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I have always been interested in pushing my boundaries emotionally and physically, I love to explore my mind on acid and other fun substances and I love long distance running and Muay Thai. But especially recently I have really started pushing myself sexually. I was married young (20yo) for about 3 years and when I broke up with my ex I decided I really didn't think that monogamy is my thing. But it was so scary because I didn't know anyone who lived like that and I received some negative responses from friends that I confided in. I am now with a partner who is so nurturing and loving that we are both starting to really explore ourselves and each other uninhibited. Recently we went to a swingers party and left so liberated! We have been building this trust for about 8 months before stepping into the kink and swinging scenes because we both really want this lifestyle long term and therefore wanted to be cautious with who and where we started this adventure. Now we are about to travel for a year and planning all the amazing swinging/kink stops to make along the way. I am so excited to create friendships with people around the world who are so sex-positive. This was my second nude photo shoot, and I feel amazing! I love my body even more than before I started which is really what I wanted to gain from this experience. I can't wait to do some shoots with my partner and people we meet on our travels!

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18 Sep 17
ZIP - 41|65M
birthplace: East Melbourne, Australia
currently living in: Fitzroy, Melbourne
occupation: Waitress
age: 25
height: 171cm
relationship status: Ethical non-monogamy with a primary partner
starsign: Sagittarius
biggest passion in my life: Sex, love and music
I like to listen to: Funky Drum N Bass SUPER loud!
I like to watch: People interacting in city spaces, swingers in beautiful clubhouses, my partner going down on me
I like to smell: My partner's neck, countryside air especially the freshly cut grass
I like to taste: My partner's come, coffee, Japanese curry
I like to feel: Everyone, people are so beautiful! A soft cotton scarf while I dance under it at a festival
favourite part of my body: My red hair
favourite part of someone else's body: All of it! I can't get enough of people!
Why i shot myself: To explore my sexuality further
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who doesn't feel comfortable doing so
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: People who want to learn more about themselves
my website/fav website: Google, it makes me a genius
Most outrageous thing I have done: So far, I had my first foursome 2 weeks ago
Bands I like: A.Skillz, Funkanomics, Stickybuds, Griz, Beat Fatigue, Martin Waslewski, Andhim
Books I like: Travel guides
Films I like: Bronson, Pan's Labyrinth, Les Intouchables, Equilibrium, anything Louis Theroux or David Attenborough