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Feb 09, 2019 Savannah_M//"playfulpower"
"This was my second prject with ishotmyself and the feelings were even better than the last time. I wanted colour, I wanted to portray power but also the playful side of me. It was funny shooting in my front yard because I'm pretty sure my neighbours could see everythig but that's only more power to me! I started off with a red theme (my absolute favourite colour) but then I realised all the things I had in my room were also a big part of me, I wanted to show more of myself, in my most naked and raw form if you will, showing absolutely everything. This ability to confidently and fully express my body like it's an everyday thing is something that is and will forever be so important to me, and I will continue to be the woman I am no matter what."
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Feb 09, 2019 Wendy_G//"shadesofcool"
"On the day of the shoot I had spent the last few hours Instagram stalking my ex's new fling. I had put myself into a whirlwind of comparison and really bad negative thoughts. She's gorgeous. But she would never understand the sacrifices my body has made for the work that I do. The bags under my eyes from staying up till 4am to work on projects. The little, "jiggly" bits on my body from not being able to go to gym because instead I was helping a friend through a hard time. This shoot was about me acknowledging that my body changes from time to time during periods of high stress and that I make sacrifices for work and the people that I love. I would rather that any day over being perfect."
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Feb 08, 2019 Carla_F//"PourTonAme"
"Le shoot a ete tres intense, il faisait tres lourd. Cela a ete le projet le plus interresant que j'ai fait. Je marchais nu a la recherche d'idees, de nouveau angles, nouvelles positions. Je n'avais aucune competences en photographie auparavent et c'etais la premiere fois que je shootais derriere un appareil photo. Ce fut plein de choses a apprendre et gerer, mais j'avais de la creativite a revendre. Etre le maitre de son shooting, laisser libre cours a son imagination fut exeptionelle. Je le referais encore et encore! / This shoot was really intense and interesting. The weather was really warm, and it was one of the craziest things that I've ever done. I was walking around naked in my apartment, looking for new ideas, forms of art, and my roommate ask me tonnes of question about it! I don't have much experience with photography, or shooting. It was such a good feeling to shoot all the parts of my body, and to choose all the positions meant that I could make art that I wanted to do with my body. I recommend this shoot to everybody, your soul is gonna love it!"
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Feb 07, 2019 Marilyn_W//"selflovecloud"
"I am the least vulnerable and most comfortable when locked away in my private, quiet nest. I adore the shadow that light creates against the natural curves of the body and so I tend to expose myself in every moment. Appreciating, adoring, and in hopes, influencing. This is me, thick skinned and dancing through this life on a self love cloud."
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Feb 06, 2019 Lucy_H//"bytheseashore_2"
"There was a point where I felt so sensual and turned on that I did turn off the camera to pleasure myself! I was glad I kept that intimate moment just for me, but I did speak about it afterward. It was really nice after the shoot outdoors to then video myself in the bedroom discussing my concept and my opinions and things that are important to me on camera. It's a nice little window into my life and mind to be able to share with the audience."
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Feb 06, 2019 Emma_E//"SandBefrielse"
"Det har vaeret en kaempe befrielse og laererig oplevelse. Virkelig en oejenaabner i et omfang. Jeg er utrolig selvbevidst og var det bestemt ogsaa i starten af shootet. Men jeg fik lov til at freestyle og havde det saa sjovt med hele selfie delen. Jeg er aldrig noegen paa andre tidspunkter end naar jeg sover - det var saa befriende at vaere noegen foran et kamera og ude under himlen. / This feels like a true liberation of the body. You get to know yourself in a totally different way within seconds. I would call it some kind of a reality check. Life is simple. We are only human. We are meat and blood and we all come from the same place. I was really self aware in the beginning but I got to freestyle and loved the selfie part more than I thought I would. I felt so free, naked under the blue sky."
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