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When I first heard about ISM over a year ago now I was stoked that such an organisation existed. In my late teens I struggled with accepting my body for its own imperfect beauty and I realized that came from the influx of airbrushed bodies we are saturated with in the media. Therefore having women express their authentic, raw beauty without manipulation is inspiring and empowering. Gaining respect for the female form comes first from us respecting ourselves. Art helps us to spread this message. Blessings!

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birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
currently living in: A wee cottage with a white picket fence
occupation: Student
age: 28
height: 5'6"ish
relationship status: Single, but surrounded with love
starsign: Aquarius, typical air sign, up in the clouds
biggest passion in my life: Yoga, cooking food, eating food, sharing food with beautiful souls, ocean, trees, rivers and streams
I like to listen to: White cockatoos screeching at summer dusk as they flock to their tree top homes
I like to watch: Graceful surfers slice and dance on smooth, peeling blue waves, full moon rising on a pink sky
I like to smell: Woodfires on cold, crisp winter eves, sun cream and barbecues on balmy summer nights. Ah, nostalgia.
I like to taste: Fleshy, soft, succulently sweet summer mangoes. Mouth orgasm
I like to feel: Dried sea salt on my skin and in my hair after a day swimming in the cleansing ocean
favourite part of my body: My hands, they are truly unique to me since I have inherited most my other parts from my mum
favourite part of someone else's body: An honest, authentic smile that comes with a deep belly laugh. Sexy.
Why i shot myself: For myself. To see myself as I truly am and truly love and accept me. And to then share my vulnerability with you all.
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My mother, she is so beautiful but does not see it
my website/fav website: Topdocumentaries.com Ha! Nerd at heart!
Most outrageous thing I have done: Many moons ago my life was all about outrageous, lately this has to be the most outrageous!
Bands I like: Where to start!? Paul Simon, The Beatles, Alt J, Madonna, Jewel
Books I like: Anything Khaled Nazar, anything and everything about yoga, food and nutrition!
Films I like: The Before Sunrise trilogy, Labyrinth, American Beauty, and doco's. Yew!

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