photos at home, in the afternoon, when the light is usually the best. I felt sexy, sensual and excited when I saw the pictures I had taken. I loved doing this shoot and I hope you also like seeing the images I've taken."
"I took the photos in the living room of my house and in my bedroom. It was interesting for me to do this, because I went through different moments in relation to seeing my body and seeing myself. There were moments of great identification with what I saw in those images and where I decided how I wanted to show myself. I always liked taking photos but I have never done it with such dedication to myself, I think it is an intimate game but as playful and creative as any other photographic project. It is interesting what is discovered from eroticism through delivery."
"Starting a job at a new company, some unexpected health issues, and my body changing shifted my mood towards the shoot. I think I began to doubt myself and my ability to express myself creatively. Originally, I planned to take most of the photos outside but decided to shoot all the photos in my bedroom for a more personal setting. Overall, this was an exciting and enlightening experience for me. It was a chance for me to celebrate my new body without criticizing myself so much."
"I shot myself at my new flat, it's a beautiful art deco apartment with great big windows and tall ceilings. I learnt that my neighbours can see into my bedroom, whoops! The experience made me feel liberated. I don't often look at my body from so many different angles and when I do take photos I usually make my body as smooth and flat as possible. This experience made me realise that bumps and folds are beautiful too."
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