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Participating in I Shot Myself was a challenge unto itself. I have always been a good and obedient person who made my parents proud. I finished school, university, got married and always did what people expected me to do to be a good member of society. But this is not my life! I have a spirit of rebellion, freedom, and energy in me! I want to show myself to others, I want to be not just a "good girl" but different. I can be cute, sassy, funny, clumsy, and silly. I can inspire, and I want to show this world through my prism of beauty. Nature has always drawn me in and stirred my thoughts. The naked body in nature is the truest art. It's our primal part, it's in all of us. Nature is man, and man is nature. I wanted to convey the freedom and daring that I am capable of and that I have in me. Today, being a "good girl" means doing what makes you feel good. Life is only given once, I want to share this part of me.

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Zoie_G 'waters_edge'
24 May 24
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birthplace: Kazakhstan
occupation: Model
age: 28
height: 175cm
relationship status: Divorced
starsign: Gemini
biggest passion in my life: Cars. I've been helping my Dad in the garage since I was a kid and have a lot of knowledge. I like to fix cars, do tuning and stuff like that
I like to listen to: I've been in love with Russian rap since I was 15. Rappers singing about love, about the simple life of ordinary people, about faith, about youth. My favorites are: ATL, Miyagi, Luxor
I like to watch: The sparks of the fire and the sea. It calms me down and makes me realize how insignificant we are compared to this planet
I like to smell: The smell of campfire and baked potatoes cooked on a camping trip
I like to taste: My Mom's food is the best I've ever had. Her national dish "borscht" and "herring under a fur coat" are amazing
I like to feel: The first spring wind blowing in my face as I drive my car
favourite part of my body: My fat white ass
favourite part of someone else's body: The thing I love most about men is their noses
Why i shot myself: Because I wanted to show you how much a woman's naked body looks natural and effortless in nature.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My dear and beloved mother
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: How about Mila Kunis? She'd be perfect
Most outrageous thing I have done: I left a gross surprise for a neighbor who wouldn't let me park outside the condo
Bands I like: I mentioned bands earlier, so celebrities I love are the kidnapper of my heart Brad Pitt, the cunning and sexy scoundrel Leonardo DiCaprio and of course the coolest, funniest and best actress of all time Mila Kunis
Books I like: I love reading horror stories. I've read a bunch of Stephen King books. I also like detective stories where you don't know who the killer is until the very end. The kings of detective stories are definitely James Hadley Chase and Sidney Sheldon
Films I like: It's not really a movie, more of a TV series, but each episode of Black Mirror is like a separate movie. I've rewatched it 4 times and I'm going to do it again soon. And in general I like light comedies and adventures. I would like to single out Jumanji and Love and Monsters in particular

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