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It's a body, it's a part of me. I walk around the globe. I eat. I drink. I sleep. I laugh. I cry. I dance. I sing. I make love. That's what I do, there is no need to hide it. My dream is to be absolutely free and be in love unconditionally, I'm getting quite close to it now.

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30 Aug 17
ZIP - 46|66M
birthplace: Amsterdam, Netherlands
age: 27
height: 1.69m
relationship status: Love with no regret
starsign: Aquarius
biggest passion in my life: Life itself basically, listening to what's around and singing it out!
I like to listen to: Someone's heartbeat
I like to watch: Water, I can get completely mesmerised by the reflections, waves or ripples
I like to smell: Spices
I like to taste: Fresh fruits
I like to feel: Warmth from a fire
favourite part of my body: My eyes, for seeing
favourite part of someone else's body: Their eyes for seeing
Why i shot myself: Because why not!?
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: People who simply do not want to
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: All politicians, people with "power", anyone who thinks they have control
my website/fav website: I don't browse the www that often actually, to busy tree-hugging and seeing interconnections in the sky around...
Most outrageous thing I have done: Tripping
Bands I like: Bon Iver, Tinariwen, Kendrick Lamar, Damien Rice, or anything that has a cello in there
Books I like: Adventure, kids books, philosophical
Films I like: From sci-fi, to comedy, great blockbusters to foreign cinema, documentaries, especially about space