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New Releases

Apr 14, 2019 Hayley_B//"cute_bits"
"Welcome to my little current corner of the world, my bedroom, in all its loveliness. I spend a lot of time in here, so I wanted to celebrate how it heals me from the frantic outside world. I absolutely loved the whole process of ISM...from the nerves I felt prior, to the awkwardness of starting the shoot and feeling stiff, to the playfulness that began opening up, to the point where there was nothing else I'd rather be doing with my Saturday morning, and in the end the intense realisation of how insanely beautiful I feel in my own skin!! Doing this shoot gave me the opportunity to see what I 'actually' and 'realistically' look like and not just the way we see ourselves each day in the mirror. It was like taking a journey into your true self with all of the bits and bobs and cuteness you contain!"
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Apr 13, 2019 Wendy_G//"taper_off"
"Spending quite some time deciding what theme or medium I would be using for the shoot, I couldn't be happier with using the tape. (Although taking it off at the end I thought otherwise). I had heaps of fun this time and felt way more at ease. I even had a laugh when my housemate and boyfriend came home and saw me naked and covered in tape, as I had literally just finished tying it around my ankles so I almost fell out of my chair trying to run and hide from them. All in all, it was a great experience."
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Apr 13, 2019 Heidi_L//"lime_on_coconut"
"My best friend was encouraging me the whole way. When we shot at the beach she helped me apply coconut oil to my back as a natural sun deterrent and she said - "I really want to lick you right now!" We had many a laugh as I photographed myself. I loved seeing the light on my body and how even a subtle shift could transform an image and my own sense of self. It was truly transformative."
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Apr 12, 2019 Ami_A//"opalescence"
"At first I had no idea what I was doing. I was nervous and considered giving up but as I kept snapping something did the same in my head and I was having fun! I love seeing my expression and confidence grow throughout the shoot. It was great to be able to see myself from different angles and it reminded me how great and important my body is. I was so engulfed in taking photos that I forgot my cat was in the bedroom with me."
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Apr 11, 2019 Melissa_B//"spot_of_bee"
"I chose to do my photoshoot outdoors by a tree, bench, and blanket because I wanted to challenge myself. I mean, who knows who could walk past me at any moment. Of course, shooting these photos outdoors in England made me very chilly not to mention all of the flying insects interrupting my personal photoshoot. I actually got chased away by a massive wasp flying into my ear, absolutely terrifying."
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Apr 10, 2019 Wendy_G//"mask_erade_1"
"For the second time round of participating in "I Shot myself", I wanted to try something a little different and use tape to manipulate and emphasise certain parts of my body. This is something I've never tried before however I did have some confidence gained from the first I Shot Myself I did. From this I was more willing to get more experimental with angles, lighting and body positions. I had way more fun this time around and I felt like I was more focused on taking the photos than overanalysing what I disliked about my body. A massive step forward for me."
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