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Editors Pick week 766
editors pick week 766

Artist: NICOLE_S
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Artist name: Sabrina_B
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Currently living in: Currently wandering but Wellington is my home
Occupation: Biology student, exotic dancer, kitchen hand
Age: 22
Height: 160cm
Starsign: Native Taurus
The biggest passion in my life: Animals, art, saving the world
I like to listen to: Death Grips, lo-fi, the wind and rain, 24 hr soothing Bach lullabies, informed political opinions
I like to watch: Incense burning in the lounge, birds eating worms, the ocean
I like to smell: My lover's sweat, my cat's fur, weed, toast, grass, hair

New Releases

Sep 19, 2018 Lyndel//"yogic_healing_2"
"When my partner and I go camping, I'll often find a beautiful secluded spot in nature and settle into naked yoga while he makes us coffee and enjoys the view(s). Both ISM and naked physical activities I find are fantastic for reminding me to be comfortable with my body and find pleasure in its abilities."
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Sep 19, 2018 Sabrina_B//"tenyears"
"This shoot felt like a luxurious experience. I had been staying at a backpackers for over a week and was very sick of not having my own space, so participating in ishotmyself seemed like the perfect excuse to get a motel by myself and enter full artist mode. I have been taking photos of myself for almost a decade now, so knew that I would produce some awesome photographs. I purchased some bananas and funky skull bracelets for some physical inspiration and began the shoot the next morning. I applied some glittery makeup I like to think made me look like some kinda sex warrior and began to worship myself with the camera. There was only one window in the motel so I definitely exposed myself to some fortunate passers by but I like to think that improved their day."
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Sep 18, 2018 Lucia_M//"plumpeach"
"I wanted to create something completely raw and authentic as I have a real thing for self expression and visual arts. I am usually quite the perfectionist but with this shoot I decided to let all of that go and just have fun in the moment. Being in total control of the shoot allowed me to just have fun and I found myself getting really into it. Covered in flower pollen with my lipstick all smudged I felt fully embraced and loved by myself in this moment. I am beyond excited to create further art in the future."
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Sep 17, 2018 Lisa_S//"onthetiles"
"While shooting myself for the second time I was definitely more comfortable taking selfies, I felt less pressure to get the perfect shot and didn't care about the bad angles. I've discovered how beneficial it is to take selfies now and then, reminding me to love the skin I'm in. I will make sure I keep it up. I am grateful to ISM as it has helped me realise this."
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Sep 17, 2018 Tala//"Hathor"
"It took me 20 years to love myself and I will never look back! Once I realized how truly beautiful it is to love yourself, fully, I fell in love with every part of life. We are divinity in physical form, Gods and Goddesses, here to embrace our sacred temple! What a sensual and powerful experience! We are the creators of our lives, to expand our love infinitely and give space for others to do the same. To channel our raw, primitive, and deep intuition of who we truly are. Then it all comes easily. I had the most magical time in this sacred space of freeing myself from all limitation and judgement, and enjoy this beautiful body and being! xo"
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Sep 16, 2018 Dolly_B//"wild_outback"
"I took these photos on my recent adventure to Alice Springs. I took a few up a hill near where I was staying at a converted camel stable and a few more out the back of a roadhouse where our car broke down. The landscape is so beautiful and wild up there, it is such an inspiring and freeing and grounding place, I had so much fun. It was also lovely to get a little sunshine on my vajayjay, and I wholly recommend it."
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Sep 16, 2018 Maggie_R//"cutaway"
"This folio is a fun journey of how an idea starts and slowly fades into the abyss! I started trying to develop a theme for my post-sickness body, and being cut free of the mental chains and body-confidence issues which unfortunately (and inevitably) come after being sick! I used the hosiery to represent the thoughts I wear of being sick. I've worn it for the past year of remission and as my body makes changes to become healthy again, so do I have to change my mindset and the way I look at myself. I cut the stockings away as I cut away from my negative thought processes and embraced the new! For me, being healthy is being happy!"
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Sep 15, 2018 Piper_A//"ChubbyMermaid"
"A few months ago, I dyed my hair blue. I was looking to try out something totally different, and the end result brought me so much joy! I feel like a chubby mermaid (hence the name), and it has changed the way I put my outfits together, it has changed the way I interact with people, and it has resulted in a lot of children smiling at me when they walk past me at the supermarket. I am about to change my hair colour again and wanted to immortalise my blue locks by sharing them with the lovely people of I Shot Myself! I hope you enjoy my beachy waves, my cute chubby tum, and my incredibly unhappy feline accomplice, Bingo. <3"
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Sep 15, 2018 Lucinda_J//"emanation"
"I decided to be a part of the I Shot Myself project to bring back my creative side and to find the love for my body that I have lost over the last couple of years. I'm so happy I came across ISM - it has given me something to look forward to in the dark times, its given me an outlet when I'm feeling low. To pick up a camera when my self confidence is down, to look back on the photos I have taken and see that I am beautiful in my own way. Everyone in ISM HQ has been so lovely and understanding, girls supporting girls is a beautiful thing."
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