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Artist: MARGOT_B

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Editors Pick week 886
editors pick week 886

Artist: HEIWA
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Artist name: Willow_B
Birthplace: Basingstoke, UK
Occupation: Yoga Teacher
Age: 25
Height: 5'5
Starsign: Sun - Cancer, Rising - Leo, Moon - Virgo
The biggest passion in my life: I would say either travel or yoga, the travelling lifestyle is one I adopted around 7 years ago and I now can't see myself stopping and yoga has helped me become the happiest, healthiest I have ever been
I like to listen to: Everything from Jazz and Blues to Psytrance and Drum and Bass and most things in between. Right now I am listening to a playlist on Spotify called 'Nostalgia Killer - Vol 1'
I like to watch: I have just finished the series Peaky Blinders and was mad for it, apart from that I love watching documentaries on nature and the universe
I like to smell: Dragon's Blood incense, all day, every day continued

New Releases

"I was hoping to find a park I could strip down in but unfortunately that proved difficult. I wanted to really play with the different aspects of my personality so of course it was going to end up super diverse and higgledy-piggledy, like myself, a patchwork of images it turned out to be. It left me feeling playful, happy and even a little sexy. I was surprised at myself at how at first I became quite self critical, then a few images made me giggle at myself, then after that, I relaxed, let go and from then on I started to love them all."
"I'm a very enthusiastic and vocal fan of Doctor Who so I decided to pay homage to this great show by including my handmade knitted TARDIS jumper, TARDIS clock, a mini TARDIS, a First Doctor replica ring, and the Fourth Doctor's scarf that my Mum made for my partner. I had the mirror leaning against my neighbour's fence and I almost had a heart attack several times when the wind picked up and wobbled it, threatening to fall on me. There was also what I would personally consider to be an unnecessary amount of bees on the passionfruit vine that hangs over the fence. At one point when I was bending over to adjust the rug, a bee landed on my butt, thankfully though it decided that I wasn't worth pollinating or stinging and promptly flew away."
"I did this shoot in my 1 bedroom flat. I was lucky, it was good sunny weather, it's fantastic for my city! I tried to catch up my emotions and create some new poses with my body. It was not easy to do - to be real and natural in front of the mirror. I had some social stereotypes about beauty, and I can be a bit critical about my appearance sometimes. Despite my self-criticism, I thought I did a good job, I was relaxed and tried to do my best! The shots with the mirror helped me to accept my individual traits of my appearance, and I was pleased by the results!"
"I've been naked sunbathing a lot recently, although today was pretty overcast I still enjoyed being present in this unique spot. Sometimes it feels a bit spooky being so alone here, every time a branch snapped I would freak out a bit, but towards the end of the shoot I felt so at ease. I hope I can visit this special spot again sometime, it feels amazing to get away from the city and feel completely alone, even if it was daunting initially."
"When creating my portfolio I was trying to express different layers of my personality and ego. The first images in the checked Burberry garments represent my bad girl roots, all the way to my alter ego Lady Marmalade burlesque sensual side, to my gypsy psychic at the end. During the shoot I was aware I had put on weight however, I was comfortable. I feel so comfortable and in love with every part of me, I was excited and sparked by myself. I felt erotic by my own images and looks and body. I fell in love with myself, all over again, after every image looking at every body part, every expression, I felt alive, I felt like me."
"Realmente como fue por la manana no paso nada fuera de lo normal, no os quiero enganar, me puse musica que me inspirara y empece a experimentar con la forma de mi cuerpo. Despues de hacerlo me senti­ realmente bien, me senti­ guapa, con el poder de decision sobre lo que hago y lo que no. / Actually as it was in the morning, nothing out of the ordinary happened, I don't want to fool you, I put on some music that inspired me and started to experiment with the shape of my body. After I did it I felt really good, I felt beautiful, with the power to decide what I do and what I don't do."
"Come for a walk with me through the farm? We can climb twisty trees, lay in the hammock and pick big zucchinis from the garden. It's a slippery walk up the eucalypt branch into the treehouse, where I like to get off. The adrenaline makes me horny, I dangle my legs over the edge and roll closer. The dam is so fresh on a hot day like this one. Plums and berries so juicy and sweet, I became sticky with sugar and sweat. It feels wonderful to shower in the glow of sunset, before making a nest of pillows to enjoy tea and chocolate in."
"I started my shoot outdoors in a very public place along a busy road in St Kilda. I tried submerging myself in the trees which made for a nerve-racking yet exciting start to the ISM shoot. When it started to get too busy and the trees just weren't doing what they were supposed to, I moved indoors where I could get a little more creative and naked too. My favourite part of the shoot was the way I felt after completing my shoot - very empowered and self appreciating."
"A girl gone, ghosted over the passing of time and light trickling through lenses. Breasts exposed, film exposed, pixels exposed, a dire call of "look at me", crying out into the street, out into the numbers and files, the digital places where I needed to be touched. I don't need the same things I once did. I will always be fascinated by my own self, my own body. I love the girl I was. The ghost of a girl that needs, that wants you to look at me - I made these pictures, edited them, and said goodbye to myself. I'm letting her rest now."
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