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New Releases

May 20, 2018 Colette_C//"exploring"
"C’est la troisième fois que je participe à I Shot Myself et à chaque fois mon corps a évolué. Je suis contente de m’être prise en photo pendant ces trois dernières années parce que ça m’aider à garder en tête que j’aime être moi, peu importe si je suis un peu plus grosse et si je ne ressemble pas à ce model parfait sur Instagram. / It’s the third time I shoot myself and my body has changed each time. I’m glad I captured myself during these last three years to keep in mind how I enjoy being myself, no matter if I get bigger or don’t have the perfect skinny fit instagram body. This last folio was very fun to make. I took photos in every room of my house, always with the risk of one of my housemates coming home at unexpected moments."
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May 20, 2018 Millie_B//"curl_up"
"The whole experience was fun and playful, but a lot harder than I thought it would be. The amount of photos needed didn't sound like a lot, but it was hard to come up with interesting angles! The house I live in doesn't have much privacy in the garden, so I used my friend's balcony and shot myself there using a bed sheet for a bit of privacy and my duvet to create a nice soft space to work with."
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May 19, 2018 Nicole_P//"inkysmiles"
"Black and white and bruised all over! It was both easier and much harder shooting myself a second time. Easier because I felt more comfortable, I had a better sense of what to aim for, and using a mirror gave me so many fun opportunities! It was harder to find new poses, to capture the spontaneity and adrenaline of the first shoot. Embracing my body like this was amazing though, I never expected to ease into the experience so quickly, and to enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful sexy self to share!"
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May 19, 2018 Kylie_A//"freshandcalm"
"This was a relaxed and fun shoot. Due to the lack of natural light in my house I had to be so close to a window that I could easily be seen from the street. Because of this I started on the ground and in the end I stayed low for almost all of the shots. It felt very creative to try and find new angles of myself in a limited space. The combination of a soft towel and shag rug against my skin was very calming and allowed me to enjoy the experience so much I was finished before my hair had the time to dry."
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May 18, 2018 Lou_V//"grand_mystique"
"A travers ce projet photographique, j ai souhaite rendre grace a la beaute naturelle, la beaute originelle de la nature. La riviere, l ecorce des arbres, la roche. La diversite de la nature, de la vegetation au sein d un meme perimetre. J aime les contrastes, la lumiere naturelle sur la peau, les ombres qui dansent, les contorsions. Cette seance devoile differents pans de ma personnalite. L artiste sur scene arborant maquillage bio, accessoires de l univers des arts du spectacle. Autant que l archetype de la femme sauvage, a decouvert, forte dans son impudeur. Ceci est symbolise a travers le masque arbore puis retire. / The mask is flooding through her lips as she reveals her tribal, wild self. The colors and accessories are fading away. She hypnotises you and invites you to dance with her in the elements. The wild woman is unraveled, revealing her intimacy, untamed. She murmurs to you that she lives within you. She invites you to gather the bones, to sing to the river, to meet your soul, to follow her in the underground world. If your soul is thirsty of emotions, dive into your mystic art, shake your bones, crawl and she will show you the great mysteries. Begin your own journey."
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May 17, 2018 Salena_M//"dressmaker"
"During this shoot, I learned that I actually accept myself a lot more for who I am now than I once did. The props used and the poses done were not what I expected of myself after a physical injury prevented my ability to be flexible, but this shoot has actually helped in physical fitness and helping to relax and stretch myself more. My comfortability has certainly been exceeded in this by shooting on a balcony and in more public rooms around the house rather than hiding away in the bathroom and bedrooms. My advice for anyone to gain more self appreciation is to do a naked photo shoot! Especially for someone who wouldn't normally take a photo of themselves, also make sure to use natural lighting, it will always be the most flattering."
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