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Editors Pick week 900
editors pick week 900

Artist: OTILIA
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Artist name: Otilia
Birthplace: Republic of Moldova
Age: 25
Height: 162cm
Starsign: Virgo
The biggest passion in my life: Videos and watching horror movies
I like to listen to: The masses of snow falling off my roof
I like to watch: My boyfriends workout
I like to smell: The spot in between women's breasts continued

New Releases

"The morning I took these pictures I woke up with a feeling of anticipation and sweetness. I took time with myself. I greeted my day with openness, self-love, new ideas, and humor. My bedroom is my little creative universe, so capturing my body's multitudes in the camera lens felt so natural to me. I was in my element as I gently stretched and moved my form across these images. I hope this feeling translates to you as well."
"Making this folio was extremely funny! I found an amazing place deep in the forest, but at one point I had to immediately put on my clothes again because of a random man who was picking mushrooms. And there were so many blueberries! Walking naked around a forest is so exciting. Fresh air, birds, butterflies, pure nature around. I feel much more confident when I'm naked, to be honest."
"I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. I also consider myself a creative. This photo set was shot in my backyard where I got nice and messy with two candles and some wax play. Once I had sufficiently covered my chest with wax I decided to explore a bit more and pour hot, straight-from-the-candle wax straight onto my vagina. And let me tell you something! Hot wax on my vagina felt amazing! Until the wax hardened and fuck me, all I can say is that I am so thankful that I own a hair dryer."
Look what else we found hiding away in the archives... here's what she said: "Ahoj ISM :)! Strieľal som si toľko zábavy! Moji domáci boli doma, takže som ma zastrelil v spoločnej kúpeľni. Našťastie som za sebou zamkol dvere, pretože keď som vedel, že mám šťastie, skoro som vošiel dovnútra môjho najlepšieho priateľa zatiaľ čo som si natieral krém po celom tele. To by bolo trápne! Cítil som sa tiež trochu nadšený, keď som natáčal, že ľudia sú doma :) / Hi ISM :)! This shoot was so much fun! My housemates were at home, so I film myself in the shared bathroom. Luckily I locked the door behind me because my boyfriend's best friend almost walked in on me while I was applying cream all over my body! That would be embarrassing! I also felt a little excited when I was filming that people are at home :)"
"Fue mi primera experiencia haciendo un portafolio desnudo, lo hice en el patio de la casa de un amigo. Elegí un atuendo que me hiciera sentir identificada para sentirme más cómoda y yo misma. Hacía mucho frío y era todo un reto hacer las fotos al aire libre. Al principio estaba nerviosa, pero mientras tomaba las fotos me sentí más confiada y al ver que las fotos se veían muy hermosas y me emocioné. Me siento como un artista. / It was my first experience making a nude portfolio, I did it on the patio at a friend's house. I chose an outfit that made me feel identified to feel more comfortable and myself. It was very cold and it was a challenge to take the photos outdoors. At first I was nervous, but as I was taking the photos I felt more confident and seeing that the photos were looking very beautiful and I was excited. I feel like an artist."
"I really love my body, we've had a difficult journey together the past decade but these pictures are a pure celebration of myself. I've been working on my self love and my body for some time now. I was playing with my tarot cards and my crystals while doing this shoot, and I pulled the Strength card. I think this sums up my shoot and my feelings about myself quite nicely :)."
Jul 28, 2021 Olly//"naked_joy"
"Queensland born and bred, I love the outdoors, sunshine and warmth so shooting this folio on the balcony outside was a no-brainer. Relaxing in an outdoor space that is secluded enough to do so naked is my favourite form of self care. This folio is me, surrounded by things that make me feel my most true self, relaxed and relishing in the joy that is my naked body."
"I shot this folio in my beautiful little backyard in Melbourne, over 2 afternoons. I'm feeling bright, exuberant and adventurous, always relishing in the sunshine and craving new experiences. Throughout the shoot I was playfully enjoying myself, and then I started to feel a bit cheeky thinking about the fact that other people would look at these very intimate photos. This thought made me enjoy it even more. Afterwards I felt flustered and flushed and needed to cool off."
"I shot most of the photos in my boyfriend's bedroom, where I'm staying at the moment. I tried to find some time where his housemates weren't around so I could find some fun spots to shoot. I've not really taken many selfies of myself so it was quite interesting to see how much I enjoyed it and exploring different ways to love my body in front of the camera."
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