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I think as a young woman I have gone through many stages of learning to love myself. I have always loved being naked and felt comfortable taking my clothes off for and in front of people. I've always found the naked body so beautiful and intriguing. I remember as a very young child I would always take a sneaky perve at all the girls and women in the change room, I couldn't help myself I just thought female body was so mesmerising and beautiful. As an artist I have found myself becoming more attracted to art projects that involve nudity. Recently I did a nude dance project with 7 other people both male, trans and female. Being naked in a room full of 7 different naked bodies that came in all shapes and sizes was life changing for me. I definitely left with a deeper sense of self love and appreciated for how different yet truly wonderful we all are.

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21 Jan 17
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06 Nov 17
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birthplace: Melbourne
occupation: Dance Artist
age: 22
height: 168cm
starsign: Pisces/Aries cusp baby
biggest passion in my life: Making performance art and bringing love and joy into people's lives
I like to listen to: Anything bluesy and soulful but Etta James is my girl
I like to watch: Crime shows, true and fiction
I like to smell: Essential oils, fresh sheets and the rain before it falls
I like to taste: Obsessed with the taste of Whittaker's coconut chocolate
I like to feel: My girlfriend's soft skin and the Ralph Lauren jumper I took from lost property
favourite part of my body: I'm loving my breasts more and more the older I get
favourite part of someone else's body: My girlfriend's and past lovers lovehandles and the middle of someone's back
Why i shot myself: To fall more in love with seeing all of myself naked
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Nobody, everyone is beautiful
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My mum and all of my friends
Most outrageous thing I have done: Learning to love myself fully
Bands I like: My favorite artist is Yvonne Rainer
Books I like: Never really got into books, I prefer to read art papers and articles
Films I like: Room, Candy, Virgin Suicides and Normal Adolescent Behaviour

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