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editors pick week 865

Artist: PIPER_A
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Artist name: Carmen_V
Birthplace: NSW - just outside Byron Bay
Age: 24
Height: About 175cm
The biggest passion in my life: My greatest passion, hands down is baking. I love to cook for other people, making that special something that they have fond memories of from their childhood
I like to listen to: People speaking with emphasis on anything they are passionate about will always be the most engaging form of conversation to me
I like to watch: Clouds move in the sky. Any chance I get. I'm an early riser so I usually enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset each day
I like to smell: I love the wave of warm air that hits you as you walk into a bakery as the first customer in the morning. Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread and hot pastries straight out of the oven

New Releases

Nov 24, 2020 Carmen_V//"petals_bound"
"This shoot was done at home in my studio apartment. I shot mostly in the morning as that's when my space has the best light. I always love watching the sun come up from this spot on my balcony. This time I think that my neighbours may have gotten a little more than they bargained for. But hey, nobody complained, so all is well. I learned to look at myself with fresh eyes. This body that I live in has so much more potential than I give it credit for. The shoot really encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and embrace the way my body looks all the time, even in positions that I don't consider as flattering. All the parts of it are interesting and sexy in their own way."
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Nov 23, 2020 Soledad_P//"amo_todo"
"Cuando me estaba haciendo las fotos pensaba en las partes de mi cuerpo que no me gustan tanto y en las que me encantan como mi espalda mis senos y mis caderas. Trata de experimentar con distintas poses y ángulos. Hacer las fotos me hizo sentir super confiada y aliviada, me hizo recordar que soy hermosa y que amo todo de mas. / When I was shooting myself I was thinking about the parts of my body that I don't really like and what I do like, my back, my tits and my hip bones. I tried experimenting with different poses and angles. I makes my feel super confident and somehow relieved, it reminds me that I'm beautiful and I love myself, even the things I don't like."
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Nov 22, 2020 Anastasia_B//"TakeOnTheWorld"
"I shot the photos in my lounge room and bedroom on a sunny afternoon as these are the places I feel most comfortable and myself. I was nervous at first because I knew people would be able to see me through my windows. A few people did actually look up, but I wasn't at all worried or nervous as I was thinking they should be lucky to catch a glimpse of me naked! My puppy sat watching me a lot of the time very confused to what I was doing haha! Taking the photos made me feel a new sense of confidence in myself and made me want to keep taking more. It also put me in a really excited mood like I was ready to take on the world and try new things :)"
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Nov 21, 2020 Kathrin//"grimdark"
"This shoot was interestingly very different from my other ones. I think one big reason is the location. This warehouse paired with the lights and mirrors gave the pictures a totally different aura. It also made the shoot a bit more challenging as well because the light situation felt a bit limiting as to which angles I could use because for many it was either too bright or too dark. I am really proud of some of the pictures I ended up taking. I did this shoot on a day where I was not feeling super comfortable with my body but at the end I was very glad I did it and it did help lift my spirits a lot."
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Nov 20, 2020 Penny_D//"chameleona"
"I went into this project with the purpose of celebrating my body, with all its weird flaws, scars and skin rolls. It became a little ceremony that I held in my courtyard which is full of plants and probably also the only space I can freely walk around naked, in the city. I shot myself in the morning after a shower, which is when I feel the most sexy and clean, and then again in the afternoon, hence the variation in warm and cold lighting. I did this to try and demonstrate how the body can change over a day, in regards to food or temperature. I am quite comfortable in my skin, but it definitely took a few pictures before I started to relax into the process and have more fun with the poses."
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Nov 19, 2020 Chelsea_D//"sachikos_dream"
"I took these pics in my room, on my bed right next to the window to get the best light. Still, I had a lot of fun suspending mirrors from my ceiling fan and showing off my lockdown hobby (900 paper cranes and counting). At one point I was so engrossed in the photo taking that I didn't notice my door was wide open, if my housemates walked past and caught me snapping photos of my bits they haven't said anything yet..."
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Nov 18, 2020 Toni_E//"belleza"
"Intente hacer un pequeno recorrido en los sitios donde habia mantenido relaciones sexual previamente a lo largo de los anos. Por ello, fui a casa de mi madre y algunos sitios publicos, tales como las Salinas, el monte de mi ciudad y la playa. Siento un interes inexplicable hacia el fetiche "sploshing" por ellos me centre tambien en la comida. / I tried to take a little tour of the places where I had previously had sex over the years. Therefore I went to my Mother's house and some public places, such as Las Salinas, the hill of my city and the beach. I have an inexplicable interest towards the fetish "sploshing" so I also focused on food for some shots."
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Nov 17, 2020 Piper_A//"the_blue_nudes"
"I think that some of the most beautiful things I've ever made have been complete accidents. I tangled my body in strips of light and let the simple shapes it created inspire me as I went along. There were a lot of blurry shots, a lot of dark shots, a lot of outtakes. But what kept driving me was that I knew that once these photos were up on IShotMyself, it would be a beautiful collage of lines, shapes, and shades of blue, and would look just as much like an abstract painting as it would look like my big, beautiful nude body."
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Nov 16, 2020 Sally_H//"how_many_licks"
"Hey y'all, I'm Sally! It is a super hot day in the southern U.S so getting naked was just what I needed. When I started to shoot it was around lunch time and I was very hungry, and very hot, so a nice chocolate pop was perfect for my shoot. It tasted really yummy and felt so lovely dripping cold drops down my body. It was a little sticky so I made sure to wash myself up at the end. The silliest part of the shoot was keeping my doggy away while she tried to lick me clean. But she can't have chocolate I guess I'll have to leave the licking up to you."
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