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Growing up with just myself and two males, I was always taught to cover up and that any display of my body was wrong. Now as an adult, it's somewhat impossible to keep clothes on me. I love every inch of my body and want to express how free I feel in showing it off.

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26 Jan 17
ZIP - 50|72M
birthplace: London, United Kingdom
occupation: Bartender
age: 23
starsign: Gemini
biggest passion in my life: Writing. One day I'll drop it all, move to Japan and write a novel
I like to listen to: The rain, Nina Simone or both at the same time...
I like to watch: People undressing
I like to smell: Breakfast and coffee being made whilst still in bed
I like to taste: The first toke on a big ol' joint. And another's skin
I like to feel: Closeness to another. My abs aching from laughing
favourite part of my body: BOOBS
favourite part of someone else's body: The mouth and shoulders. Two favourite places to kiss
Why i shot myself: To feel SEXY and FREE in a safe environment among other powerful girls
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who wasn't into it
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: All girls who have been told that it's wrong!
my website/fav website: Brown Cardigan
Most outrageous thing I have done: Quitting my job and moving to Guatemala with a guy I had known for 2 weeks.
Bands I like: Anything from Rage Against the Machine to Usher
Books I like: Anything by Haruki Murakami
Films I like: Studio Ghibli, god awful rom coms, and gory horrors