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I felt this shoot was a fantastic opportunity to share my childish and fun side. I don't take myself too seriously so I have no issues sharing my body. I believe in fun and being comfortable in your own skin. I think we all need to remember that as we grow older we can still hold onto that child-like sense of innocence and wonder. No matter what you do, whether it's eating ice cream, going to the Zoo, or dressing up like a Princess. Just have fun!

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17 Dec 16
ZIP - 46|64M
birthplace: Hobart
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Illustrator
age: 30
height: 5'1"
relationship status: Single but practicing "casual love"
starsign: Sagittarius
biggest passion in my life: Art and my friends
I like to listen to: Trams, they sound so happy!
I like to watch: Netflix, preferably on the couch with a blankie and a tub of chocolate ice cream
I like to smell: Fresh rain during a sun shower
I like to taste: Do I have to choose just one thing? ;)
I like to feel: Trusted and loved by my friends
favourite part of my body: My heart
favourite part of someone else's body: Their mind
Why i shot myself: Because it seemed like cheeky fun, and I enjoy cheeky fun
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Anyone who isn't having fun
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Anyone comfortable enough with themselves to do it
my website/fav website: FetLife
Most outrageous thing I have done: Locked myself out of my apartment one night wearing nothing but my underwear
Bands I like: Halestorm, Paramore, In This Moment
Books I like: Erotic fantasy and crime thrillers
Films I like: Outrageous action movies from the 90's

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