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Artist: ALEX_O

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Editors Pick week 919
editors pick week 919

Artist: AYA
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Artist name: Jojo_T
Birthplace: England
Occupation: Art Model
Age: 23
Starsign: Leo
The biggest passion in my life: Art, music, embracing the weird and uncomfortable. Also Korean horror movies and spring gardening
I like to listen to: Habitually staying up late to hear all the night time critters while everything else is quiet
I like to watch: Horror movies, thrillers and offbeat comedies
I like to smell: Deep earthy incense, forest fires continued

New Releases

"I was so happy and had a really fun time with myself during shooting! It's so exciting to be nude, and being naked this way has me feeling myself more, and it's definitely liberating! It was a hot time with me and my phone. I like to smile a lot and play with photos and any ideas that I have. Taking fun, nude and extraordinary selfies made me happier. Look at the pictures and you can see how much I enjoy doing these shoots!"
"As a nude model, I'm very used to being naked and getting creative with my body! But it's been a little while since I've modelled full-time (due to lockdowns) and my imagination hasn't been moving as fast as I'd like, my body a bit rigid. So I went into shooting this set, feeling unprepared but stoked to be getting back into it! As the afternoon light filled the house, my expectations of myself faded and I began to really thrive in this process again! I needed this reminder of how energising and inspiring it is to be your own muse."
"Estaba solo en la casa y que mejor momento para arriesgarme a posar desnuda frente al espejo. Una planta, una bicicleta y mi camara son accesorios que me identifican. Me senti­ seductora, sexy y caliente. Me gusto verme y encontrarme en diferentes poses que logran hacerte ver lo maravilloso que es mi cuerpo desnudo. / I was alone in the house and what better time to risk posing naked in front of the mirror. A plant, a bicycle and my camera are accessories that identify me. I felt seductive, sexy and hot. I liked seeing myself and finding myself in different poses that manage to make you see how wonderful my body is naked."
"I shot this series at the beginning of spring, on one of the first few sunny days. I shot across my house and my girlfriend's house, and enjoyed feeling like a combination of sexy, comfy, and a cat lounging in the sun instead of working! My housemates arrived home while I was shooting in the backyard, and my girlfriend quickly threw my clothes out the window to me, but not before I was very much caught."
"Tome estas fotos en mi casa en Mexico. Me encanta la luz que entra en las mananas... la forma en que se filtra a traves de una gran ventana que hay en el pasillo y en el cuarto donde medito. Tambien me encanta sentirme sexy, y asi es como me siento cuando uso mi vestido rojo cortito. Baile y di vueltas en el pasillo hasta llegar a las escaleras. Eso hizo que me dieran ganas de jugar con mi plug con colita. Hacer estas fotos ha sido literalmente un placer y espero ustedes lo disfruten tanto como yo. / I took these pictures at home in Mexico. I love the light that comes in during the morning... the way it filters through the big window in the hallway and in the room in which I meditate. I also love feeling sexy, and this is how I feel when I wear my little red dress. I went into the room and while taking my clothes off, I started feeling horny and felt like playing with my tail plug. Doing this shoot has been a pleasure and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."
"Hi! I did the shoot at home, it was nice weather outside. My expectations was I would take the pictures on my telephone, but I chose to use a hand camera instead. It was little bit more difficult than I was imagining, especially because I had not much experience in selfie pictures. I was a little shy, but it was interesting for me, to know what feelings will be in my mind. My flowers fell down from the table, it was unexpected. It was nice to try something new!"
"I am living in small city with not much to do, so it was a nice idea to do something special like this photo session. I was a little excited to do these pics. I like to take pictures of myself in clothes, but when you're nude it makes you feel more free and comfortable I think. I did some poses, sometimes feeling unsure about my figure, will be looking perfect? In the end it didn't matter though. I had fun and I liked taking these pictures very much. It made me feel free and feeling like there's no limits!"
"I decided to do this folio to reinvent myself. I used to be really modest and shy, but now I want to see myself relaxed and open. I discovered new facets of myself. I saw my body, my true nature from the other side and I liked it. I appreciate my beauty and unique appearance. My little room is a quiet haven where I can create what I want. I dance, I play, I sing. I show my sensuality and playfulness. Through this photo session I want to reveal my shadow sides, those sides that I have hidden for a long time, my strength and magnetism."
"It was wonderful sunny day! I was thinking about having a tan bath, and take some pictures of myself while doing so. It is actually a public park, close to my home and I spend quite a lot of time there. Cycling, jogging or reading a book on the grass. I found some bushes, and was laying on the grass, then made some hotty pics. I like being a little provocative. I heard some voices behind the bushes, and I made some pauses in my secret shooting. Then I take some more hotty selfies at home."
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