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Editors Pick week 1035
editors pick week 1035

Artist: AMBER_T
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Artist name: Sash
Birthplace: Harare, Zimbabwe
Occupation: Administration
Age: 44
Height: 1.5m
Starsign: Taurus
The biggest passion in my life: Friends and family and travelling the world
I like to listen to: The ocean. It's the ultimate sound to fall asleep to
I like to watch: I love to people watch in open spaces
I like to smell: Probably cliched answers, but you can't beat the smell of fresh bread and freshly cut grass continued

New Releases

"As a breast cancer survivor, what a way to showcase my fabulous figure. Doing this project at home and in the garden has been one of the most empowering, liberating, and freeing feeling as a woman, embracing one's body even more and feeling fabulous after so many years of being criticised on how my body should be and look. Finding this liberating feeling, and being free to express my emotions through taking these natural photos of my body was amazing. Going out of one's comfort zones and thinking out of the box on what photo to take next and where. Embracing your body as every woman is beautiful no matter what size or background one is from. What society says about nude art is debatable - I thought of it as a blank canvas as when you were born."
"I took these photos at my house. It took me a couple tries, because the first time my roommate came home when I was naked lol I was really embarrassed, but we talked about sex all night after that. It was my first time taking photos like this, but I know it won't be my last. I hope I can take nude photos in nature someday. After creating these photos I feel more liberated than I was before. I regret that I have not photographed myself naked earlier, I thought I was not sexy enough for this, thank you to this project for this opportunity."
"Me estoy mudando de lugar, así que por el momento tengo mi propia habitación en una casa compartida que es nueva. Este fue el escenario para las fotos. Tomar las fotos en mi habitación me ayudó a sentirme más cómoda en el espacio y hacerlo más mío. En algunos momentos me pareció un poco difícil conseguir muchos ángulos, pero fue divertido descubrirlo. Creo que es muy divertido tomar fotos con el pie. Incluso si a algunos les resultara difícil concentrarse. Disfruto mucho con ese proyecto, lo siento como una buena terapia en este momento de mi vida. / I just moved places, so at the moment I have my own room in a shared home which is new. This was the stage for the photos. Taking the photos in my room helped me to feel more comfortable in the space and make it feel more like my own. It felt a bit difficult in some moments, to get lots of angles but it was fun to figure that out. It is really fun to take photos with my feet, I find. Even if some were hard to focus. I really enjoy with this project, I feel that is a good therapy in this moment of my life."
"I've been apartment sitting for my partner while he has been away, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a shoot in his light filled lounge room. I enjoyed having so much space to contort my body and feel the warm rays of sun kisses on my skin. It felt especially nice as it has been a cool summer, so my skin was longing to feel warmth. I ventured outside to the balcony for a few shots and played around with some shadowy effects and soak up even more sun. As I was taking these photos, I felt so free, uninhibited, sexy and playful. With each ISM I do, I gain more confidence in my body and shed layers of self-imposed insecurity."
"I was in a great morning mood! I participated in the ishotmyself project for the second time and this time I wanted to show and reveal my personality. I am a creative person and play guitar, so a naked woman and guitar...it's so sexy! I love my body and in this project I like that I am given such an opportunity to share my cheerful mood, my wonderful body and reveal my sexual side even more. I wore bright pink lingerie because combined with the bright red watermelon it looks very colorful and summery. I like to think of different looks and make them come true."
"I shot myself in my room. I've finally settled in a house after having moved around a fair bit quite recently and I feel like I've also reached a place where I feel quite settled into my own body. I've come to a place of appreciating my body and my space and the space that my body and being occupies, so it felt like a nice project to play with and a nice welcome in my new home. I enjoyed taking a casual and warm approach to shooting myself and wanted to explore a casual intimacy with it, as I settle into my home, and the home that my body provides. Exploring different angles and pushing myself to try to feel more confidence in my being!"
"I did my ISM shoot on a rainy Sunday at home. I felt a little bit nervous at the beginning of my shoot, particularly because I'd never done anything like this before. However, once I got started, my confidence increased, and I felt more comfortable. I felt very sexy and empowered after the shoot, and I think this will carry over into my everyday life. I wish I had the confidence and empowerment to become more comfortable publicising my naked form earlier. My dogs wanted to be involved and you might see them in the background of some of my pics but hopefully they don't distract from the main subject."
"Hi all! I'm Krystyna from Ukraine! Everyone knows my country is now at war with the aggressor country Russia. While shooting my folio, the siren started, and no, I didn't go to shelter, I just continued shooting the project. At that moment I thought about sex/masturbation, and in general about sexual life during combat operations, I was able to track on myself that eternal stress and fear makes me want to have sex more. In a life-threatening situation, the instinct to procreate is heightened, and sex is also used as a control mechanism, a way to gain positive emotions or simply relax."
Apr 07, 2024 Ellie_K//"lush_life"
"I've just moved into this awesome house in the green hills of the New South Wales north coast with two awesome ladies. It's the best share house I've ever been in, we almost never wear clothes because it's always too hot here. So it's perfect for shooting and I plan to make a lot of content for Feck sites here! Hope you like."
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