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I have issues with my body. Much as I may not like that fact, I really do have a complicated relationship with it. It's covered in big blatant surgery scars, it hurts a lot of the time, there are things it can't do that other bodies can. For me, this project gives a pretty good opportunity to really challenge the foundations of those issues, because I'm frankly sick of having them always be there. I'm sick of my shadow telling me that I have to be ugly.

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12 Feb 17
ZIP - 31|40M
birthplace: Melbourne
occupation: Freelancer Par Excellence
age: 28
height: Short as hell
biggest passion in my life: Food, the songs in the words
I like to listen to: The music of the spheres
I like to watch: People going by
I like to smell: Coffee, new books, rain that hasn't arrived yet
I like to taste: Well made cups of tea
I like to feel: The texture of soft fur, the satiny edge of old blankets
favourite part of my body: My eyes. I've never seen another person with eyes the same as mine
favourite part of someone else's body: Hands
Why i shot myself: Because I never have
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I'd prefer not to see any of my family, but that might just be me!
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: People who think they can't or shouldn't
my website/fav website: National Geographic, all day every day
Most outrageous thing I have done: Probably this!
Bands I like: I'm surprisingly into classical music
Books I like: All Quiet on the Western Front, The Little Prince
Films I like: The Boat That Rocked, Dr Strangelove