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ISM help

forgot your login?

Use this to recover not only passwords, forgotten usernames, and to identify who is your Billing Provider so you can use the links below to maintain your account.

How do I cancel my account, or change my account details?

Just go » here

How can I be sure you'll honour my request to cancel rebills on my card?

You just can, that's all. You can cancel your rebills » here at any time. Even if you cancel on the first day of your sponsorship, you'll still have access for the remainder of the period you paid for.

How will my credit card be billed?

It will appear as GMbill.com or CCBill LLC

Login Difficulty

  1. Incorrect Case - the most common reason for a login not working is the cAsE isn't correct, or you're confusing a 'zero' with an 'oh' or a 'one' with an 'el' and so on. The best way to overcome this is to copy and paste the username and password from your welcome email.

  2. If you are returned to the main page and the message at the top of the screen says 'you are not logged in' - your computer is refusing to accept our cookies. It may be your browser, or it may be your security software. But this problem is ALWAYS about cookies. There is no possible cause at our end.
  3. You can test your browser here » ISM cookie tester
  4. If the message you received says your date is incorrectly set, that is why you can't get access. Please set the date correctly on your computer.
  5. If the message says that you have Java scripts disabled, please change this on your browser.
  6. If the message says a cookie could not be set, you need to adjust the settings in your browser. You'll find instructions for popular browsers below.

Where do I email to cancel my subscription?

You can't cancel by email, you need to use the account tool provided. Click here to access your accounts page if you wish to cancel.

Why didn't you answer my email?

Check your spam filter or junk mail box, it may be in there. If you used the wrong form - for example you used a general inquiry form to ask for help - you won't get an answer. The forms tell you that. Just follow the instructions, which are clear and easy, and you'll get what you need promptly.

Can I save the images and videos to my hard drive?

Yes, in fact we give you download links and ZIP files to make it easy.

What does the info next to Search results mean?

[36/3.9M] The folio contains 36 images and the ZIP file is 3.9Mbytes
Reload - this is not the artist's first folio
Overload - this is a folio which didn't fit the format for the daily schedule
Duet - this is a folio featuring two people, usually a couple

How can I become a sponsor?

Just go to the join page, sign up, and you'll sleep much better knowing you're a card-carrying patron of progressive contemporary culture.

How do I save images to my hard drive?

Right click on the image and select 'Save Picture As'.

When I try to save the images, my browser tells me they are .bmp format

Try clearing your cache. In IE, go to 'Tools....Internet Options' and under 'Temporary Internet Files', hit 'delete Files'. This may take a couple of minutes if you haven't done it before, but it may help other sites work better too.

There are some numbers missing from each gallery. Can I get those images?

No, they're the duds.

Why can't I access the Forum?

You are automatically enrolled in the Forum, but you need to log in separately from the main site, with the same username and password. If you find you can't enter the Forum please use the Help Form below to let us know and we'll add you manually.

Internet Browsers and Cookies
Some web sites store information in a small text file, called a cookie, on your hard disk. Newer versions of browsers are defaulted not to accept cookies. Cookie settings may need to be adjusted in order to use our website.

If you are using a computer at work, or are behind a company firewall, it is possible that you may not be permitted to change these settings. Additionally, you may have installed a third party program (usually a firewall or antivirus program) that overrides your web browser's cookie handling settings. Please disable the program or verify that you have changed your cookie handling settings within this program as well.

How to adjust cookie settings for Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0

  1. Click the Tools Menu
  2. Click Internet Options
  3. Click the Privacy tab
  4. Click Sites button
  5. Type in www.shotmyself.com.com (for more details see point 1.5.1 below) and click Allow
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK

How to adjust cookie settings for Firefox 1.5 (Windows)
  1. Click the Tools Menu
  2. Click Privacy tab
  3. Click the Cookie sub tab
  4. Check off Allow sites to set Cookies
  5. Check off 'for the originating site only'
  6. Click OK

How to adjust cookie settings for Safari 1.3 (Macintosh)

  1. Click the Safari Menu
  2. Click Security
  3. Set Radio button to Accept Cookies: Only from sites you navigate to
  4. Close window

How to adjust cookie settings for Firefox 1.5 (Macintosh)

  1. Click the Firefox Menu
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Privacy tab
  4. Click the Cookie sub tab
  5. Check off Allow sites to set Cookies
  6. Check off 'for the originating site only'
  7. Close window

How to adjust cookie settings for Opera

  1. Click the tools menu
  2. Click preferences
  3. click the 'advanced' tab
  4. 'cookies' is the 9th option on the left-hand column, click that
  5. set your preferences here from the drop-down menus. you can specifiy individual sites to accept cookies from with the 'manage cookies' button.
  6. click ok when done.

If the message says the cookie was set OK, then you have security software (such as an antivirus program or firewall) which is causing the problem. Common programs which have aggressive settings that can prevent access include Zone Alarm, Nortons, McAfee and AVG. The settings are generally under the heading of 'Privacy'. NOTE: Turning off your firewall or antivirus program generally won't fix the problem because your security software will still block cookies even if it is not checking for viruses.

You may need to do some or all of the following to overcome your cookie problem:

  • Add all of the following domains as Trusted Sites from which cookies should be accepted:


  • Allow Third Party Cookies.
  • Do not remove 'private header information.' (see image below)

    Zone Alarm warning

  • Check settings for 'family safe' or the equivalent in your security software (settings which restrict access to known adult sites, like ours).
  • Check with your System Administrator if you are on a network in a company or community organisation which may be filtering your internet to prevent access to adult sites.
  • If you are still having problems, or you have security software which isn't listed here, simply Google up your question in general terms. Problems like this are common and it is impossible for us to test all combinations of browser and security software; but somebody, somewhere, has had a similar problem to you and the answer is out there. You should also check out the ISM forums too see if someone has already posted a solution to your question.

Report a problem which is not covered above