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HOLA!! Mi nombre es Valentina y hoy en dia en mi vida me siento radiante y expandida. Mi historia, asi como la de todo ser humano, ha sido bastante intensa, muchos momentos dificiles, oscuros, de angutia y lagrimas, asi tambien llena de aventuras, risas, alegrias, y momentos inolvidables. Pase por muchos momentos grises y negros, donde llegue a no querer vivir, muchas, MUCHAS veces, pero de chiquita siempre fui atrevida, autentica, rebelde y audaz, y eso me llevo a ser viajera, exploradora y a siempre buscar mi evolucion, como ser humano y como mujer.Luego de tanto andar, y mirar hacia adentro, hoy puedo decir que me he vuelto a encontrar con esa ninia, he podido verla, aceptarla, apoyarla, abrazarla, mimarla, cuidarla y amarla como nunca antes. He logrado apreciar mi cuerpo y valorarlo tal como es, parecido a los demas, pero unico e irremplazable. Hermoso como es, con sus curvas, sus "kilos de mas" (eso siempre fue lo que veia) con sus arrugas y cicatrices. Disfruto de adornarme con vestimentas y accesorios, asi como tambien de mi desnudez y no tengo pudor ni miedo de mostrarlo y divertirme con el (en el ambiente adecuado). Unete a mi, cuida y ama tu cuerpo!, es el unico que tienes y necesita tu amor!! / Hello! my name is Valentina, nowadays I feel radiant and expanded! My story, just like every human's story, has been quite intense. Many hard and dark moments full of sorrow and tears, as well as many amazing moments filled with adventures, laughter and unforgettable moments. I have gone through many gray and black very bad moments, where even didn't wanna live, many MANY times, but since I was a little girl I have always been bold, authentic, quite a rebel, and fierce, and that led to me becoming an explorer and look for my constant evolution always, as a human being and as a woman. After so much exploring, now I can say that I have found that little girl again, I was able to see her, accept her, support her, hold her, cuddle her, take car of her and love her more than ever before. I have been able to appreciate my body for what it is, similar to the rest but unique and irreplaceable. Beautiful as it is, with its curves, its "excess kilos" (that's what I always thought), with its new wrinkles and scars. I enjoy to dress up with awesome clothes and accessories but also being nude. I have no shame or fear of showing my naked body and have fun (in the right environment). Join me, take care and love your body, is the only one we have and it needs your love!

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21 Jan 19
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birthplace: Argentina
occupation: Photographer
age: 30
height: 170cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: Enjoying times of laughter with the people I love the most, and see them smiling
I like to listen to: Amazing tribal electronic tech music with indigenous vocals and percussion, takes me out to space
I like to watch: Documentaries, especially ones about the planet and food
I like to smell: Spring! I start smelling jasmine and fresh cut grass, it brings joy to my soul
I like to taste: The flavour of exquisite chocolate in my mouth! Nothing better than chocolate, with almonds!
I like to feel: The fingertips of the man I like running over my back very slowly
favourite part of my body: Mis ojos / My eyes
favourite part of someone else's body: El cuello, todas sus partes!, mmmmhh jaja / Neck, all over it!! Mmmmmhh...haha
Why i shot myself: Because I am super happy I got to the point where I love myself as I am and I wanna celebrate it.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My dad and brother!! Hahaha oh man if they did it would be pretty funny
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Girls who need a push to have more self confidence and realise that each body is unique and beautiful!
my website/fav website: youtube, netflix, spotify, instagram
Most outrageous thing I have done: Viajar de Argentina a LA para ir a burning man sola con gente que no conocia! / Traveled from Argentina to LA to go to Burning Man with a bunch of strangers
Bands I like: Audioslave, Angus & Julia Stone, Tame Impala
Books I like: The Power of Now, Women Who Run with the Wolves, A New Earth
Films I like: Snatch, Hook, Labyrinth