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Spititual Travels

Hey Everyone!
My name is Caity aka Tabu Cate. I havnt been on here for awhile as i just got back from Peru!!! I went their on a spiritual journey and have learnt soo much!! It would be great to hear about other spiritual spots worth visiting and your experiences!! It was definitely one of the best experiences in my life! I had Shamans on the tour who showed me many sacred sites and we proformed rituals at many of these. It has actually helped me overcome alot of my anxiety and i feel like a new person smile Apprently the kunderlini (not sure how to spell) used to be over tibet and is now over Peru hense why soo many spiritual people are drawn there now. I definitely felt the energy over there and on my first night i woke my room mate up in my sleep talking lol talking all about how strong the energy is!! Haha!! I also do alot of other strange things in my dleep too wink



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Re: Spititual Travels

Caity, happy to hear you have been on an interesting spiritual journey.... and thank you for letting us know a little about it.  It's a pleasure to read what you have to say in this forum.


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