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A recent breakup, job termination and mental health downfall has sparked this fire. I haven't made enough time to focus on embracing myself and my body. Finally a single lady, I can partake in I Shot Myself and examine and discover the unique parts of me that I love. As they say, "Life's a b**ch". And recently it hasn't been easy. But that's okay, because I believe that anyone can overcome hardship when they know how to love themselves.

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01 May 19
birthplace: Australia
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Graphic Designer
age: 23
height: 5'10
relationship status: Single
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: Creating. Whether on a computer or on paper. Always creating
I like to listen to: Tame Impala
I like to watch: Strangers helping each other
I like to smell: Fresh air (I live on the industrial inner-side of the city so any fresh air is a blessing)
I like to taste: Any alcoholic beverage after a long, hard week
I like to feel: Fresh sheets on clean skin!
favourite part of my body: My neck
favourite part of someone else's body: Their butt. Butts are so cute
Why i shot myself: I wanted to try something new and take a step towards learning to love myself more.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I would also not like to see Kanye West shoot himself. I can't decide
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Kanye West
my website/fav website: The one that I'm coding for myself at the moment
Most outrageous thing I have done: I think I have a pretty exhaustive list of outrageous things I've done. I dyed my hair completely blue the other week just because I felt like it
Bands I like: Tame Impala, always :)
Books I like: Butterfly - Katherine Harvey
Films I like: The Lobster - It's so weird but a really excellent film