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Artist name: Tamara_V
Age: 30
Starsign: Pisces
The biggest passion in my life: My biggest passion is traveling, physically and in my mind...
I like to listen to: The silence of the mountains and the noise of rave parties
I like to watch: People giving and receiving pleasure
I like to smell: The salty air near the sea, the smells of the kitchen and the smell of spices

New Releases

May 23, 2017 Tamara_V//"eye_think"
"It's been a wonderful experience. It's the first time I've shot myself, and I've really enjoyed to do it. I've been able to explore my most intimate and shy side and the most self confident and proud, making a beautiful trip being the director and the model, I've had a lot of fun!"
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May 22, 2017 Roxy_B//"tiki_tikini"
"What else was there to do on a rainy day but lounge around my house naked? My morning started by getting cozy amoungst the plethora of pillows, relaxing and playing a bit of ukulele. When I remembered that the camera was handy, I started to undress and shoot myself. My house has the most amazing tiki bar straight from the 70's. Ever since I saw the epic tile, I've wanted to climb on top of it and spread my legs."
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May 22, 2017 Charlotte_B//"selfloveclub"
"So... I live with my parents. I love them to bits, and they accept me for who I am, but they would definitely be on the more conservative side. When I decided to 'shoot myself', I was so excited about the project I was telling all my friends, even telling randoms, but no way was I telling my parents. I originally wanted to do the shoot at the nudist beach in Torquay, because I think it's a beautiful place and I love the idea of natural beauty coupled with natural bodies. Unfortunately I couldn't get out there, and so had to do the shoot in my house. My parents courtyard was the only place I could get good lighting, so I did it in there. As you can guess, they walked in half way through the shoot, just as I was taking a close up photo of the good stuff between my legs. Anyway, after the initial shock and assumptions were overcome, I was able to explain all about the project - the awesome thing is that now we are talking about body positivity and feminism so much more in the household, which is hopefully going to be amazing for my little sister."
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May 21, 2017 Rose_S//"beware"
"In this shoot I was exploring how it feels getting close to nature in my own natural state. I found a blissful state of peace being outdoors surrounded by flowers and plants and feeling the breeze over me everywhere. It was a bit nerve racking having close neighbours but I came to learn that I am doing these shoots to lose fear! I loved getting creative with reflections, different plants, and just being happy and natural outside!"
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May 21, 2017 Celeste_G//"sensacion"
"I was shooting and trying to get the best pose, while barely holding the camera, and I saw a neighbour passing by way too near the window. I had to get to the floor in a jump to not be seen. Then I found I could do some nice photos in that posture too. Never dismiss the power of chance. Just being naked, with the air on my skin, taking pictures and looking at myself got me so turned on that I had to take a break and masturbate to be able to continue the shoot. Never underestimate your own sexuality."
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May 20, 2017 Marcelle//"wild_heart"
"I was originally going to shoot at the skate park down the road from my house, but every time I checked it out it was overrun by schoolchildren or skaters. I didn't want to get caught out in the skate bowl, so I decided to do it in my new room as I'd moved the day before. While I was dyeing my hair and wandering around naked I went outside and had a cigarette and decided to take some of the photos in the backyard. It was the first time I'd been home alone and able to just wander around naked outside so I took advantage of the freedom and got creative with the camera. It felt so great to stand out in the open air in my backyard, it's got no trees and is surrounded by two-story houses so I was out there for the world to see, it was funny and liberating. The wind was blowing my hair around but I didn't feel cold, even in the Melbourne air! Then I went inside, and decided to take some photos with my lace curtains. I really enjoyed the shoot, I picked a flower from outside and scattered the petals across my body and around me. The battery died as I decided I was taking the last photo."
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May 20, 2017 Lill//"ferny_feels"
"Perfect grey Sunday at home eating cheese toasties and taking selfies. I had all these big plans of going out into the bush and taking spectacular landscapes but then I discovered I could be just as adventurous in bed. Lovely to get to know my self more."
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May 19, 2017 Banan//"egyptiancat"
"Enjoying a lazy day off outside even though the weather was not great to me. Sunny one minute, freezing cold next minute. I love being outdoors, fresh air, no make up just playing around. I loved putting on my favorite dress, knickers and dancing to Banks which made me feel like a million dollarydoos."
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May 18, 2017 Silvia//"ashram"
"I ended up at a yoga ashram the week I was meant to do the shoot, so most photos were taken when I'd snuck off the property and from the day's routine of yoga and gardening! It definitely made the ashram a bit more fun. It was really interesting for me because looking at the photos, I realised that I barely knew what I looked like naked. And I liked it! And I was surprised to like it. I was also surprised to find how hard it was to set up proper spaces for the shoot. I haven't had a mirror in my room in a long time and bathroom mirrors don't have the same effect as a camera. I find it really grounding to know what I look like, and empowering to play with my image while watching myself, and feeling pleasured by that."
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