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The human body is an incredible thing, perhaps the most complex and intricate creation to exist on our planet. Every single one is so unique and beautiful in its own way... Too often as women we are bombarded with external ideas of how we should look, pressured into comparing ourselves and competing with each other. We are shown and told that our beauty is not for ourselves, but for others; and most often, for men. Fuck that! I want to see women reclaim their sexuality and their power for themselves, and no one else. I love my body, it's carried me through nineteen years of life. I love my mind, I love feeling like a sexy angel kitten and I also love feeling like a little alien creature. Sexuality is multidimensional, just like the self. I wanted to document my personal sexuality the way I experience it and I loved having the opportunity to present myself the way that I feel and want to be seen. Since I was young I struggled with insecurity around the way I looked and it took me a long time to step into my skin and to let go of my negative feelings about myself and my body - to even be completely naked with somebody or to sleep with someone was something I actively avoided. My perception of myself has warped so much over the last few years, in the best way... Now I love to be naked, it's fucking fantastic, and being able to express myself artistically like this has been a blessing. I am my own muse and I will never stop shooting myself!

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birthplace: Brisbane, Australia
occupation: Artist
age: 19
height: 169cm
relationship status: Head hunter
starsign: Gemini - Scorpio rising, Leo moon
biggest passion in my life: Art, love, music, revolution! I have so many passions but I am most passionate about my beautiful Mother Earth and the lives of all her inhabitants, and one day I'm going to better those lives.
I like to listen to: Funky bass lines, the blues, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks' angelic voice, the Cramps
I like to watch: Beautiful boys, strangers in the city, old rock concert videos from the 70's
I like to smell: Coffee, the air when it's about to rain, vanilla, nag champa incense, marijuana smoke
I like to taste: The lips and tongue of whoever I'm kissing
I like to feel: Silk and lace on my skin, the breeze through my leg hair, someone else's hands on my body
favourite part of my body: My brain, my hands, my eyes. And the gap between my teeth
favourite part of someone else's body: I'm obsessed with boy's bums and hips. I love eyes. I love hands.
Why i shot myself: Because it's important for women to express their sexuality in their own way and I wanted to be a part of it!
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Donald Trump?
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My best friend, she's a goddess
my website/fav website: Probably cafeAstrology (haha)
Most outrageous thing I have done: Moved to Melbourne by myself with no knowledge of the city or its people
Bands I like: Leadbelly, The Doors, The Cramps, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, the list goes on and on and on but just gimme a dirty riff and a solid bass line and I'm your girl!
Books I like: I'm With The Band, Scar Tissue, Celestine Prophecy, any kinda music/art biography is right up my alley
Films I like: Pulp Fiction, can you tell? Almost Famous, The Doors, the Holy Mountain