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Ich denke jeder sollte seinen Koerper lieben egal wie er aussieht. Wir alle sind gleich geboren und haben das gleiche nur halt different. Liebt euren Koerper! / I think every one should love their own body doesn't matter how he looks like. We are all born the same and we have the same feelings just different shell. Love your body!

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15 Sep 17
ZIP - 38|57M
birthplace: Switzerland
age: 24
height: 1.67cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: Ich will die ganze Welt bereisen. Alle schoenen Orte, Kulturen und Menschen kennen lernen und sehn / I wanna travel around the World and see all the beautiful places, culture and peoples
I like to listen to: Jeden Tag was anderes, kommt auf mein gefuel drauf an / Everyday something different, up to my mood
I like to watch: Fussball und Konzerte / Soccer and concerts
I like to smell: Wenn Regen auf Asphalt trifft / The smell when rain meets asphalt
I like to taste: Alles was ich noch nie probiert habe / Everything I've never tried before
I like to feel: Den atem von einem andern an meinem Hals / The breath from someone else on my neck
favourite part of my body: Meine Brueste. Sie sind einfach schoen / My boobs. They are just beautiful.
favourite part of someone else's body: Die Augen, das Fenster zu der Sehle / The eyes, the window to the soul
Why i shot myself: Ich will allen zeigen das es egal ist wie man aus sieht. Man kan sich trotzdem wohl fuelen / I wanna show everyone that it doesn't matter how you look like. You just have to feel comfortable
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Mein Boss / My Boss
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Jeder einzelne Person. Weil wir alle wunderschon sind / Every single Person. Because we're all beautiful
Most outrageous thing I have done: Zu illegal zu erzaehlen / Too illegal to tell ;)
Bands I like: I prefer more instrumental music like Medicine for the People, Nahko Bear, John Butler and Xavier Rudd :)
Films I like: Many different ones