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I've always felt like emotions are the real deal - what makes life worth living. Art is, for me, the best way to pass emotions through. As a kid, I read tons of books and it created my hopes and desire for the future. As a teen, I wrote everything I could not live, to get closer to the reality I wanted. I put all my deepest feelings into words and that made me feel alive. As a young adult, I discovered photography about at the same time as I learned to discover my body. Being naked in front of the camera enable me to pass through every positive things I can feel thanks to my body. It is another way of expression, a way to transmit deep, profound and true emotions. / J'ai toujours eu le sentiment que les émotions étaient ce qu'il y avait de plus important, ce pour quoi il valait la peine de vivre. L'art est pour moi la meilleure façon de véhiculer des émotions. Enfant, je lisais énormément, et les livres ont créé mes espérances et mes attentes concernant ma vie future. Adolescente, j'écrivais tout ce que je ne pouvais pas vivre, pour me rapprocher de la réalité que je désirais. Je mettais tous mes sentiments les plus profonds en mots, et c'est ce qui me faisait me sentir vivante. Jeune adulte, j'ai découvert la photographie à peu près au même moment où j'ai commencé à découvrir mon corps. Etre nue devant l'appareil photo me permet de transmettre toutes les émotions positives que peut me procurer mon corps. C'est un autre moyen d'expression, un moyen de transmettre de profondes et sincères émotions.

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29 Jun 18
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11 Nov 18
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birthplace: France
age: 24
height: 1.62m
relationship status: In couple for five years
starsign: The Lion
biggest passion in my life: Learning science stuff and the evolution of consciousness
I like to listen to: The heartbeat of my lover
I like to watch: My lover when he does not know I'm watching him
I like to smell: The smell of wood fire
I like to taste: Yoghourt ice cream in front of the sunset in Ibiza
I like to feel: The soft and warm skin of my lover in the morning
favourite part of my body: My eyes
favourite part of someone else's body: My lover's butt
Why i shot myself: Because the idea is fresh and nice and it sounded interesting to take part in.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: No one, everyone should give this a try
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My boyfriend - he would do such a great job!
my website/fav website: www.jamestrussart.com
Most outrageous thing I have done: I forget my best friend's birthday and felt bad about it for long after
Bands I like: Carl Cox, Muse, Ingrid Michaelson
Books I like: Les Petites Morsures - Aurore Guitry, The Genius - Jesse Kellerman, Born on a Blue Day - Daniel Tammett
Films I like: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Danse Avec Lui, Dead Poets Society

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