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At first I wasn't too keen on "putting it out there", but since getting naked at parties and starting this shoot I've appreciated every part of my body. It's beautiful being comfortable in your own skin and it's the best feeling being free just letting it all out.

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01 Dec 17
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21 Apr 18
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birthplace: Katherine, NT
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Hospitality
age: 21
relationship status: In loveeeee
starsign: Aquarius
biggest passion in my life: Dancing, stomping and stomping some more under the bright blue sky with Pachamama beneath my feet next to the best sound system in the world and rainbow coloured friends all around
I like to listen to: Psychedelic everything! White noise
I like to watch: Horror Films, Documentaries, Comedy, Sci-fi
I like to smell: Nature after it has rained - all the different aromas are so accentuated after a good downpour!
I like to taste: Sweetness, warmth and freshness
I like to feel: Liberated, free, adventurous
favourite part of my body: Every inch
favourite part of someone else's body: Face
Why i shot myself: Because I find it empowering and love being nude.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My grandparents
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My boyfriend, because he has a beautiful and healthy body
my website/fav website: I shot myself! What a fantastic platform to view so many women's individuality and creativity for their own bodies
Most outrageous thing I have done: Eating too much acid oops
Films I like: Horror, Thriller, TV series