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New Releases

"Finally after three years, I have created another quirky and sensual contribution. I approached this shoot with an aim to give insight into my personality, energy and lifestyle. I did the shoot over another busy weekend with the sun beating down in my backyard and plenty of beautiful natural light showering my skin. There was so much sweat at times, and my body is sore in some places from capturing as many unique angles as possible. Maybe I need more yoga in my diet? My soul feels nourished and my smiles are genuine as I was completely connected with myself, feeling free and authentic."
"Hello everyone, this is my third shoot for I Shot Myself and I was very excited and a little nervous when I did it, as I wanted to show myself who I am. In these photos I also wanted to show my apartment. I have been working as a model for 4 years and I bought this apartment for myself, I'm very proud of it. I also wanted to show you my hobbies. I really like to paint pictures and give them to my friends. One of my favourite things at home though is my cat and you might see him in some of the photos. I also bought myself a new dress for this shoot, it brings out the color of my eyes well. I hope you enjoy my photos! xx."
"I decided to take the photos in my room, during a warm day of summer, listening to music that helped inspire me and connect with the purest and most organic aspects of my body. Throughout the afternoon, I added colourful flowers and allowed my body to flow while practicing some stretching. It was very pleasant how many ideas and images came to my mind meanwhile I was playing with the camera. I felt that creating this portfolio would give me a new perspective on how sensual and beautiful I can be posing nude, and indeed, that's how I felt!"
"This shoot occurred during a heat wave in my oven of an apartment. Thus, the process felt sweaty but authentic, as I wanted nothing more than to be rid of my clothes in the heat. Hopefully they make you a little hot under the collar as well ;) As a sewist, the challenge for me was creating visual interest without costumes or lingerie ensembles. After taking some photos clothed, I set to work creatively capturing myself sans clothing. I tried to contort myself into various positions with varied lighting, and placed the camera in uncharted locations, anything and everything, and came out of it with a reasonable collection of photos."
"I shot my photos in my rented apartment, which is located in the province of Russia. It is cozy, light and always smells of aromatic oils and incense, I love this place. During the shooting process, it was a little difficult for me to shoot myself without a bluetooth button or a timer, but I definitely liked this format. Sometimes you can see my kitten in the photos. I have been waiting for sunny days for a long time, which are not so many here at this time of the year to take these photos. I would like to repeat this experience - it definitely helped me discover new sides of sexuality in myself."
"I really enjoyed doing my third shoot for ISM. This time I experimented with different textures. The rug underneath my body provided feelings of softness and warmth. In direct contrast, the chain was refreshingly cool as I wrapped it around different parts of my body. The model train was also cool, and felt solid and sturdy on my body. I really liked the effect of wrapping the chain around my breasts and thighs, the light constriction felt secure and comforting. This shoot made me feel happy and confident in my body, and I am excited to share it with you!"
"Doing these photos is so much fun! I've never taken photos like this right by my open door. It was in that moment actually that my neighbors had visitors. And honestly some visitors caught me while doing selfies but it was fun anyway. I liked it when he saw me only wearing my panties. He smiled and it seems like he liked it. I was thinking at the moment that how confident I am to be doimg this while others are watching it feels good honestly. At first I was a bit hesitant to do this shoot because I had nothing cute to wear. Luckily I have my neighbor who loaned me her skirt and it was so nice how supportive she was and it motivated me really."
"I shot this folio in my apartment! I struggled with picking just one theme for the shoot; I considered doing a shoot that was themed around my hobbies, or a nature themed shoot, or a pink-themed shoot. Eventually I decided I wanted poetry, words, to be the thread that ties it all together. Among many other things, I'm a writer, words are my thing. I think several themes ultimately wound their way into the shoot and my thoughts - self care, and Things I Did To Survive The Pandemic. Growing plants, leaving a relationship that wasn't working to eventually move into the home and the nesting partnership I'm in now, making poetry out of recycled letters and packages. The trickiest part of this shoot was taking pictures while I couldn't see myself - one, I'm vain, and it's easier to get a flattering angle on my smartphone, and two, it's just easier to see what I'm doing. I didn't wear makeup for this shoot at all, and on the first day of taking pictures I don't think I bothered combing my hair. Whether you like this shoot or not, I hope you do something fun and silly today. I hope you make yourself a cup of tea and drink at least most of it while it's still hot. I hope you do something small that brings you joy."
"I shot this folio in my apartment to create the most homely atmosphere. I gladly decided to take part in this project, because I love to pose nude, and I often act as a nude model for artists. I feel comfortable in front of the camera, so it was not difficult for me to take photos for you. I got some experiences by participating in this, and I became a step higher than I was yesterday. Now I feel that I will tell my friends and acquaintances about ISM, because I believe that every person should have the opportunity to express themselves and open up from a new side. During the creation of the folio, I imagined that I was luring those who would see these photos at home for a cup of tea."
"I did the shoot over the weekend on my terrace and balcony. I loved getting creative and caught myself getting more and more into it. It's so self empowering to take raw nude shots of my body and I enjoyed the process a lot. After the shoot I felt even more confident, as I tuned into the project. I always had some issues with my butt, since my previous relationship partner always put my down for it, saying it's too small. But while shooting I got more confident about it and start to love it more."
"I did my shoot predominately in my new rental. It's a small apartment so I really had to think about how to use the space to my advantage. I also got to shoot a few pics at a friend's place to add some variety. The weather was quite drizzly and grey so I took the majority of my photos indoors. It was fun to talk to my housemate who had some good suggestions for me when I got stuck too :). I felt very body positive and self accepting throughout the process, looking at myself from all the different angles the camera allows."
"It was lovely to shoot another ISM for the first time in a few years. This time around, my intention was to push my creativity and make images that are more interesting to me than the last shoots. So I shot in many different locations! I usually gravitate towards a natural environment, which is why some of the images were created outside in a creek that I grew up swimming in. The rest of the images were taken in my childhood home - it was tricky finding the time and privacy with my Mum here, but it was quite fun to sneak around haha. Once again, this project has reminded me how good it feels to be walking around nude. After taking these images over the past few days, I've found myself not wanting to wear clothes much at all. So thank you for having me back! xox"
"As a breast cancer survivor, what a way to showcase my fabulous figure. Doing this project at home and in the garden has been one of the most empowering, liberating, and freeing feeling as a woman, embracing one's body even more and feeling fabulous after so many years of being criticised on how my body should be and look. Finding this liberating feeling, and being free to express my emotions through taking these natural photos of my body was amazing. Going out of one's comfort zones and thinking out of the box on what photo to take next and where. Embracing your body as every woman is beautiful no matter what size or background one is from. What society says about nude art is debatable - I thought of it as a blank canvas as when you were born."
"I took these photos at my house. It took me a couple tries, because the first time my roommate came home when I was naked lol I was really embarrassed, but we talked about sex all night after that. It was my first time taking photos like this, but I know it won't be my last. I hope I can take nude photos in nature someday. After creating these photos I feel more liberated than I was before. I regret that I have not photographed myself naked earlier, I thought I was not sexy enough for this, thank you to this project for this opportunity."
"Me estoy mudando de lugar, así que por el momento tengo mi propia habitación en una casa compartida que es nueva. Este fue el escenario para las fotos. Tomar las fotos en mi habitación me ayudó a sentirme más cómoda en el espacio y hacerlo más mío. En algunos momentos me pareció un poco difícil conseguir muchos ángulos, pero fue divertido descubrirlo. Creo que es muy divertido tomar fotos con el pie. Incluso si a algunos les resultara difícil concentrarse. Disfruto mucho con ese proyecto, lo siento como una buena terapia en este momento de mi vida. / I just moved places, so at the moment I have my own room in a shared home which is new. This was the stage for the photos. Taking the photos in my room helped me to feel more comfortable in the space and make it feel more like my own. It felt a bit difficult in some moments, to get lots of angles but it was fun to figure that out. It is really fun to take photos with my feet, I find. Even if some were hard to focus. I really enjoy with this project, I feel that is a good therapy in this moment of my life."
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