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My whole life I've struggled with my body image, self esteem and self worth. The past few years I've really pushed myself to not only accept myself as a person, but to truly love myself and my body. Ishotmyself honestly really helped me with that. I had a lot of fun shooting myself, rather than feeling self conscious at the sometimes confronting and raw angles I shot, I felt sexy and empowered. I am truly grateful for this experience and encourage anyone else struggling with body and/or identity issues to shoot themselves too! Just like me, you will probably learn a lot about yourself and have a lot of fun whilst doing so! :)

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17 Mar 19
ZIP - 27|6.5M
birthplace: Australia
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Hospitality worker
age: 23
height: 5'10
relationship status: Engaged
starsign: Cancer
biggest passion in my life: Traveling! Seeing and experiencing all the wonderful things life has to offer
I like to listen to: All sorts of music, currently really loving foreign sounds, Spanish vibes are giving me life
I like to watch: Supernatural! I'm a huge horror fan
I like to smell: The ocean, and the smell after it rains. I find both very comforting
I like to taste: I have a terrible sweet tooth, so any and all sweets!
I like to feel: The warmth of holding loved ones, the smoothness of freshly shaved legs, crisp fresh sheets
favourite part of my body: I do love my smile and boobs
favourite part of someone else's body: They say eyes are a window to one's soul, I do agree with this. Eyes are beautiful
Why i shot myself: I saw it as a great opportunity to gain some self confidence and love for myself, which is something I've always struggled with.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My family, LOL
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Anyone struggling with self confidence issues so they can find some more love for themselves <3
my website/fav website: I'm a sucker for Netflix!
Most outrageous thing I have done: Traveled 16000 km half way across the world all by myself for my first international experience
Bands I like: Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Lil Peep, Suicide Boys, Pouya, Wynardtage so on and so forth
Books I like: I grew up on modern day classics like Harry Potter and Twilight. These days though I'm a sucker for romance novels
Films I like: Horror all the way! Ginger Snaps is my all time favorite! I also really love The Nightmare Before Christmas