#1 September 22nd, 2016 06:04 PM


In praise of small breasts

Your most beautiful small breasts are like a suprise gift.  They are concealed but beautifully so.  One imagines what might be revealed but one can only imagine.  Then you slowly undress.  Your lace bra is so very delicate; but, like tissue paper, it does not yet let us fully see the gift until you chose to let it gently fall away to reveal your most beautiful, soft and sensual breasts.  They are very special in their subtley, sweetness and lack of flamboyance.  Sometimes, in the summer, you wear a light, loose blouse that allows us the briefest glimpse of your breasts when you bend down.  We sigh with pleasure.  You are such a gentle, lythe and blyth spirit. Thank you very much.


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