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Mannerly Posting Guidelines

The forums are intended to be fun and useful, and as such, there are some rules to follow:


Formatting and Spelling

We aren’t spelling Nazis, but we do like being able to read text, and literacy is a lot sexier than leetspeak. So be a good citizen and capitalise the first letter of each sentence – but not all of them! Try to keep your spelling accurate. If you don't do these things, your post will be much less readable than it could be, and many people will not bother to read it at all. Conversely, there’s little point in posting just to correct someone’s spelling mistakes – if you’re going to do that, include content as well. Use descriptive Topic titles when posting, so others can scan for topics of interest. "Read Me!" is NOT a descriptive title.



Don't violate poster privacy - Don't reveal online another poster's phone number, address, or other information that the person hasn't already made public for everyone on our forums. If you are asked for a friend's e-mail address, the best advice usually is to forward the request to the friend. He or she can then decide whether to respond. Breaking this rule is grounds for removal from the forum.



One thing we are going to be pretty strict on is use of ‘hurtful’ speech. This means bigotry along racial, gender, sexual preference or religious lines. Even if you find it a source of pride, the Web doesn't know what nationality or belief system you are, and neither do we. This forum is going to get pretty hot at times, but to keep it steamy and not smoky, we’re going to ask you to pay especial care here. Bigotry is still bigotry if it is against a mainstream religion, first world country, gender preference, etc.



Similarly, our artists produce some pretty special personal moments – so keep your comments positive where you can, and non-existent where you can’t. Before you post, remember that there are real people on the other end of these shots, and that the thing they probably least want to see is ‘creepy’. If your post is entirely the textual equivalent of deep breathing down a phone line, it might be best to put a metaphorical paper bag over yourself until you stop hyperventilating letters everywhere. Take a deep breath, have a nice shower, and grab a cup of coffee – then post your opus of adoration.



This one goes up there with appreciation. Everyone is different, perhaps even more so when naked, something that celebrates. As well, everyone has different standards of beauty, thank goodness. But if someone does not suit your sense of aesthetics, find one who does and then comment on them instead. Talking negatively about someone’s appearance, or asking him or her to change to suit you is rude – we like our contributors, and we want them to come back for encores, not to feel bad about their bodies.


Freedom of speech.

This is a wonderful thing! In public, you are welcome to say anything you like (although we should note that unlike the USA, Australia does NOT have constitutionally-protected free speech, and truth is NOT an automatic defence against libel). The thing is, this forum is not public, but we certainly aren’t going to pursue you if you want to say something we think violates forum rules. You’ll just have to go say it on your own forum.



Moderators have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message they deem inappropriate. Moderators may also edit, move, or delete any post that is off-topic such as advertising unrelated to the theme of the site.

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