#1 July 19th, 2016 01:04 AM



As the posting of comments with the folio for today is not working, I am posting my comment here for the lovely 18 July contributor, Gia_S, until such time as the comment appears with the folio.

French films; yes, I can see that in you.  You have a very French joie de vivre and you are so adorable---kooky enough to entrance and enchant, not so much as to alarm. As for your reportedly exquisite mother, have you broached the subject of her creating and submitting a portfolio to ISM? I would never presume to say she should but I do love the range of ages in ISM and I trust your judgement as to what a fine portfolio your mother could create.  (I wonder if ISM has ever had mother and duaghter contributors, not likely together)  In any event, I hope you yourself return with another folio soon.  You are such a lovely woman.


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