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J'ai toujours ete tres a l'aise avec mon corps, mais n'ai jamais trouve une personne sur la meme longueur d'onde. J'ai tente beaucoup d'experiences sexuelles, ai apprecie certaines et ai desteste d'autres. Mais malgre cela je me suis toujours dis que quelque chose clochait avec moi, je me rend enfin compte que non, que tout depend de la facon dont on l'aborde. / I've always been okay with my nudity, but never found anyone thinking same as I do about it. I've experienced a lot of sexual experience, I loved some and hate some others. But even with that, I felt like there was something wrong with me. I finally understand not, it just depends on the way you deal with it.

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29 Jan 19
ZIP - 49|17M
birthplace: Fontainebleau, France
occupation: Hospitality worker
age: 24
height: 171cm
relationship status: In a loving relationship
starsign: Capricorn
biggest passion in my life: La danse / Dance
I like to listen to: L'ocean s'ecrasant sur les rochers / The crash of the ocean on rocks
I like to watch: Le couche du soleil, mon amoureux dormir, des series, des films / The sun, my sleeping lover, movies
I like to smell: La peau de mon amoureux, la weed, les fleurs / My lover's skin, weed, flowers
I like to taste: Le chocolat, le fromage, le pain / Chocolate, cheese, bread
I like to feel: Ma famille autour de moi, mon amoureux dans mes bras, la fourrure de mon chat sur ma peau
favourite part of my body: Mes fesses / My back
favourite part of someone else's body: Hands / Les mains!
Why i shot myself: Pour contribuer un projet qui compte / To contribute to a project that matters.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Donald Trump
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Tout le monde / Everyone
my website/fav website: YouTube, Netflix and Instagram
Most outrageous thing I have done: Etre a moitie nu dans un strip club / Being almost naked in a strip club
Bands I like: Polo and Pan, L'imperatrice
Books I like: Fantastique, Policier, Romantique / Fantastical, Thriller, Romantic
Films I like: Wonder, El Orphenato, Disney films