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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: OTILIA

$250 prize!
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Editors Pick week 923
editors pick week 923

Artist: JUNE_M
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Artist name: Evie_G
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: Dancer
Age: 27
Starsign: Scorpio
The biggest passion in my life: Dancing and sexuality
I like to listen to: Meaningful lyrics, soulful sexy sounds, anything that transports me, the ocean, rain on a tin roof
I like to watch: Musicals, fireworks, live music, dancing, sunsets, sunrises
I like to smell: Vanilla scented candles, roses, jasmine, rain continued

New Releases

"I shot myself in my apartment, waking up one morning after a bit of a draining shift from work. Doing this project the morning after working was a stark contrast for me as I work as a stripper. Stripping is all about positioning and presenting your body and self in a way that is desirable to a man, and this project, for me, was about exploring my body outside that gaze. I really enjoyed just being creative and focusing on non-sexual components."
"It was the afternoon, I was in a great cheerful mood, I was home that day. I love to paint, so I wanted to experiment and paint a picture without hands, just my body parts. I see something sexy in it, and of course I wanted to capture that moment. My nipples got very excited when I smeared paint on them and rubbed them on the canvas, in the process I had an idea and wanted to paint a crimson sunset, it's so romantic. I applied paint to my body and through my emotions transferred it to the canvas. I love paint, I love art, I love selfies, I love to create."
"Fui de paseo a una montaña cerca de donde vivo, pensaba en el ambiente ideal para las fotografías así que me pareció interesante tomarlas ahí, algunas personas me vieron de lejos y me dio algo de pena pero ya luego me daba risa la situación, también tome donde vivo. / I went for a walk to a mountain near where I live, I thought about the ideal environment for the photographs so it seemed interesting to take them there, some people saw me from afar and it gave me some sadness but then the situation made me laugh. Some pictures were also taken where I live."
"Ich liebe es, Nacktfotos zu machen, zumal mein Partner viel auf Geschäftsreise ist und man kreativ werden muss, um den Funken aufrecht zu erhalten. Ich liebe Naturaufnahmen, also habe ich den Campervan genommen, stellte ich mich auf einen ruhigen Campingplatz in der Nähe eines Berges. Ich musste kreativ werden, um abwechslungsreiche Bilder zu machen, und beschloss, die Hängematte herauszunehme. Ich mochte die Ergebnisse und fiel fast aus, als ich übermütig wurde und etwas Besonderes ausprobieren wollte. / I love taking nude pictures all the time, especially as my partner is traveling a lot for work and you have to get creative to keep that spark up. I love nature shots, so I took the camper van out for the weekend and placed myself on a quiet campground near a mountain. I had to get creative for some more varied pictures, so I decided to take the hammock out and give it a go. I liked the results and I nearly fell out as I got excited and wanted to try something special!"
"I love to spend summer outside the city in a village with my parents. It is quiet and calm here, no one is in a hurry, no one chases the pace of city life and time seems to stop here. Now more than ever is a good time to plunge into oneself to learn about one's essence, breathe in clean air, and listen to birds singing. This summer was no exception, I'm here again. I decided to take photographs of myself, my body, and I used different flowers, fruit, and the motorbike."
"Hey there! At first blush I'm a curly girly angel but honestly I'm truly quite kinky. I adore my body and wanna represent how much I think there is no place like home. Home shooting is the best! I hope you enjoy my gorgeous poses in the creative mess and crumpled sheets. Oranges, books, sewing machine - all of these things take a little part in my shoot. Won't you just have a look at this toned figure, this neat chest, this small ass, this angelic face..."
"I was in a good mood, I came home after exams and felt like I needed to do something outrageous and fun to counteract all that seriousness. Approaching the mirror, I developed a slight excitability, and pleasant shudders went down my skin and I started taking pictures of myself. My cat wanted to be in a few photos too, so I let him! I had a wonderful time seeing myself and being able to portray the view I have of myself rather than what someone else may see through a lens."
"Comecei a filmar durante a minha caminhada em uma floresta, próximo a minha casa nova. Durante a filmagem na floresta, acabei descobrindo um lago cheio de cachoeiras, após uma longa trilha. Ficar nua e ter este contato com a natureza foram experiências únicas e libertadoras para mim. Após isso, continuei a filmagem em casa, foi muito divertido todas aquelas posições, dei boas risadas. / I started photographing myself during my walk in a forest, near my new house. During shooting in the forest, I ended up discovering a lake full of waterfalls, after a long trail. Getting naked and having this contact with nature was a unique and liberating experience for me. After that, I continued shooting at home, it was a lot of fun getting into all those positions, I laughed well."
Jan 11, 2022 Sasha_M//"gaatbo"
"It was in the afternoon after work and I felt like today was a special day, because today I decided to take a shower after a hard day, but I was really cold in the shower, so when I got out of it the sun was shining which warmed up my naked body. I started taking pictures of myself from all angles to capture my beautiful body! I love to look at my reflection in the mirror, and I hope everyone also loves to take pictures of themselves because we are all beautiful."
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