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I get a wonderful feeling inside me when I capture something beautiful with my camera. I think there are a lot of incredible things to look at in this world and it's so satisfying to capture these things and share them. As I've matured, I've formed my own opinions about the human body and my own sexuality and it feels really great to be openly in love with the body as much as it does to love everything else. I don't think there should be a stigma attached to nakedness, whether it be for art, or for sex, because really, humans have been humans for a long time and it doesn't make sense to hide ourselves away! Through exploring art, pornography, poetry and different groups of people, I've cultivated my own perspective on the human body and it makes me love the world and myself so much more and it opens up so many more pathways to explore.

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birthplace: Melbourne, Australia.
currently living in: Melbourne, Australia.
occupation: Odd jobs.
age: 19
height: 170cm.
relationship status: Dating my best mate.
starsign: Capricorn.
biggest passion in my life: Making beautiful things.
I like to listen to: the mutter of a sleep talker, moans of pleasure and the sound of rain (especially in bed).
I like to watch: people and wonder where they're going and what their bedrooms look like, people sleeping.
I like to smell: the smell of dawn and of the rainforest, the smell of coffee grounds.
I like to taste: green peas with lemon and mint (flavour of the month)
I like to feel: free from obligations, time constraints and contact.
favourite part of my body: My irises. My eye colour is so complex, with a mixture of colours that vary each day.
favourite part of someone else's body: My ex-girlfriend's nipples, like juicy pink gumdrops.
Why i shot myself: I wanted to explore a different platform of photography using my own body.
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: An acrobat, they'd be able to do some crazy poses!
my website/fav website: Tumblr, it always makes me crave creativity, and I learn so much about the world.
Most outrageous thing I have done: I once stole a $90 bottle of wine and gave it to a homeless man.
Bands I like: Funk, soul, blues, disco - anything that gets me moving !
Books I like: Patti Smith's autobiography 'Just Kids'. It's so poetic, so beautifully articulate. She 'enlightened' me as a blossoming young woman.
Films I like: Films by Wes Anderson and Alejandro Jodorowsky - very obscure, very beautiful, very cinematic.

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