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As an artist I've seen my share of female nudes. Some are docile male fantasies, others are unapologetic feminist statements of subjecthood. Shooting myself was an exercise in the latter. Joining the ISM movement was a deliberate choice to align myself with other strong and unashamed women, who I see in other ISM images and also in my day-to-day life. I am a feminist and a performer, and every opportunity I take to show my real, fleshy naked body is a statement that I own myself, I am proud of myself and I will not apologise for myself.

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02 Feb 17
ZIP - 43|61M
birthplace: Adelaide, Australia
occupation: Creative
age: 26
height: 162cm
biggest passion in my life: Art and performance
I like to listen to: Birds in a forest outside a tent first thing in the morning
I like to watch: People expressing affection for others
I like to smell: Smoke from a party that I'm about to get to, new notebooks - the smell of the yet-to-be
I like to taste: The alcohol in my cocktails
I like to feel: Music coursing through my body
favourite part of my body: I love my face, collarbones and boobs!
favourite part of someone else's body: Anyone's eyes when they're laughing
Why i shot myself: To treat my body as the art that it is; to be unashamed of nakedness
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Some of my closest friends - I'd love to see them love themselves
Most outrageous thing I have done: Possibly doing my ISM shoot!
Bands I like: Alt-J, Sam & Dave, Laura Marling, Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes
Books I like: Harry Potter, Orlando, Burlesque theory texts
Films I like: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Blues Brothers