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Editors Pick week 785
editors pick week 785

Artist: HOLLY_H
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Artist name: Maisie_M
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Currently living in: Melbourne
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Age: 23
Height: 170cm
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Feeling love and loving in return
I like to listen to: Spiderbait, The Lemonheads, Pixies, guitar downstairs waking me in the morning, my Dad's radio
I like to watch: Flowers grow, my paints dry, people's facial expressions when you speak
I like to smell: Daisies in the breeze, my roommate's caramel slice, fire burning through the sky

New Releases

May 20, 2019 Bobbi_J//"sweatbreathsex"
"Winters are very dark where I live so I created my own sunshine with an old overhead projector that I have. I started to sweat taking these photos. I was running back and forth from my pose to set the timer again, the projector kicks heat as well so it felt like real sun rays. I had so much fun with this folio and it felt like I was melting the winter ice away with sweat, breath and sex. I also love how much color these photos have. Decemberís landscapes are very mono chromatic so I wanted to play with color to bring life back into myself this winter. I like hanging out with my plants as well, they are all usually in my other room that gets better light so I donít usually get to be in the same room with them let alone rolling around naked with them right next to me. It really felt like I escaped winter and created my own oasis filled with heat, plant life and bright colors. I feel rejuvenated and full of spirit after this photo shoot."
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May 20, 2019 Maisie_M//"seeds_of_spring"
"Hello! I am Maisie, a 23 year old blondie babe who is obsessed with pink and everything pink and gimme the pink now pls. I love lots of things in life and feel very connected to the earth and my body. It's been an interesting journey with my body in this lifetime so far but we're having a good time. Lots of Love to you sweet angel, and kisses through the comp to u xxxxx"
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May 19, 2019 Phoebe_R//"subtext"
"Doing I shot myself for the second time really made me come out of my shell even more and express my body in various creative ways. I felt more comfortable and natural and it was amazing to feel confident in my own body and to be able to share this with others. I really enjoyed creating a theme for the shoot by writing expressions and the things I like about my body on my body, as it enabled me to communicate my thoughts and feelings in an expressive and unique way."
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May 19, 2019 Molly_F//"pumpedupkicks"
"This shoot was harder than I anticipated and challenged me to be creative about angles and poses. I don't have any issues with nudity or capturing myself nude, but I struggled with finding the privacy to shoot myself because I have housemates. If I were to do the shoot again I think I would go to a nude beach for the day. My favourite shots were from below because I am obsessed with that angle after seeing it in a 70's nudie magazine."
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May 18, 2019 Lizzy_C//"bath_and_beyond"
"I loved starting my shoot with clothes on and then gradually showing the process of taking them off. I feel I became more interactive with the camera and whomever is viewing it as well. I felt really in my element in these photographs because in my life the bath tub is a personal space were I unveil lots of emotions. I often meditate in the bath tub and find myself at peace there. I enjoyed shooting these photographs, it helps me learn to see myself in a different and more beautiful way."
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May 18, 2019 Lucille_B//"part_time_meow"
"I honestly tried so hard to get my cats involved and they didn't want a bar of it but I still had fun without them anyway!" says Lucille. Well, we have to say, we reckon your cats are missing out. Don't they know that appearing indifferent in amateur porn is one of the best avenues to online cat fame? Another is getting scared by a cucumber, and yet another requires fitting in a very small box. As far as cat jobs go, yawning while your human takes some selfies seems like the way to go.
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May 17, 2019 Leonie_H//"root_to_petal"
"While doing this shoot I felt so connected to nature and I tried to integrate myself so I did not care that I got dirty and that I got many scratches. The sun was burning and there were many flies that annoyed me but I did let go of myself and had a lot of fun."
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May 16, 2019 Val_T//"new_waves"
"I had so much fun with I Shot Myself! It was interesting, because I've sent nudes to friends and lovers before, but I never really tried to get creative with them. It was so much fun looking around all the rooms in my house for props and objects that would help me with my shoot, and finding creative ways to incorporate them into the photos. I loved how free I felt to be sexy, silly, or just natural."
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May 15, 2019 Kaye_C//"on_a_streak_1"
On a skateboard, to the park, on the swings and down the alley... is there anywhere our urban streaker superstar won't go naked? The thing is, Kaye doesn't see why it should be such a big deal. I'm not sure we can even call what she does "streaking" - since she's definitely not in a rush. So if you're ready for upskirts, thoughtful commentary, big smiles, public undressing, and long slow naked moments in urban environment, Kaye's your girl.
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