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#1 November 13th, 2016 09:45 PM



Emily, I realised, after submitting my comment on your wonderful folio, that I used the suspect word "should" (I think "tits" is permitted; in any case, you used the word, which is why I used it in place of "breasts").

So, until the post is cleared, I post my remarks here with many thanks to you:

"Ah, Emily, you are an immediate favourite quite apart from your great beauty and sexiness...this because you love listening to Stravinsky and play the trombone (yes, indeed, I thank your mother too and I understand why your tits might be the favourite part of your delicious body).  Upon reading your profile, I immediately thought of another of my favourite artist contributors, a lovely violist named Lorelai (here, I must note a small conflict of interest as I also play the viola).  So, thinking the two of you should get together for an ISM musical duo, I searched on the Internet for a composition for trombone and viola and found one such duo written by a young composer.  To be sure it's an unusual combination of instruments but this is the sort of thing commissioned by friends who themselves play the instruments.

Well, I will close by thanking you again for the cheeky folio you have given us and with the hope of one day hearing you play; with a violist or no."

Kisses from a violist and photographer for your brava folio,

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