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I don't often have the courage to really be the person I am. At least not all the time, and not in all aspects and situations. So I look for outlets, for moments, places, where I can express myself. When I take my clothes off, I feel like I am removing layers, and revealing my raw, true self. When we are naked, we are all the same. What I have or haven't achieved matters not. I just am. It's a relief.

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birthplace: Blue Mountains
currently living in: Inner North of Melbourne
occupation: Therapist
age: 26
height: 176cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Pisces
biggest passion in my life: Wellness. I'm always striving to find all things in life that bring health and happiness
I like to listen to: Native Australian birds
I like to watch: People laughing uncontrollably
I like to smell: Pine trees. They remind me of Christmas as a child
I like to taste: The first mango of the season
I like to feel: Water around my body
favourite part of my body: My shoulder blades
favourite part of someone else's body: I appreciate strong and beautiful hands
Why i shot myself: Because I think there needs to be more real nudity in the world. We hide our bodies way too much.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who felt completely uncomfortable with the idea of it. Though I think most people if they gave themselves the chance, would enjoy taking nude photo's of themselves
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Everyone. I wish everyone could share their beautiful bodies
my website/fav website: Youtube, for music, and I'll admit, funny cat videos
Most outrageous thing I have done: Possibly this project. Though it doesn't feel outrageous...it feels completely natural.
Bands I like: So many. But to name a few: Angus and Julia Stone, John Butler, Apparat, Moderat, The Cinematic Orchestra, Fat Freddy's Drop, Flight Facilities, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd
Books I like: Harry Potter, Wild, 1984
Films I like: Amelie, Lantana, Before Sunrise

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