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I've been on a quest to reach self acceptance for many years now. After completing I Shot Myself, I feel I am one step closer. I would say I respect public nudity and think there should be more of it, but then it wouldn't be so much fun! I Loved the projects I've done with Feck, I'll definitely do many more!

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Verelee 'move_n_shake_1'
14 May 14
Verelee 'move_n_shake_2'
21 May 14
Verelee 'move_n_shake_3'
04 Jun 14
birthplace: Stevenage, England.
currently living in: Ranga-La-La-Land.
occupation: Freelance graphic designer.
age: 27.
height: 5'10".
relationship status: Single.
starsign: Cancer.
biggest passion in my life: Design, my friends, my cat.
I like to listen to: my cat purring, a crackling fire, the clicking of the keys on a typewriter or keyboard.
I like to watch: trashy TV, art-house films, old classics, documentaries.
I like to smell: coffee beans! Dust in heaters, new books, mint, recently blown out matches.
I like to taste: raw ginger, red wine, wasabi.
I like to feel: furry things, velvet, cat paws, shiny clean hair.
favourite part of my body: My wrists, even more so since I got my left one tattooed.
favourite part of someone else's body: Forearms. I like them soft on females and strong, but not too muscly, on males.
Why i shot myself: Why not!? I'm an exhibitionist!
Most outrageous thing I have done: Rode a bicycle down the Death Road in Bolivia. I'm not that great a cyclist!
Bands I like: Amy Winehouse, Rachmaninov, Skrillex, Lana Del Ray, The Rubens.
Books I like: Memoirs of a Geisha, Shantaram, Catch Me If You Can.
Films I like: Ruby Sparks, Hitchcock, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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