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I am a polyamorous, adventurous nerd just beginning to explore my kinks with a tremendous current partner and some amazing friends I've built up trusting and respectful relations with. I love contributing to this project. It's funny because I don't normally take a lot of photos in general, but I like taking the time to capture angles of myself and the space that ISM provides for sharing them. I am quite comfortable with nudity but I am often reminded that much of my conservative Canada does not feel the same. I hope people keep allowing themselves to love themselves more fully.

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birthplace: Red Deer, Canada
currently living in: A tiny shared studio
occupation: Ecologist
age: 22
relationship status: Passionately happy and consistently working to grow together with my irreplaceable partner
starsign: Libra
biggest passion in my life: The biggest passion in my life is environmentalism. Both the research perspective and finding small ways everyday people can implement more sustainable practices to their lives
I like to listen to: I like listening to bird songs at the crack of dawn on my current research project
I like to watch: I like to watch sunrises, sex and humans being kind to the planet and its beings
I like to smell: I love the smell of petrichor on a sunny day and any delicious warm food on a snowy day
I like to taste: I like tasting cinnamon or mint, especially in ice cream form, and that salty sweat after a run
I like to feel: I like to feel blankets pulled up close around me, accomplishment in any of my various goals
favourite part of my body: My legs; the source of so much dependence, strength and struggles
favourite part of someone else's body: I catch myself peeking, sometimes a little too long, at beautiful bums on oh-so many people
Why i shot myself: I shot myself for the chance of self-exploration, appreciation and to be a part of a feminist-aligned pornography. I wanted to be a part of the beautiful diversity that make up women.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: People a bit too unsure of what amazing gifts each individual holds
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: People confident in their differences and in themselves. I also really like seeing shoots of people together, it brings a new element
my website/fav website: According to my browser, my university website is my favourite
Most outrageous thing I have done: The most outrageous thing I have done depends on the day. One time I decided to discretely buy a one-way ticket to the other side of the globe to have some space to think
Bands I like: I don't listen to music (yes) ever
Books I like: Books I love are sci-fi or full of facts with a wide range of escapist literature to supplement. I adore Harry Potter and I've also fancied the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the Cosmic Serpent
Films I like: Films I like are almost exclusively documentaries. I love Planet Earth, but I more so go for podcasts such as Science for the People (based here in Canada) or Guys We Fucked (based out of New York)

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