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Artist: ESLUNA

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editors pick week 882

Artist: ELLIOT_B
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Artist name: Katharina_D
Birthplace: Germany
Occupation: Yoga Teacher
Age: 21
Height: 177cm
Starsign: Sagittarius
The biggest passion in my life: I adore teaching Yoga and singing
I like to listen to: Woopy Dubstep
I like to watch: My favorite movies are Mr Nobody and Harry Potter
I like to smell: I love the fresh and sweet smell of lemon cake continued

New Releases

"Ich wohne seit neustem in einer wundervollen Frauenkommune. Ausserdem bin ich Yogalehrerin und liebe es meinen Koerper zu bewegen. Ich habe mich auf eine Reise der Selbstliebe und koerperlicher Positivitaet begeben und bin dabei auf die Idee gekommen, an diesem wunderbaren Projekt teilzunehmen. Ich liebe es nackt zu sein und mich frei zu fuehlen. Es hilft mir meinen schoenen Koerper wertzuschaetzen. / The house I am living in is an open, body positive and sex positive community of women. I am a Yoga teacher and love to move my body. I came to the idea to be part of this amazing project through a journey of self love and sexual awakening. I love to be naked and free. It makes me extremely comfortable in my own, beautiful skin."
Apr 14, 2021 Liv_C//"PuraVida"
"Playing in this new house in Costa Rica is so fun. Feels like I have all the space I could want to jump on the bed, and I did! Or squirt on the floor and not worry about the mess. Join me in enjoying myself this beautiful pura vida morning. I felt turned on gazing in the mirrors and watching myself from different angles. And oh boy that camera is fun! I would check the pictures from time to time and was so turned on by the light and would get inspired to keep playing. Squirting on the cool tiles felt so good and my body easily offered this up I was enjoying the opportunity to express so deeply."
"My folio is an exploration of my body. Falling head over heels for all my rolls which I'm always trying my best to hide, now they go and be free in all their glory. My body is a beautiful place. My stretch marks are beautiful and didn't they make for some lovely texture. The most fun part of my shoot was sending a non specific text to my Puppa asking to use his mirrors for nakey photo and he didn't reply but called my Mother."
"I was shooting in the morning when I woke up. I saw the bright sun and I was in a great mood for a photo shoot. I started shooting while still in my pajamas. I didn't prepare for this photo session, I decided that if it turns out badly, I'll try it next time, but it seemed to work out well :). The photo session lifted my spirits for the rest of the day."
"I shot this at a relative's house when it was a bit warmer! My dogs were around while I was shooting outside and were requesting that I didn't stop playing fetch with them while I was shooting, which I couldn't say no to. There was a walking track visible from the verandah where I was shooting, so hopefully a lucky hiker got a free show. Afterwards I felt really positive and warm about the experience and excited to submit the photos and see how they turned out. I loved being around the tulips and flowers that were growing outside and shooting really close to the bush, it felt really peaceful and wholesome."
"I decided I'd focus on small details I love - small pieces of 'home', being outside, the contrast of soft and harsh, light and shadow, nature and man made. But above all, watching my body twist and turn and create shapes I never expected. It's so wonderful feeling that creativity come back and flow through you. I could feel that sense of quiet confidence I pride myself on flowing back through me, as I focused on how I feel when I'm surrounded by life's small pleasures, and how varied and beautiful the world around us can be. By the end, the only trouble was deciding when to stop!"
"In a way this shoot is a little homage to my favourite things about my body which is my tattoos! I love each and everyone of my tattoos - my little fairy garden, my cute stars and symbols, my playful dolphin. All of them have stories and feel like such an essential part of who I am. My ink, my body, my life. It's all part of my story."
Here's a special treat for you today, ISM. Those of you who've been around with us from the start will recognise this cherry-haired wonder, and for everyone else, welcome to heaven. This never-before-seen super special Pearline folio is coming to light today - much like Pearline herself did, when she stripped down on that playground in broad daylight, naked without a care in the world.
"I have very sensitive nipples and it's very easy to make them really hard. That's why in public places I try to wear my bra always, because just a little bit wind and oops! My nipples are hard. And everybody can see that. I'll tell you about my hairstyle. I change it whenever I have mood. Last few weeks I grow hair down here... and I like it. And I like to do dirty pictures. Dirty and naughty."
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