2013 is a work in progress as we draw our 10th anniversary celebrations to a close. These are difficult times in this biz, and we need all your support. The ladies (and occasional men) of ISM are all paid for their contributions, and also earn a royalty every time a paying member clicks on their folio or video. So if this is your first time on ISM, please buy a subscription so we can keep them coming! We also need contributors, more than ever, so if you�ve ever thought about getting naked on the interweb, the place is ISM and the time is now! Meanwhile some thanks - to the people who helped get this off the ground back in 2002, the 60-odd staff who have worked here, the programmer and designers, everyone who�s bought a subscription (and a special thanks to those who have been with us from the very start!) and of course prime thanks to all the amazing contributors who took off their clothes and entrusted us with their pictures, without which there would be absolutely nothing to see here. (Extra special thanks to those who sent us a birthday folio!) Never forget that ISM is REAL PEOPLE who like you to look, love you to subscribe, and respect you who respect all women, naked or not!

In 2012 HRH Queen Lizzie celebrated a hundred gazillion years on the throne, in a move clearly designed to keep jug-headed Charlie out of the castle. Despite the Mayan calendar running out of days the world did not end, though most of Europe was still struggling to remain solvent as the so-called GFC dragged on. Microsoft took another backward step in the usability of Windows with the release of version 8, while Androids overtook i-phone in the smartphone stakes, furthering Google�s campaign for world domination (you don�t need tanks, folks). Somewhere in the world a cute bomb exploded, showering ISM with gorgeous fallout like Amber_lynn, Junipur and Rubee; Lilah_D from the Netherlands; Artemesia, Sasha_a, river_joan, Shibby, Kenji and Devochka from Australia; Estonian Mariro, and our first Paraguayan contribitor Gizelle_Z. The Romanian invasion, headed in 2011 by Greenkat, continued as her friends Lary and Izzabella chipped in, plus a duet. And AmarnaMiller from Spain, oh my. But ISM isn�t even about hotness, it�s about self expression and creativity, so art prizes were earned by 12 contributors including Leigha, Marlah, Loup, and Mari_jane, who all happen to be hot as well?!?! I think ups for the most daring folio of 2012 have to go to Fiah for her rooftop escapades, also caught no doubt on a thousand stockbrokers' smartphones.

2011 was mostly a miserable year on planet earth, from the Arab Spring (depends on your perspective, but thousands dead and injured is a victory for nobody) to the Japanese tsunami, massacre in Norway, and the passing of Steve Jobs. Pussy Riot formed in Moscow, only to be jailed the following year for a little bit of self expression - if only they�d confined their protest to ISM, where acts of blasphemy, prurient behavior and public vulgarity are very well appreciated! The French Revolution continued here, with Claire_R submitting several awesome folios, along with Lily_Red, Animals, and Black_pearl; no less than 27 Gauls, in all, made their debut on ISM this year. Liivi continued the long tradition of Canadians who love to get naked in public (we don�t know why, we�re just grateful) while Bambles and Alexis_V were typical of Australian cuteness. Die_Mond - the artist formerly known as Missy_Trash - made a comeback, and hirsute princess Angelina_Dee from England submitted several gorgeous folios and a video, demonstrating the charms of body hair. Other much anticipated reloads came from Charlotte_V and Honeysuckle - check these ladies out if you don�t know them, folks - and self-appointed MILF Lydia Bennett also resubmitted. It was an awesome year for duets as well, with a noir masterpiece duet from Dwam and Purdey, complemented by a girls-just-wanna-have-fun romp from two-tone duo Janise and Kara_D.

2010 will go down as the year Wikileaks spilled the proverbial beans, and we lost Malcolm McLaren, the British entrepreneur who subverted popular culture and pretty much created the punk genre via the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols. Meanwhile ISM continued its own agenda of freedom of expression and subversion with another 365 new ladies getting naked on the internet, mostly for the very first time. We had a bit of a French invasion, starting with Purdey and Dwam, who has submitted some of the most amazing and creative folios to ISM. Both won the Art Prize of course, along with the incredible Manko from London, whose "dollhaus" happens to be my all time favourite ISM folio. Satine Spark gave us some delicious sacrilege while Viva, Crash, Anahera and Jolisa made huge debuts. Just sneaking in with a December folio was the technically perfect, incredible Mylene from Russia, who also took out the Art Prize and has been a regular contributor ever since. Mylene told us she spends more than 8 hours on her folios, and it shows!

In 2009, Jóhanna Sigurôardóttir was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Iceland, becoming the world's first openly lesbian head of government. (So happy was Icelend, it literally burst with joy a few months later, stopping all air traffic in Europe for a week). Here at ISM the hot folios kept flowing, with awesome debuts by Nastusia, Nio and Shara_C taking out the $500 monthly art prize (along with 9 others of course). And which member of one of Australia's young chart topping bands made her world nude debut on ISM, shortly after leaving the band with a top 10 writing credit under her belt? Amy_X made her debut then followed it up with one of ISM's most controversial folios ever, sharing credit with a 2 metre diameter octopus (yes folks, a real one!) Kanya, Cobain, Alexia LaRo and Kara D were some of 2008's heart stoppers, and the incredibly popular Robyn made a much anticipated comeback. Prolific contributor Hyperballad made no less than 8 appearances, and if you haven't seen Basil's video, you've never seen a completely nude postwoman, I bet!

This was the year the USA elected their first black president, and British surgeons performed the first bionic eye implants in blind people - presumably the first thing the recipients did was subscribe to ISM to feast on the likes of gorgeous newcomers Redbird, Suzanne, Indiaka and Nita. Other noobs that year who have become ISM legends include the vivacious sprite Rouge Soie, sultry Perpetua and the Princess of Extreme, Gina Cherie. It was a great year for videos too - you must see the artistry of beautiful and talented Aven Frey, plus Angela and Pearline to name just a few. Great to get some mature ladies on ISM again in 2008, such as Miss M, Teri and Sabina, who takes an amazing picture at 54.

This year something was released which changed so many of our lives - here in the fortunate first world, anyway. No not the Hitachi Magic wand, nor aerosol cheese, or even a Reload from Chrissy - it was the i-Phone. By now ISM was getting some really creative folios, as early ISM contributors were coming back for more, and getting their friends involved as well. Tilly made her debut, along with Azuyre and Darah from Canada; also Amari, Angeline, and everyone's favourite hippy, Chica, put in no less than 5 contributions. Also coming back were favourites Cle (could we ever get enough of that stunning lady?), prolific serial nudist Alisha_X, and of course Strawberry, now a long term veteran of ISM. Tattoos and piercings started to become commonplace, while body hair was disappearing faster than the arctic ice cap. At ISM HQ we will remember 2007 as the year gorgeous contributor Minka borrowed a camera for her Reload and forgot to return - it - we still wait in hope.

We added videos to ISM back in 2004, and no contributor does them better than LucySinclair. In 2006 she was escorted off the Sydney Harbour Bridge by security staff while making her first ISM video - they apparently don't share her penchant for public nudity, the fools! Check out all her videos, they're hilarious, and hot. We started to see more tattoos appear this year, as exemplified by gorgeous Lora. Tali, Lahela and Mrs Secret were immensely popular, and who could forget Minka? We saw the return of stunning Maryanne, an awesome video from Consi, and the debut of the elegantly beautiful Charlotte_V, who is still submitting folios.

2005 was a long year - one second longer, to be exact, thanks to a leap-second added by the world's timekeepers. Hyperballad submitted the first of what would become many ISM folios, and she's still submitting today. Another long-termer, Susie - the 8th contributor to ISM - upped the ante with a folio shot entirely in the middle of the main street of Byron Bay, Australia. It was a dawn raid, but didn't escape the attentions of a few early morning surfers! We received our first folio from Chrissy, who became ISM's most popular contributor, and to this day her folio 'here_kitty' remains the most viewed and most commented folio ever. And who could forget the duet from identical twins Blaze and Elektra!

How much things can change in 10 years - hardly a tattoo or piercing in sight in 2004, the year Facebook launched and North Korea banned mobile phones. To deal with the influx of folios - and requests for popular contributors to resubmit - we launched ISM Extra, starting with gorgeous Rose and her folio 'laundry'. Other faves from 2004 include Posh_Bitch, Cle, Nadia, Jamie, India, Popple - and of course Finnish beauty Shira. With these amazing contributors and many more, ISM was firmly established as the web's number 1 site for quality, intimate 'selfies' - we just didn't call them that, back then.

ISM was born on June 28th 2003, opening with 19 year old hippy Ruamali. We didn't really know what to expect - would anyone want to join? Would many women like to get naked for ISM? It turns out the answer to both questions was - YES. For a while we wondered whether our promise of a new girl every day was a bit ambitious - things were slow to kick off, but once our notoriety spread, we became inundated with requests from confident women couldn't wait to get naked on ISM.