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New Releases

Jul 11, 2018 Monte_Luxe//"pearlsofwisdom_4"
"I wouldn't swap out my crazy life for anything! Thank you for creating such a cool project as I Shot Myself - it's a wonderful way to connect with the world that ISN'T social media!"
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Jul 11, 2018 Alex_H//"trots_en_macht"
"I would've never guessed I'd be so comfortable by seeing my own vagina on a screen! And I don't think I've ever had such a good look at her. In these few shots I was still being my critical and analytical self. Going through the shots later made me have a good look at her and all the problems I have to say, are gone. No worries about the little blobs of fat on my belly when I pose in a way, or the cellulite you can see on my legs. Doesn't disturb me at all anymore. I had such a loving time doing it, I want to keep doing nude shoots now! I had a really big think: I'm now comfortable with being hairy between my legs. I just realize now. That for me, is massive. That was a goal I wasn't sure I would ever reach. Thank you so much ISM. I almost fell out of the window, almost dropped the camera in that direction too, luckily nobody and nothing got harmed during that shoot. I wonder what my friend is going to say when he finds out I did that in his room. But now I'm glowing with energy and walking around with pride and power, sucking in beautiful life!"
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Jul 10, 2018 Rosie_K//"empowered_AF"
"I found this shoot really challenging. The first half I did when I had hair and I felt like I couldn't get the angle I wanted or the lighting was wrong. I really wanted to go outside but my neighbours can see everything and I didn't want to frighten the old people who live next door. Then I left the camera for a few days and shaved my head. I finished the rest of the shoot entirely in my bedroom with no hair and I felt so great. Every picture made me feel comfortable in my body and really sexy. I played around with the mirror a bit and felt fucking empowered. It was funny because I had the windows open and there's a house being built next door and one of the tradies walked past and just stared for a moment as I was standing up with my hand on my breast. I dropped to the floor and shut the curtains as soon as that happened though, because that shoot was not for him, even though I'm sure it made his day a little better. Haha. Anyway, I'm glad I finished the shoot with my shaved head. What a woman I am."
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Jul 09, 2018 Kira_M//"walkmyshores"
"I went into this shoot not knowing what to expect (I've never shot myself nude before). I set up my tripod and turned my trusty mobile phone into a camera remote. Then I just stood there in my birthday suit not knowing where to begin. I ended up with a project that touches on the raw sensuality of femininity. I draped flowers down my thighs, placed butterflies between my legs, and covered myself in sticky honey to portray my vagina as a blooming flower and my body as a flourishing land. Come walk up to my shores. Explore with me."
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Jul 09, 2018 Angelika_R//"wanderinghands"
"Whenever I get a camera from ISM to take home, a little bubble of cheeky creative excitement grows inside of me as I consider the questions - "What makes me feel sexy right now? What turns me on and how can I capture it?". With many ideas swirling around my mind I began with some shooting around my new apartment, playing with mirrors, windows and getting caught by my new neighbours (sorry, not sorry). As I pranced around by myself, the craving to photograph another person's hands on me grew and grew until I knew that was what I wanted to share. The second part of this folio features the interplay of studio lights and shadows dancing along my skin, I was so excited I could almost feel them tickling me. This progressed into a session with Mr. Boner McWandering Hands and evolved into the climax of my fiance joining me in the cameras lens. I get really turned on by the idea of playing out someone's fantasy, so a lot of the shots with my partner were directed by the things about my body that turn him on, which turns me on and I dream that it will turn you on too."
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Jul 08, 2018 Jasmine_J//"Papakha"
"I love to express myself through costumes and dressing up to suit a particular event or theme. I thought for this experience it would be fun to dress as a sexy burlesque woman and slowly take away parts of the costume to reveal myself the more naked I became. The morning I decided to take the photos I woke up with the worst period cramps and heavy flow... I felt horribly flat and bloated. I thought there was no way could feel good about myself today, but I proved myself wrong! I live by the saying "look good, feel good" and that's what I did. It's amazing how much a little bit of make-up (especially a red lip), give me so much confidence. Once I started taking photos of myself in the mirror and experimenting with different angles, I had completely forgotten that I had my period. There's something so powerful about expressing yourself through nudity and erotic art, as I feel when I'm nude that's when I'm my true self and I feel free! Thank you so much ISM for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful liberating experience!"
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