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I'm 21 and a model. I am super confident, well at times. Like everyone I have my off days but I do try and love everything about me. I'm happy, confident but sometimes reckless. Oh my, do I love being naked. Just being able to walk and lay down with no clothes on is the best. After all, no pants are the best pants!

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04 Feb 17
ZIP - 37|52M
birthplace: Box Hill, Melbourne
currently living in: Whittlesea
occupation: Brand Ambassador
age: 21
height: 160cm
relationship status: Have a partner
starsign: Cancer
biggest passion in my life: I would have to say sport. Whether I'm playing or just watching, you cannot get enough sport
I like to listen to: You cannot tell me that you don't like to listen to the ocean. Beautiful
I like to watch: I love to watch horror movies!! The intensity and mystery it brings. I love it
I like to smell: The thing I love to smell most is most definitely candles
I like to taste: Risotto. I love my chicken risotto!!
I like to feel: Freshly washed sheets, fingers through my hair and a hot shower
favourite part of my body: My favourite part of my body would have to be my eyes and lips for sure
favourite part of someone else's body: A smooth male's chest is definitely my favourite part of the body
Why i shot myself: Because I think there needs to be more real nudity in the world. We hide our bodies way too much.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Oh gosh. I would not like to see Donald Trump shoot himself. Agree?
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Cara Delevinge or/and Katy Perry. Just imagine it
Most outrageous thing I have done: Had an affair, 3 years later and I'm actually still with him. We are officially together
Bands I like: I love a bit of rock music so it's difficult to narrow it down to one band but I would have to say The Pretty Reckless
Books I like: I don't read that much. But true stories is usually something I would go to first
Films I like: Don't Breathe, The Other Woman, No Reservations and heaps of others :)