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editors pick week 860

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Artist name: Alanna_D
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Age: 25
Height: 170cm
Starsign: Aquarius
The biggest passion in my life: Creating music and art. Creating spaces and stories. I love immersing myself in colour and rhythm
I like to listen to: Old psychedelic rock, losing myself in the lyrics
I like to watch: Anything that is animated. Disney has a special place in my heart
I like to smell: Sage burning in my house, cleansing the air and fresh flowers from our garden

New Releases

Oct 22, 2020 Esther_E//"bibliophily"
"I was living a simple life. In a small cottage in the Alpujarras mountains in Spain - my only company being a black and white feline called Susho. I spent my days naked and in liberty. I watered the trees, picked the lemons. Smashed the almonds out of their pods, made art and filled my head with words of great writers and music of soul and love. But of all...I found silence. I watched the fabric twist in the wind, I listened to the birds chirping with the first light that saw morning. I felt the softness of my own skin. The unbelievable passion constrained and held captive for so long. Love of life love of mind love of body. The weave of energetic currents, pulsing Up and Down, aching and breathing. The Reader. Ink of blood and skin tissue paper. With silence we learn to read the most important story of our lives."
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Oct 21, 2020 Alanna_D//"live_laugh_love"
"The project itself was so energising, playing around in the garden using plants and leaves as props. It was great to be able to get creative with my environment, I had so much fun!! And I have never loved my body so much. Using props like my guitar and hula hoop felt like a great way to convey my passions in life. I truly laughed and danced so much during this shoot, thank you ISM!!"
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Oct 20, 2020 Catalina_T//"aromatherapy"
"Para este sesion tuve la fantastica oportunidad de estar sola en casa durante el fin de semana y eso me dio la oportunidad de salir de mi habitacion y de tambien hacerme fotos en el jardin de mi casa y en la terraza. Al principio me senti un poco rara al estar desndua en mi jardin, aunque es un jardin privado des de algunos puntos si que otras casa pueden ver el jardin y al principio me senti un poco incomoda. Despues de la incomodidad incial me empeze a sentir mas comoda y fue una experiencia agradable y muy liberadora. Me hizo pensar en que raro es que me sintiera tan incomoda estando desnuda en el aire libre cuando es la cosa mas natural del mundo. Fue interesante explorar estas emociones y sentirme mas liberada. / For this shoot I had the fantastic opportunity of being alone in my house during the weekend so I had the chance of taking pictures out of my room and in the garden and terrace. In the beginning I was feeling a bit weird being outside in my garden naked. Even though my garden is private, some houses can still see it from some points of view so I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. However, after a few minutes and the initial weirdness I started to get comfortable and by the end I felt very free. I thought about how weird it is that I felt uncomfortable being naked outside when that's the most natural thing. It felt nice to be able to explore these emotions and to feel a bit more liberated."
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Oct 19, 2020 Pippa_B//"take_me_home"
"I love lingerie and giving sneaky peeks of what's underneath my robe and my clothes. I always think it's so exciting to go out in normal jeans and have sexy beautiful undies under there. I did this photo shoot imagining what would happen if I could really show everyone out there my sexy self. I wanted to start in my best lacy things and strip down slowly. Then I used the camera to show my favourite parts of myself. I hope they're your favourite too."
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Oct 18, 2020 Daisy_K//"curl_unfurl"
"I was really looking forward to doing my second shoot as my first one was so much fun and so liberating to do in the park! But when it came to the second one, I got my period and it started pouring with rain just as I planned to shoot. I wanted to curl up in bed all day long. Lacking in inspiration, I sat on my windowsill and started shooting, and before long I was in the ZONE again! The inspiration came to me as I took more photos and loved getting the window and my partner's hands involved! The shoot turned my mood right around for the day!"
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Oct 17, 2020 Gemma_D//"alley_cat"
"I did this shoot on a beautiful but freezing day. I had a bit of a difficult time, but in saying that, I felt more confident and comfortable than I expected. I felt like a completely different person with my new haircut. I was skeptical at first about the bangs but hey, now I feel like a bit of a rock star. I had a bit of a sneaky shoot in my front garden, closing my coat as passers-by were near, which I absolutely loved. My housemate's dog kept coming to check who the naked lady was so I thought I'd bring him in for a few shots."
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Oct 16, 2020 Allegra_C//"lettera_d_amore"
"This second shoot was as interesting as the first, I had fun but it was difficult to find new ideas at times. This time though I managed to get some photographs inside my van, it was relaxing and comfortable. I was sorry not to do something in the middle of nature but in these times with the virus it is not easy to move :(. I was also sorry not to have the courage to ask my boyfriend to photograph me, Im a little bit shy, maybe next time though. I hope to work with ISM again, I really like having to think about how to organize photos and to persist in finding new locations and new objects to be included in the context of the shoot."
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Oct 15, 2020 Charline//"schone_Fee"
"Heute morgen habe ich die Kamra geschnappt und angefangen Bilder von mir zu machen. Ich hatte meine Unterwasche an. Ich habe mich sexy gefahlt, meine Haare waren wild und mir haben die Fotos gefallen. Ich habe meine weiaye Jacke geschnappt. Ich habe mich gefahlt wie eine Elfe. Alles war so weiaye und stimmig in meinen Augen. Es hat mir gefallen mich selbst nackt in der Camara zu sehen. / In the morning I felt good and started taking pictures of myself in my red underwear. Then I found my white light jacket. With the white sheets I looked like a fairy and felt beautiful. It gave me a good feeling to see myself naked in the camera screen."
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Oct 14, 2020 Milly_G//"psithurism"
"This shoot was just as fun as my last shoot, however definitely more thrilling as I took a lot of photos in our FRONT and backyard so I had to be super discrete as I live on a busy/main road. I wanted to make this completely different, so I took these photos rain, hail and shine, inside and outside of my home to not only show how different my body looks in different weather and lighting but to also give you an idea of the space I like to surround myself in. The photos I took in the rain was definitely the most liberating and most exciting time I had during this shoot. Nothing feels and looks more sexier than having my hair and body drenched in water."
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