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Artist: KAIA_H
Folio: "BANQUET"

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Editors Pick week 768
editors pick week 768

Artist: LUCY_P
Folio: "REDROOM"
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Artist name: Tatyana_S
Birthplace: Russia
Occupation: Artist, Performer, Translator
Age: 26
Height: 167cm
Starsign: Libra
The biggest passion in my life: Art, music, literature, travels, friends
I like to listen to: Experimental music mostly, sound art
I like to watch: Youtube videos :)
I like to smell: Amber, sandalwood, magnolia

New Releases

Nov 19, 2018 Rose_P//"pink_parts"
"Sometimes I dream about a pink beach - I'm in the swirling, baby pink water, it's warm and I feel dazed and content. The tide pulls and pushes me gently and slowly. I lay my head back to view the salmon pink sky - there is never a cloud, a sun, stars or moon in this sky. In any other dream I would be joined by friends, strangers, animals, friendly ghosts and fantastical creatrues, but here I am always on my own, with not a word to speak or a thought to spare for anything or anyone. I found out recently that in Europe prison cells are painted "cool down pink" to reduce aggressive behavior, lower blood pressure and have a calming effect on inmates. Lucky bastards. I don't think I'm capable of landing myself in pink prison, so I've decked out my own little cell with shades of calming pink. This shoot came about on a day that I had bustling with plans. I think I bailed on 4/6 plans and stayed home to get naked and roll around on my velvet pink bedsheets. You probably wouldn't have met a lil' scamp as happy as I on that day. Viva's blurb on my "millennial pink" videos from IFM really inspired me to capture all of my lush and blush bits in an ISM shoot."
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Nov 19, 2018 Tatyana_S//"pryazha"
"Oh no, there is gold paint on the camera...is it a good idea to use acrylic paint on skin? Well, too late anyway. This is getting fun! The yarn feels as if it is accentuating but also criss-crossing the lines of my body."
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Nov 18, 2018 Zoe_C//"girlinamber"
"I was initially amping myself up to do this shoot, really mentally preparing. I put on a bunch of makeup and made a little set up in my court yard. I snapped away for like 2 hours in the freezing cold and nearly got frost bite... The pictures where good and I even showed my friend who told me she loved them, buuuut I just felt really uncomfortable for some reason, like I wasn't representing myself authentically at all. I ended up deciding to delete them all and not do the project. The next day I woke up and I just had a feeling that I was going to be missing out on something really important for me, so I tried again! This time I just took pictures in my warm, cosy bedroom and wore minimal makeup. I also included my lil' bunny babies Frankie (cream) and Lola (grey). It was SO FUN. I felt great, no doubts, nothing, just yumminess."
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Nov 18, 2018 Lou_E//"sheislight"
"This shoot was completely different to my first, I was outside and had decided to do this on my balcony so the chances of being seen by someone were pretty huge! I felt liberated and excited about doing the shoot in a new environment, this was the first time I'd gotten naked outside like this before. I loved the contrast of this shoot and my previous which was inside and I feel very feminine, this one got me a little dirty from the floor which I think looked pretty cool. It was amazing to have the natural light and be able to play around with that."
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Nov 17, 2018 Fem//"vrijheid"
"There are plenty of parts of my body that are not aesthetically beautiful and that's alright, they don't have to be. I tried my best to show them with confidence, to be bold and not to hide the parts of of me that I feel more insecure about. This insecurity is created by others and that realization helps me to let go of it. I live in a share house where privacy is basically nonexistent so I took all the photos in a storage warehouse and an abandoned prison. I had fun and loved this new experience and the challenge of it. I'm proud of the positive change I've already gone through regarding my attitude towards my body. I hope my freedom is contagious."
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Nov 17, 2018 Sativah//"rosycardinal"
"This shoot took place in my beautiful new home, in the dodgy shed, my colourful bedroom and the lush and green backyard. All of my neighbours could definitely see which is always fun and I was walked in on by my very supportive friend. I loved doing this second shoot cause' I got to show off more of my extensive and impressive lingerie collection, including a gorg red bra that my mate gave me the day before! Don't mind my red cheeks, I had just done a looong and early shift at work after a few hours of sleep. I fought through the exhaustion but was very tempted to sleep in those piccies on my bed."
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Nov 16, 2018 Nala_G//"stay_soft"
"This shoot was actually for an Anthropology assignment where I was asked to have a totally new bodily experience. Eroticising my own body is very new to me. I decided to work outside in my new back garden, and incorporated my housemate's rats, who weren't too cooperative. The white lace is meant to demonstrate my softness, and how a woman can be gentle, but still fucking powerful. Rolling around in the grass may have resulted in a bit of a body rash, but it's all in the name of art, right?"
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Nov 15, 2018 Rory_P//"blou_oe"
"I had such fun with this shoot. I probably got more of a thrill than anticipated especially as I did the shoot in front of my open window that looks out to the communal walkway of my apartment building. I loved that the best pictures were the ones I took without looking at the camera screen to check what I looked like, you see the most real me in those I think. Also the whole day after I did the shoot I felt I looked more beautiful. I am a confident person but this has brought a new acceptance which is empowering."
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Nov 14, 2018 Priscilla_T//"alittlespice_2"
"Being naked and active outside on a chilly winter morning proved to be more fun than I could have thought. Every time I do an ISM project I fall more and more in love with doing things naked. It was an incredibly fun and adventurous experience and I would suggest to anyone next time you have to do a routine domestic activity that you take your clothes off and add a little spice to your everyday life!"
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