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Artist name: Iside
Birthplace: Colombia
Age: 27
Height: 157cm
Starsign: Taurus
The biggest passion in my life: Spread love and community lifestyle
I like to listen to: Depends on my mood, I like to listen classic, rock, reggae, instrumental music
I like to watch: Kids running and playing together, birds migrating, big waves crashing on rocks
I like to smell: Eucalyptus, air after the rain, spices and coffee, petrol

New Releases

Aug 16, 2018 Iside//"threedays"
"I really enjoyed taking the shoot and realised how confident I became with my body. The first day I was very creative posing in different positions, using costumes and painting my body. The second day I mostly took pictures in my backyard, expressing my sensuality. The third day I went out and had a lot of fun being naked in the middle of the nature and posing with tree and leaves. After the shoot I really feel like I boosted my confidence and I will look for more projects like this."
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Aug 15, 2018 Vanessa_J//"SelfCareSalon_1"
"I loved having you come and join me in my home for a very intimate pamper session. Being able to open myself up in my own home as well as physically, has opened me up to a new level of comfort and pride in who I am, on the inside and outside."
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Aug 15, 2018 Angel_A//"soft_glow"
"I wanted my folio to be fun, playful, and a little silly! I set myself up on the floor with some lovely fabrics in front of a mirror. I played around with loads of glitter and had fun with some stretch and contortion poses to take advantage of my hyperflexibility! I had to run for cover a few times when one of my neighbours walked by my window, as well as falling over (...more than once) trying to get into my contortions. I feel like my photos showcase my body really well and really reflect my personality. Overall I had a fantastic experience and really enjoyed my shoot!"
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Aug 14, 2018 Sehra//"FawnPrince"
"My folio which I have named "Fawn Prince" is all about celebrating spring energy, rebirth after long winter months and allowing the shy sun to caress my body. I wanted to create a set with a very earthy feel, plants, leaf patterns, green gradients and mirrors to bathe in an imaginary botanical cabinet. I still felt a little camera-shy because it had been a while since I allowed myself to play around like this but I hope you like it. If you feel gloomy get yourself a small plant to take care of, cactuses are ideal if you don't have green thumbs."
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Aug 13, 2018 Isla_T//"IslaoftheLake"
"In this photoshoot I wanted to get outside and take some photos in nature (despite now permanently smelling like a muddy lake). My first location fell through, but I still luckily managed to find somewhere with a lake. After several encounters with various confused joggers, being bit by the fish of the lake, and nearly falling face-first into mud, I got all my photos done! It was loads of fun to get outside and do a shoot in a lake, and I can definitley feel my self confidence and body positivity growing with every shoot I do!"
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Aug 13, 2018 Elizabeth_M//"recalcitrant"
"I've spent a long time hating myself for having a body that doesn't fit into conventional standards of beauty, but that ends now. I am sexy, I am beautiful, and I can do anything that I want to do regardless of what anyone says. This shoot is the first step toward claiming my body back from society's ridiculous standards."
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Aug 12, 2018 Isabelle_C//"candybaby"
"My ISM shoot was very liberating. This time I almost got caught by a pedestrian which was a bit thrilling and fun. I got creative with different window lightings and candy props as well as using colour and contrasting to make myself pop, using lipstick and bright colours as a focal point. I also became more comfortable being nude around my house and accepting my body more naturally."
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Aug 12, 2018 Chiara_G//"be_love"
"I shot myself was my very first photo shoot. I had fun and I loved it!!! The fact that I had to make the pictures myself, has made it much easier for me. I also had to be very creative to make the pictures special, because you had to stay in connection with the camera. I really like the campaign, the message you can give with this pictures. Be yourself. Love yourself. / I shot myself war mein erstes Fotoshooting. Ich hatte wahnsinnig Spass und habe es geliebt. Die Tatsache, dass ich die Fotos selbst schiessen musste, hat es mir um einiges leichter gemacht. Ausserdem musste ich kreativ sein, damit die Fotos interessant werden, da ich die Kamera nur manuell ausloesen durfte. Ich finde die Kampagne super, die message, die du durch die Fotos vermitteln kannst. Sei du selbst. Liebe dich selbst!"
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Aug 11, 2018 Rose_P//"roadtrippin"
"Wow. What a weekend! The more shoots I complete, the more inspired, excitable and daring I feel. This particular shoot would have to be my favourite so far. My lovely friend and I decided to escape the city for a night and visit the beach, about an hour from the CBD. I was going to save the shoot for the house we were staying at, but I couldn't help myself - I just had to get naked in that car. When we were on the highway, a few cars passed us and pointed in. It was exhilarating, for both myself and my friend ;) After relaxing, eating, and indulging ourselves in various intimate activities, I found myself a beautiful corner to complete the shoot in. I was kissed with subtle sunshine and had some really intense looking insects come and visit me. I did not have one care in the world, and felt so buzzy and glowing from the incredible intimacy we shared over the weekend. Ugh. I'm so happy with this shoot. I'm happy with my sexuality. I'm happy with my creativity. I'm happy with myself. X"
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