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Artist: MARGO_B

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Editors Pick week 813
editors pick week 813

Artist: AMELIA_P
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Artist name: Lizzie_B
Occupation: Student
Age: 23
Height: 165cm
Starsign: Scorpio
The biggest passion in my life: To travel, explore and be happy!
I like to listen to: Jazz, blues and soul
I like to watch: People dancing at festivals
I like to smell: Freshly baked sweets, cherry jam, peppermint

New Releases

Dec 11, 2019 Lizzie_B//"polka_dream"
"I had a lot of fun shooting! Maybe my front yard wasn't the best option for some of my shots but I'm sure the mail man got quite an interesting surprise that morning. I was wearing a mesh polka dot dress with nothing underneath, I love how my body looked in the mesh. I also loved using the mirror as a prop, especially on the plush grass where I could take so many interesting shots. I felt so free lying on the grass and on my bed, not a care or worry in world, how liberating! Thank you ISM for this amazing experience, I loved every second!"
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Dec 10, 2019 Amalia_C//"frutas_calientes"
"Hoy tuve la casa para mi sola. Me encanta pasearme por la casa desnuda. Hacia mucho calor, asi que decidi tomar las fotografias en el patio trasero. Corte la fruta, junte las flores y prepare el festin para las fotos. Que increible es cuantas frutas existen con forma de genitales? O es alrevez? / I had the house to myself today. It was really hot so I decided to shoot myself in the backyard. I love to walk around the house naked. I cut the fruit, picked the flowers and set up the feast for the photos. How crazy is it that there's so many fruits that look like genitalia? Or is it the other way around?"
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Dec 09, 2019 Tilly_P//"how_to_flourish"
"This is my second time shooting myself, and I decided to take my naked body outside and in a public place for some good old fashioned exhibitionism! There were a few close calls with people springing me, including a man far in the distance who was filming the view, but I think might have caught my naked bod in some of his shots! I didn't really mind because I was feeling so sexy and free anyway! The weather was beautiful and warm and I can't wait to get butt-naked in public again, whether there is a camera or not!"
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Dec 09, 2019 Zoe_T//"risky_biz"
"Showing my connection to nature was important to me for my shoot. I often just have naps on the grass in my backyard and love my veggie patch. It was fun playing with different close ups and focusing on different parts of my body with a literal magnifying glass. I have 2 dogs and a cat so it was hard keeping them out of the shoot because they are very snuggly. We currently have only half a back fence as there are units being built at the back of my house so there was an added risk of being possibly caught nude in my own backyard, let alone the fact I still live with my semi-retired parents."
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Dec 08, 2019 Amelia_P//"interlaced"
"I put on some music and just played around with the ribbons and fabric. I originally wanted to do Shibari with the ribbons but turns out it's actually quite difficult and I have a short attention span, so I ended up just twisting them around instead. I just loved being able to be creative again, these shoots have reminded me I need to keep in touch with my arty side and also my own body."
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Dec 08, 2019 Alexandra_O//"heat_glow"
"I ended up doing my shoot in the upstairs space of the community I live in. I was scrambling for secluded spaces before I thought - "Okay, fugggit. Don't mind me, just shooting myself up here!" My friends and acquaintances gave me words of encouragement as they walked past below, played music, and cooked dinner. Even as I'm butt naked for this portfolio there's still that funny bit inside of me nervous to bare it all. Right up until the end it was a growing process for sure. It was also incredibly hot up there so enjoy that authentic sweaty glow ;)"
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Dec 07, 2019 Pixie_P//"beauty_beast"
"I decided to play with the artistic portrayal of the Madonna/whore in renaissance art, vintage erotica, the concept of a clean/dirty woman. Woman as prey. Woman as beast. Wandering around my empty house in vintage lingerie like a long-dead ghost. Soaking up the patches of sunlight... I absolutely soaked my bathroom taking the shower shots, hahaha. I felt like an indulgent flapper girl."
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Dec 07, 2019 Laurel_C//"neko_musume"
"I did some stuff out in public and I nearly got caught a couple of times with cars driving past. My friend helped me by keeping a lookout and we had a big umbrella to cover me. Being naked in my friend's backyard when I'm allergic to grass, magnetic for mosquitoes and the pollen index was really high wasn't great, haha. So I ended up being itchy EVERYWHERE for the rest of the night and I had a mosquito bite on both sets of cheeks. Worth it though, right?"
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Dec 06, 2019 Kathrin//"heibesVertrauen"
"Dieses Shoot hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht. Mit Winkeln und Positionen zu experimentieren war interessant, und was dabei rausgekommen ist hat mein Selbstbewusstsein sehr erhoben. Ich bin ziemlich stolz auf das Ergebnis. / I've had a lot of fun doing this shoot. Experimenting with angles and positions was interesting and something I haven't done much while taking nudes before. The outcome made me feel very confident in my body, and I'm pretty proud of it."
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