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New Releases

Nov 11, 2017 Jassy_D//"scenic_falls"
"I have a love for being naked and even more so for being naked in nature. I love the free feeling it gives me, with the wind and all the elements touching my body. Being naked in nature/public was something I never would have done up until about 5 years ago, purely just because I was too embarrassed. For this shoot I wanted to share my love for being naked out in nature. Some I took at a waterfall I went to and the others were at a little spot down by the river. I did happen to have people walk along the track where I was taking photos, I tried to quickly dress myself before they got too close, they definitely got to see more than the scenic walking path they had chosen. I smiled as they walked past and then found another spot where I continued to photograph myself. I feel that this experience of claiming my nakedness and love for it in nature has opened me up even more and is something I will strive to do more often."
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Nov 11, 2017 Lali//"salty_sweet"
"I played around with taking photos in many different places. It was funny when I was taking them outside, at one point one of my neighbours came out and saw me lying in the grass naked taking a photo of myself, haha. I really enjoyed taking the outside pictures, I felt like a strong and powerful naked goddess warrior. I loved some of the photos I took, I felt that they captured the genuine rawness of many aspects within me - sexuality, discomfort, vulnerability and contentment."
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Nov 10, 2017 Mia_Amore//"conchiglie"
"Sometimes people need to watch themselves without prejudice. The camera that we use has no prejudices, you can use it to see the true or the fake. It depends what are you looking for, I was looking for myself and I found it. I was looking for something funny and I found it. I was looking for something new, fresh and strong and I found it. Thanks to this project and thanks to myself."
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Nov 09, 2017 Cora_F//"outside_thebox"
"How exactly did the shoot go? I can't explain how much FUN I had! I loved getting creative with variations of pictures, and I loved how this forced me to think outside of the box (no pun intended). Towards the end of my shoot I began to become pretty desperate with some ideas and I found it helped to really expand my creativity. My girlfriend Kylie_K did a shoot around the same time and it was a wonderful thing we could do together but seperately."
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Nov 08, 2017 Rose_J//"fairyland"
"Trying to hold a conversation with myself while in awe of the room I was in and trying to find interesting poses and angles to shoot was a challenge for sure! I think I've done a lot of rambling but it's also a good way to get me to stop being self conscious of what I'm saying and just go with it!"
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Nov 08, 2017 Bobbie_T//"my_medieval"
"This is my first folio! I have a beautiful sun room in my apartment so I tried to shoot all the images there, in front of three large windows and I'm pretty sure most of my neighbors saw me naked all day trying to get in to flattering positions. Throughout the shoot, I tried to incorporate my medieval reenactment wardrobe (it's a big part of my alter ego) so I hope other people have a thing for medieval clothes too."
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