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I'm liking the new change :)

I like the new addition of putting the Artist's Statements for each Folio at the top of that page for the folio ...

I was a bit surprised this morning since I don't speak German,  took me a moment to realize I was seeing the artist's statement and not some glitch lol wink Now it will be easy to always be able to read them regardless of when or how long ago they were uploaded...

Kudos for the addition, and this change works better than the last one when it showed up in a bubble...

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Re: I'm liking the new change :)

Hi Ashmedi!

I'm so glad. I've been waiting to see if anyone notices smile small changes for now, but we're getting there!

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Re: I'm liking the new change :)

I liked it too once I'd realisd what it was.

Something I'd also like to see, and I've raised before on the forum - could we have a more responsive way to vote on new folios? Personally I'd like to see more folios from most if not all of the new contributors, and would be happy to see those that didn't appeal to me as much again as well - it's a matter of personal taste.

So, could we have a system to rate a folio when it first appears and/or from the current list, by some more flexible rating method?

Even something such as "like, it was ok, didn't appeal to me" would seem to me to be fairer to us who, if they're like me, loved all the contributors folios on the whole and can't decide on just one, and also to the contributors themselves. There must be lots of times when we think the contributor is lovely but the folio isn't that great for instance.

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