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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: DEVON_L
Folio: "LILY_LOVE"

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Editors Pick week 1009
editors pick week 1009

Folio: "R_U_MINE"
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Artist name: Abril
Birthplace: Colombia
Occupation: Nursing assistant
Age: 28
Height: 160cm
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Is to visit places with history, ruins and beautiful landscapes. Also to try things that I would never have dared before
I like to listen to: The sea breaking against the rocks on very windy or rainy days
I like to watch: The sky at night, especially the moon when it is full
I like to smell: Perfumes with essences of vanilla, wood and cinnamon, they are the sweetest continued

New Releases

"Fui con una amiga muy cercana a una casa de campo a pasar unos días y había una zona de madera que daba el sol desde muy temprano en medio de muchas plantas que me encantaba, el caso es que llevaba días pensando en imágenes que había visto de manos con frutas relacionando un poco él erotismo con ello y dije, y si en vez de hacerme fotos censuradas las reemplazo alguna vez por frutas, el caso es que me fui al mercadillo, compré frutas que en mi concepto o podían asemejarás a partes de mi cuerpo o a la de otro, cogí un bol, prepare todo, le dije a mi amiga que estaría por fuera de la casa tomando el sol y haciéndome algunas selfies, el caso es que termine con un buen bronceado y muy contenta con el resultado. / I went with a very close friend to a country house to spend a few days, and there was a wooden area that was right in the middle of many plants that I loved. The fact is that I had been thinking about images that I had seen of hands with fruit, relating eroticism a bit to it and I thought "If instead of taking censored photos I will replace them with fruits". I went to the market, I bought fruit that in my opinion could resemble parts of my body or someone else, I took a bowl, prepared everything, and told my friend that I would be outside the house sunbathing and taking some selfies. The fact is that I ended up with a good tan and are very happy with the results."
"I really enjoyed doing this and experimenting with the camera and different techniques to shoot interesting photos. My bedroom was where I shot the photos as it's somewhere I feel comfortable and safe but I was constantly worried about the sun being too bright in the background as it wouldn't go away so I had to make do and deal with it. Otherwise I really enjoyed this project and it's something that gives me time to self reflect and feel better about my body so I can make more room to love myself."
"At first there was excitement in front of the camera, a feeling of embarrassment, I did not know how to behave, where to stand, where to put my hands, where to look. But it passed after about 10 minutes. I felt comfortable with the images I took. I liked myself, emphasized my "I". I put on music that gave me drive and energy to open up. The shots increased my self-confidence and adds a desire to pose and create even more stunning shots. With the project I behaved the same way as in real life, I was open, relaxed, cheerful, maybe a little shy, but happy."
"It's been so long since I've done one of these. My goodness it feels good. The almond blossoms were out in my backyard and the breeze was warm despite it being winter. Being outside and naked, exploring my body and relaxing in the sunshine just felt so good. There truly is nothing like watching the bees buzz around with the grass between your toes and the wind in your hair. I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I enjoyed creating it."
"This is my second time doing this project and I felt so comfortable taking the pictures. I felt really good about my body and being able to express myself in my own space made me feel really alive. This project has helped me understand and appreciate myself in ways I never thought I would, taking pictures of angles of my body I wouldn't normally see gave me a different perspective of my body image in a really positive way. My cat did try and get into some of the pictures during the shoot, I think she felt left out lol. I really enjoyed the opportunity to zone in and really see my body for what it is."
"I really liked the idea of the everyday look and not the typical model look. I decided to take these photos with little to no makeup, around my house, car and in the desert area. I tried to be creative in my locations/poses and ways I took photos of myself and found that because I have short arms that this was actually rather difficult. However I love the idea of this alternative to the mainstream. Always swim upriver. I am proud to be a part of something like this. I feel a bit self conscious without the makeup or general editing of the photos but overall I hope they turned out well! I think more people should refrain from editing on social media to help others see what they really look like too!"
"I shot ISM in my living room and on a shared balcony over the hottest 100 weekend. I used yoga poses and exercise props to get a variety of angles. I was thinking about lighting and mirror positioning while holding the camera to photograph my whole body. The process was fun, but more challenging than I expected. I even queefed at one point as I was doing a backwards roll into an inversion. Being on the second floor, I moved into the view of neighbours at a few points which added an extra thrill to the project. Close to the end I could smell myself sweating from various body parts. Afterwards I was ready to have a eat, drink and rest."
"It was a beautiful sultry afternoon when I took photos of myself. Even with the air conditioner on, my bedroom got very hot (and so did I haha). I was determined to take some stunning pictures. But at the same time I was not sure that I would be able to shoot so many at once! To keep up the mood, I turned on the Arctic Monkeys because they sound incredibly sexy and I also took my favorite green tea out of fridge. I dressed exactly the same as I usually dress for a walk. At home, I prefer to be naked, so I was eager to take it all off as soon as possible. I like my body and feel completely comfortable to show it. I hope you'll be able to feel it through my shots. I was so immersed in the shooting process that the time flew by unnoticed and more than a thousand new photos appeared on my phone. I felt a sense of peace when I finished because I was able to complete the task."
"I shot myself in my home, I had the whole place to myself so I had the time and space to really explore my home in a new way. I did my shoot in the morning so the sun was in full swing. I loved interacting with my personal possessions and surroundings in a new and fun way! I did some photos outside which was a fun feeling because I felt vulnerable being fully naked but in such a freeing way, I was pretty well hidden which helped me to relax in to it. I have never liked taking selfies before so doing I shot myself again has helped me to feel more comfortable in my skin which is a great feeling! I enjoyed grabbing different things around the house to use as props and seeing it as my creative space and afterwards I felt great for doing it and free!"
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