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Artist: BEANS

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editors pick week 750

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Artist name: Alice_B
Birthplace: New Zealand
Occupation: Nanny
Age: 20
The biggest passion in my life: Travelling and having new experiences. I want to have no regrets in life
I like to listen to: Silence
I like to watch: Crime and drama TV shows, anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat and laughing
I like to smell: Freshly washed sheets and wet concrete

New Releases

Feb 24, 2018 Alice_B//"getfree"
"Out in the open is as free as it gets, with the grass and sky and the occasional bug flying into your face. Taking photos of myself was a weird experience as I never let anyone take photos of me, and to then turn the camera on myself for so many photos was something I hadn't considered a challenge until I started. It's more than just your relationship with your body, it's also how it looks when you might not agree with how the camera captures you. Absolutely great time just being me, definitely opened my eyes to how I view myself. I'm feeling stronger because of this :)"
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Feb 23, 2018 Phoebe_L//"juicyfruit"
"I had a laugh because I had just moved into my new house and had no idea what time my housemates would be home and have yet to meet the neighbours. The house is a big family home and I'm on the porch balancing possibly poisonous berries on my lady bits and trying to escape their border collie from sniffing and licking me while naked."
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Feb 22, 2018 Claire_L//"Rosablu"
"My friend told me I kept using the same facial expression, so I decided to do crazy face for a few shots for some reason. I made an ideas list for the shoot, it's quite random/weird/funny, just imagine if someone found it! My friends would casually be watching TV as I was running around naked trying to find good lighting, they weren't phased at all. I am pretty sure a few of the neighbors have spotted me, but I couldn't move for laughing."
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Feb 21, 2018 Rosa_B//"familiarize_2"
"...It was a pretty chilled experience, I paused for snack breaks and made it relaxing and enjoyable for myself. I really enjoyed sharing my interests and experiences as it is also a reminder to myself that I love what I do and I love my body."
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Feb 21, 2018 Willow_P//"ocellus"
"The shoot was constantly on my mind, what poses I could try and the best places to attempt it. Near the end of the shoot I was more comfortable wearing no bra and less clothes around the house. I now feel more comfortable in my body. There was one incident during the shoot where my mother walked in when I was posing with a peacock feather and I had to run into my walk in robe, trying to convince her I was taking nudes to feel more comfortable in my body and not to send them to my partner."
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Feb 20, 2018 May_B//"saya_sendiri"
"It wasn't the first time I've shot nude selfies, but it's definitely the first for a website. I've never had the guts to do something like this because I was afraid of the way people would judge me and my body. When ISM gave me the opportunity, I just had to take it for the challenge and experience. No regrets. I had a blast shooting myself nude. It wasn't easy, the angles, the creative process and constantly figuring out different ways to take a selfie. It took a bit of getting used to but halfway in, I was having so much fun and it definitely boosted my confidence about my body image and hopefully, my selfie taking skills."
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Feb 19, 2018 Cody_B//"hotterthanhell"
"This shoot took place mostly outside in my garden. I brought my full length mirror outside with me because I have have seen a few other shoots like that and I loved the idea and the look. It did start raining though which meant that I couldn't keep taking photos outside because the mirror was getting streaky. I went inside to finish it off and got a few shots in my hallway mirror and they all turned out really nicely I think! It was actually so much fun to be naked outside which is something I usually only do if I am tanning, so taking naked photos outside is definitely something that I will do again. I had the best time! :)"
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Feb 19, 2018 Mish_J//"controlla"
"Shooting myself for ISM was an amazing experience. It was incredibly liberating to try out different poses and I felt so comfortable in my skin. The beauty of the ISM shoot is that you can do your shots how, when, and where you want - so you always feel completely in control."
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Feb 18, 2018 Hyperballad//"Rubenesque"
"Bathed in the golden light pouring into our gorgeous timber shack I rediscovered the softness of my skin, the plump curves & fullness of my body... I think I have once more fallen in love with the process of photographic exploration and self documentation. The newest challenge was focusing whilst aroused and navigating pleasurable distractions. This shoot felt like all the right amounts of everything <3"
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