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Body. Body as a skin structure. Body as a naked monument. Body as a skyscraper. Body as a white paper. Me as my body, my body as me. As changing the angle of the body modify the vision, as the lines those belong to the surface of the body give a different perspective of it.

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11 Sep 17
ZIP - 35|50M
birthplace: Turin, Italy
occupation: Model
age: 29
height: 1.80m
biggest passion in my life: Photos and music, any kind
I like to listen to: My ringtone bell, is classical music by Bach
I like to watch: Movies, all kinds, in the cinema as well as in my house
I like to smell: Strawberries, it remember me the hot summer in the countryside
I like to taste: Coffee, in the morning, when I wake up. Better if someone has done it for me
I like to feel: Understand, and to be understood
favourite part of my body: Nails, mostly when they are black
favourite part of someone else's body: Depends on the person, everyone is different
Why i shot myself: I get the inspiration by the skyscrapers in the CBD, thinking they should have different shapes, as the bodies are
Most outrageous thing I have done: Peed in the garden of my enemy
Bands I like: ACDC, Sweetheart, The Offspring
Books I like: Stranger in a Stranger Land, The God of the Gods
Films I like: Mamma Mia, Wadjda, Lo Chiamavano Gig Robot