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Throughout the years, my sexuality and how I am as a sexual being, has always been a struggle. I am a very sexual person but it was something I explored privately. I was always so caught up in how others viewed me and my body and forgot to just enjoy it and explore with it. I have always been afraid of rejection and therefore, for many years shyed away from sex as I couldn't bear the thought of rejection, in what I believed to be, at my most vulnerable and exposed. The last two years I have actively challenged myself and have very much "found my feet" so to speak. I love the new confident me. I love my body and sex and won't apologies for that! I figure this is the only body I've got and I'm going to bloody enjoy it for as long as possible!

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13 Sep 18
ZIP - 46|19M
birthplace: England
occupation: Nanny/Barista/Student
age: 30
height: 169cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: Travelling and exploring the world
I like to listen to: When I'm studding and reading I love to listen to classical piano music, I like how it calms me
I like to watch: I love to people watch - there's nothing better than watching LIFE just happen
I like to smell: I love the smell of petrol and grease. Kinda strange I know, but it brings back nostalgic memories
I like to taste: I just love anything sweet, I'm all about the pudding when out for dinner!
I like to feel: Anything soft and furry, it makes me feel safe and warm
favourite part of my body: I have come to love it all over the years to be honest
favourite part of someone else's body: Boobies...they're just great!
Why i shot myself: I wanted to feel empowered and connect with myself on another level.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: A family member...I think that's pretty fair! Although I would 100% support them doing it. I just don't need to see it is all!
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: A good friend of mine, because shes does not know just how beautiful she is
my website/fav website: I have to admit I'm a bit of a insta slut
Most outrageous thing I have done: Taking naked photos of myself for the world to see is right up there!
Bands I like: I have such an eclectic taste in music, it depends on my mood, the situation and who I'm with
Books I like: I love to read trashy novels about love!
Films I like: Anything that speaks to me and makes me think a little differently about the world and situations
other random stuff: