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I've always had ups and downs about how I perceive my body and its various ins and outs, but I feel this shoot was a well needed reminder of how great it feels to really celebrate the body I wake up in. There was of course an initial nervousness to feeling so vulnerable and exposed in front of a camera, but I think that's half the fun anyway. After the shoot I had a stretch, a laugh to myself, petted the neighbours cat and declared it another successful day of being a young, sexy and unapologetic woman.

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Mollie_C 'owns_crayons'
16 Dec 19
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Mollie_C 'soft_and_sweet'
04 Jun 22
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Mollie_C 'marigold'
02 Jun 24
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birthplace: Utrecht, Netherlands
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Art student
age: 19
height: 172cm
relationship status: Unobtainably Single
starsign: GEMINI!
biggest passion in my life: Painting and all forms of art/music appreciating
I like to listen to: People's conversations on the tram
I like to watch: Biographical documentaries, it makes my idols seem more human
I like to smell: Freshly cut grass, lemon, lavender, cigarettes
I like to taste: Honey, fresh fruit, sea salt
I like to feel: Sunshine on my skin, nostalgic
favourite part of my body: The freckle on my left leg
favourite part of someone else's body: Collarbones and wrists
Why i shot myself: Collecting experiences to cherish.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who litters (they don't deserve the liberation)
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Alexa Chung
my website/fav website: Spotify
Most outrageous thing I have done: Woken up every day (without an exception so far!)
Bands I like: The Cure, Good Morning, Sublime, Sales
Books I like: Lolita, The Art of Travel, Cats in the Sun
Films I like: Leon the Professional, Pulp Fiction, Looper