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New Releases

Sep 14, 2018 Natascha_B//"antipodes"
"I decided to shoot in my room because I feel it is the space that best represents me and holds all my most treasured and sentimental items. I used some of my plants as props because they're the other things living in my room and I love their form. I did get busted by a passer-by as I live in the front room of the house, the lady seemed polite enough to ignore it, despite our eye contact."
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Sep 13, 2018 Kelly_K//"boldreflection"
"I really enjoyed the experience of I Shot Myself, I found it rather liberating and exciting. Up until only a couple of years ago I always viewed my body in a negative way. I have most certainly learned to love the skin I'm in and I love my naked body, and I really enjoyed the chance to explore my body through this project. What I did find a challenge is taking so many photos that were all different. It's bloody tough coming up with different ideas and concepts!"
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Sep 12, 2018 Sol_A//"personal_glow"
"The shoot was wholesome. I felt instantly comfortable being in my own space that I grew up in at my family's home. Since moving out, I forgot that the kids next door always play on the street right outside my window. I hope they feel as empowered as I did when I was shooting. There's something so liberating about being able to capture different parts of yourself and enjoy and appreciate your own figure."
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Sep 12, 2018 Lyndel//"yogic_healing_1"
"The idea for this shoot was rather synonymously perfect in being both a favourite activity that I do for me (for anything between just easing my mind to helping heal and strengthen against my chronic injuries) to something I can feel really sexy doing."
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Sep 11, 2018 Lizzy_C//"confidently"
"During my photo shoot I had some incense lit, the lights turned down, and the windows open. I wanted my shoot to be natural but flirty. I tried to put things into the shoot that I loved about myself. For example, the fan I used in several pictures is one of my favorite accessories I own, my friends often call it my signature fan because I take it everywhere. I collect fans from every country I go to, so in a way I feel connected to them. I live on a busy street and my room is on the bottom floor facing the street. During the shoot I was a little apprehensive about the windows being open because several tradies were working on our street and many people walk on our side walks to get to the village. Every now and then I would pop down quickly thinking someone got a quick peek hehe! I wanted the mirror to capture my bedroom because it is a personal space and I feel that people can have better idea of me when seeing it. I felt free, sexy, and confident during this shoot."
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Sep 10, 2018 Jade_B//"defiance"
"As this was the second time doing an ISM shoot I was filled with excitement and far less anxieties. My experience the first time around was clouded with nerves and self doubt, but only at the beginning, the more photographs I took the more free I felt, the less I cared for the way my body was portrayed. Everyone has their insecurities and rather than hiding them away they should be celebrated, as the human figure is beautiful with all the lumps, bumps, lines and curves. With the confidence that it brought me I was beyond joyed to be asked back as I knew that this time I felt more comfortable with my body than I ever have in the past. I wasn't so critical and careful. The only challenge I faced was hiding away from the prying eyes of neighbours, trying to take pictures outside where anyone could see, running inside fully naked with my breasts flying about as I quickly shut the door, closed the blinds and waited for the foot traffic to pass."
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