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New Releases

May 17, 2017 Celeste_J//"hula_queen"
As if we weren't already completely besotted with her, Celeste_J then proceeds to steal our hearts further by displaying her remarkable hula hooping skills. As she stares down the barrel of the lens whilst effortlessly hula-ing some hoops we are powerless in the company of such an incredible person. It's almost as if she is daring us not to fall in love with her hypnotic gaze, charming and joyful presence and incontestable beauty and charisma. We surrender to you, our Hula Queen.
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May 17, 2017 Lena_B//"saraswati"
"I only had my small bedroom to work with, but I wanted to incorporate my passion for the African drum, my drawings and my love of nature into the shoot; hence the mandalas, the djembe and the flowers. I believe that the flowers represent the body as a beautiful part of nature, the mandalas are symbolic for connecting to the divine and the drums represent rhythm and tribalism."
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May 16, 2017 Zazi_Ashman//"seal_the_deal"
"I shot myself was such a crazy fun experience! At first it kind of freaked me out how good the camera was (I'm used to an iPhone) but then I realised shit... this looks unreal! Then I got into it. My pooch started getting in the shots but I went with it, he's my number one so it was pretty true to myself. I brought the wax into it because a) it feels amazing and b) I thought it'd bring something a little extra to the shoot. Even though I was in my own bedroom where I am often naked it was really liberating knowing I was doing something that loads of strangers would get to see - that was a huge turn on and made the whole experience really meaningful and joyful."
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May 15, 2017 Annie_C//"shotgun_sprinkle"
"This shoot was so much fun! It was great to play around with different props and the sprinkles were hilarious. It was definitely worth the stickiness afterwards!"
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May 15, 2017 Rose_B//"happy-go-lucky"
"For me the shoot was an opportunity to make myself more comfortable being naked. I've always thought I look best in underwear, rather than naked. I was determined to shatter this discomfort I've had, so I especially wanted to shoot outside. I loved taking photos on my roof, despite having to climb a fig tree with a mirror to get there, I certainly got comfortable after that!"
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May 14, 2017 Jazz_J//"appreciation"
"Finally the sunshine came out from hiding, I had the vision in my head of using bright and bold colours that really stood out against the greenery, I wanted to play around with what colours worked and how to place the materials in each shot. I had so much fun and loved getting creative with this shoot, I enjoyed using several props throughout and really wanted my personality to shine through in the photos. I love the idea of ishotmyself, exploring and discovering all the crazy positions and angles my body can go. Taking the time to do this and to appreciate the natural beauty of the human body has inspired me to continue to do projects such as this."
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