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New Releases

Oct 11, 2017 Taylor_A//"dust_to_dust"
"Shooting myself naked was a lot different than I expected. I ended up really enjoying myself and seeing my body in a new and beautiful way."
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Oct 11, 2017 Bobbi_J//"solar_goddess_2"
"It's my dream to have a place of my own in the middle of nowhere, I feel so creative in a place like this and all I want to do is take naked photos of myself and other people. I just want to be naked all the time out in the woods."
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Oct 10, 2017 Valentina_T//"bad_bitch"
"For this shoot I just wanted to have fun and be creative. I had a brainstorm and gathered a bunch of supplies and just went for it. I played with the "no idea is a bad idea" theory and tried things I never thought I would! My favourite was the multiple mirrors and the glad wrap, I just loved the feel of it. When I first got down in the garden to start shooting in my back yard, I actually sat my bare ass square in my dog's poop, so I had to take a shower and start all over again! After that everything felt like it fell into place, I had my bad bitch playlist going, with plenty of coffee and cone breaks to let my creative energy fly! I hope this amazes you as much as it amazed me when I first looked back at the photos, it really was my creative vision come to life!"
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Oct 09, 2017 Dorian//"home_grown"
"I finally got to shoot another portfolio, this time in my new home and out in the forest. I felt like a little fox rolling around in the grass, and like a deer on alert at the risk of being caught. I enjoyed using the hands-free method the most as it gave me some more freedom to pose myself in each frame, so cool! This portfolio felt very much like me, very human, and a lot more intimate."
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Oct 09, 2017 Leo_Nie//"frame_by_frame"
"I like so much to participate in this fabulous experience. To have been able to take time to explore a universe which looks like me has felt erotic and artistic. It was a pleasure to discover my other side, and it has made me feel beautiful...Thank you ISM!"
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Oct 08, 2017 Darcy_M//"she-wolf"
"My folio was really fun to shoot, I had my favourite playlist going, incense burning, and all of the blinds open in the kitchen/dining area of my house. All of that combined to create an environment where I felt safe, sexy and playful. I played around with camera angles and weird positions to create what I hope are interesting images. I really enjoyed the confidence and freedom it gave me to be unapologetically naked in a shared space of my house."
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