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Artist: PHOEBE_L

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Editors Pick week 753
editors pick week 753

Artist: MADS
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Artist name: Liv_A
Birthplace: Australia
Currently living in: Rural Victoria
Occupation: Movies and Music Salesperson
Age: 18
Height: 180cm
Starsign: Pisces
The biggest passion in my life: The environment. Interactions with other individuals. Impacting people for the better
I like to listen to: Laughter and my music
I like to watch: Cult and classic film. The people I am close with smile when I'm in bed with them
I like to smell: The scent of the person I'm intimate with

New Releases

Mar 20, 2018 Liv_A//"first_place"
"At first partaking in ISM felt intimidating, but as the day went on and I got into the shoot I embraced it and felt more comfortable with my body than I ever have before. The shoot itself got a bit awkward with the ladder present and some photos certainly had to be deleted but in the end I got there and I felt fantastic that I had finally done it and was filled with a great sense of achievement."
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Mar 19, 2018 Illenya//"upskirt"
Never has a quiet afternoon on the patio looked so appealing... Illenya is perfectly at home in the warm, tones of the timber beneath her, slowly peeling back each layer of her clothing as the heat of the day peaks.
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Mar 19, 2018 Ella_M//"pheromones"
"I am a massive fan of the female form and have always wanted to do a nude photo shoot in an environment that allows me to express myself how I want. I love 1970's Playboy and anything that celebrates the sensuality, natural beauty and sexiness of women and I wanted to capture this dynamic while I photographed myself. I know people who struggle with body image and I also wanted to show that all parts of the female body should be embraced - flaws, imperfections and all."
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Mar 18, 2018 Afrika//"pink_oddity"
"I'm in love with pink, but mostly if that pink is spotted with some oddity, real nudity or ugliness. The pink Chanel suit of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy spotted with blood or those dead pink flowers in the vase. I bought those pink fabrics without having a single plan, then I did the same with the flowers. After rolling and contorting my body around the old wooden floor, the idea was already there, it was happening and that's the most beautiful thing about this. It always surprises you."
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Mar 18, 2018 Brooke_B//"sweatymess"
"A couple of days before I planned to do the shoot I got EXTREMELY sunburnt (as you can probably tell) so you can see in some photos where my tan/burn lines are, and seeing my white tum and the bright red face is pretty funny. The day I shot myself it was 36 degrees so I was a sweaty mess!"
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Mar 17, 2018 Ellen_J//"blue_velvet"
"I love the idea of individuality and big personalities displaying confidence, so I represented this by making my coloured make up big and bold. It was fun to go crazy with it and see what I came up with. Music is also a very important aspect of my life which inspired the use of instruments in my shoot. I love to sing and create music, something that it very relaxing and natural for me, so it only seemed right to share it with you all too."
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Mar 17, 2018 Chrissy_C//"seasofglitter"
"This experience was so much fun! I'm so surprised how relaxed, at ease, and comfortable I felt taking the pictures in broad daylight outside. I loved coming up with the theme for my shoot and collecting all the props and coming up with ideas on how to use the mirrors and ways to position my body. It was a great way to release a lot of creative energy while fully enjoying the whole process."
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Mar 16, 2018 April_S//"hotandbothered"
"This shoot was taken mid afternoon on a very hot summer's day. As the heat of the day reached its peak, I was getting very restless and went to lie in bed. While feeling all hot and bothered, I did my shoot. I felt a bit flustered at times because of the heat but love the end result."
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Mar 15, 2018 Mamiloca//"play_this"
"Lo mas gracioso del dia en que tome mis fotos fue que pensaba que estaba sola y de repente en el momento de las pinturas aparecio el compayero de piso y me pillo juganndo con todos mis juguetes en el jardin otra anecdota que es la mejor de todas en el momento de tomar las fotos los gatos de la casa se animaron a venir a verme. / The funniest thing of the day when I took my pictures was that I thought I was alone and suddenly at the time of doing the painting my roommates appeared! They caught me playing with all my toys in the garden. Another thing that is the best of all - at the time of taking the pictures the cats of the house were encouraged to come and see me."
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