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Taking nude photos of yourself, you cant hide - there are no props, no flattering layers of carefully chosen tissue. To be successful you have to accept what you are and work with what you have I dont know if I'll ever be successful, but I DID enjoy the shoot and I gained a new level of understanding and comfort in my own naked body. Most importantly, I had a laugh. :)

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birthplace: Dublin.
currently living in: A beautiful yellow truck.
occupation: Surviving in good humour. :)
age: 23.
relationship status: Excellent.
starsign: Aries.
biggest passion in my life: Currently, my lady.
I like to listen to: damn good music.
I like to watch: the occasional film, people.
I like to smell: clean, it's pretty rare. :)
I like to taste: dark chocolate.
I like to feel: softness, the inside of a thigh.
favourite part of my body: The lines and wrinkles on the hands, feet, nipples.
favourite part of someone else's body: The hollow between the neck and the shoulder.
Why i shot myself: Curiosity.
my website/fav website: I'm a wee bit of a techno-tard, so nothing.
Most outrageous thing I have done: Who judges the outrage?
Bands I like: A whole lot of everything and nothing in particular. Rodrigo Y Gabriella, Infected Mushroom, Gogol Bordello, Lasa.
Books I like: Herbal encyclopedias.
Films I like: The Unbearable Lightness of Being and I've just been introduced to David Attenboroughs nature documentaries - just awesome!