Ishotmyself is looking for folios from the great cities of the world. And the not-so-great...wherever you call home, we want to see it, and you, naked*. Hit the streets, the parks, the rooftops and the iconic landmarks, decorate the city with your sensuous flesh and document it for ISM.

You don't have to take off all your clothes to be naked. Flash! Shoot up your skirt - take a big-ish mirror with you, or invent new ways of shooting covert public nudity. Or better still, do it overtly!*

$100 extra if you get a friend to shoot a video of your exploits.* (Technical standards apply, see the Submissions page for details)


SLR's are not good cameras for public use - they're big and heavy, and don't have the depth of focus you need to get yourself, and your city, in focus at the same time. A small point & shoot camera is the best. Use the flash, outdoors, whenever the background is bright. Especially shooting up your skirt.

Don't shoot in places where kiddies might see you - that's likely to get you into a lot of trouble. (We're not aware of any child who has been harmed by the sight of a naked body in a non sexual context, but that's not an argument we suggest you start with the Law).

*Always practise safe public nudity! Shoot in safe places. Take a friend or two to look after you. Know your local laws and the penalties for breaking them. ishotmyself and its publishers are not liable for any mischief you get yourself into!