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I've been told that I have a high libido, more specifically my friends who I keep annoying whenever I discover a new gadget. But I haven't had a lot of partners and I don't take a lot of nude images, so not a lot of people have seen me naked, which has lead me to try and hide or be ashamed of my body on full display. Unlike my body, my sexuality is wide open and I encourage everyone to explore and express whatever their sexuality is or isn't. This experience has really opened my eyes and help me feel unashamed about what my body looks like.

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Amy_D 'spidey_sense'
24 Feb 20
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20 Sep 20
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Amy_D 'sweet_melody'
09 Jun 24
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currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Student
age: 19
height: 5'2"
relationship status: In a Relationship
starsign: Aquarius
biggest passion in my life: Writing scripts for movies
I like to listen to: Thunder storms, the louder the better
I like to watch: Other people interact with each other, always interesting to see how a person changes
I like to smell: Sand and sunscreen, the way sea salt smells on skin
I like to taste: Fresh coffee and cigarettes
I like to feel: Rain on a summer day
favourite part of my body: My hands - specifically the clumsy scars
favourite part of someone else's body: Their hair
Why i shot myself: To find a creative outlet for my sexuality that didn't involve scaring my friends.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who is uncomfortable with it, do what you want, love
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Women of all shapes and sizes
my website/fav website: YouTube, Lovehoney
Most outrageous thing I have done: Skinny dipping on a public beach, broad daylight, summer day
Bands I like: AJR, Greenday, Beyonce, Eminem
Books I like: Percy Jackson, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice
Films I like: Captain America the First Avenger, Die Hard

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