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C'est la premiere fois que je participe professionnellement a un projet artistique quelqu'il soit, j'ai toujours ete modele ou photographe pour mes amis et ma famille. Je suis fiere de moi et j'ai confiance en moi pour faire plus pour et par moi-meme. / This is the first time I professionally took part of an art project of any kind, I always have been a model or took photographs for friends and family. I am proud of myself and confident to do more for and by myself.

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12 Mar 19
ZIP - 38|11M
birthplace: France
occupation: Barista
age: 26
relationship status: Single
starsign: Cancer
biggest passion in my life: AMOUR, protéger et comprendre la nature/LOVE, Protecting and understanding nature
I like to listen to: Un peu de tout, des vibrations, des sons de la nature/Everything, chill vibes, nature's sounds
I like to watch: La magie de la nature, coucher de soleil, lever du/Nature's magic, sunset, sunrise, stars
I like to smell: Foret et brise de mer, cafe et patisserie/Forest and sea breeze, coffee and fresh baked pastry
I like to taste: Chocolat, fruits sucrés et salés/Chocolate, fruits, sweet and salty
I like to feel: Cold weather when wrapped in a warm blanket, sun burning on late afternoons, caress, hugs, kiss
favourite part of my body: Cheveux, yeux, taches de rousseur/Hair, eyes, freckles
favourite part of someone else's body: Yeux, sourire, courbes/Eyes, smile, curves
Why i shot myself: Faire partie d'un nouveau mouvement donnant aux femmes le pouvoir de posséder leur corps et leur sexualité, d'accepter mon corps et ma sexualité.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Personne, tout le monde devrait essayer/No one, everyone should try
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Tout le monde!!/Everybody!!
my website/fav website: Mr mondialisation
Most outrageous thing I have done: Se détendre au soleil nue avec des amis au bord de la rivière pendant que les/Chilling under the sun naked with friends on the river bank while tourists' boats pass by, one of the best memories I
Bands I like: Queen, The Cure, Daft Punk, Kool and the Gang, Gorillaz, Jack Johnson, Jamiroquai, Tryo, SOAD, Fat Freddy's Drop, Bob Marley, Rebelution, SOJA
Books I like: The Alchemist, Mutant Message from Down Under, The Power of Now, The Law of Attraction, The Little Prince, Dr Seuss' books
Films I like: The Fifth Element, The Green Beautiful, Studio Ghibli's films, Tim Burton's films