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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: SHIVA
Shiva's joie de vivre shines through in her luminous primary folio, "northern_light". Natural elements - wood, flowers, water, sun - are brought together in a playful reinterpretation of the Japanese tea ceremony, taking place on the landscape of Shiva's bare skin. For capturing the joy of creative erotic play and infecting us with a contagious smile, we award September's Art Prize to Shiva. Congratulations!
$250 prize!
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Editors Pick week 624
editors pick week 624

Artist: LILLY_S
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Artist name: Willo
Birthplace: auckland, NZ
Currently living in: Melbourne, VIC.
Occupation: Stripper
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Weight: 67kg
Starsign: Leo
The biggest passion in my life: Sharing love and feeling loved
I like to listen to: People with funny laughs
I like to watch: Silent Films with Charlie Chaplin and Louise Brooks
I like to smell: Pine trees, because of the song "Where did You Sleep Last Night?" by Leadbelly

New Releases

Oct 13, 2015 Willo//"inner_nymph" vote to hitlist
"This folio contains me frolicking around a creek naked, and in my room playing with my lace curtains while my boyfriend sleeps next to me (don't worry he isn't in any of these images). Fact: I managed to get grass stuck between my butt cheeks whilst shooting. This shoot was mostly nature based and allowed me to embrace my inner nymph. If you like fairies with fat rolls you have come to the right place. Watch me play with nature and morning sunlight. I love the sunlight touching my skin and the flowers match my hair. I love playing with the beauty of natural light, the plants around me and freezing my butt off during the shoot. Also embracing my flaws whilst creating an innocent and warm aesthetic."
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Oct 12, 2015 Veronica_G//"cheeky_chequer"
"This was done around behind my house in a little alley way. My cat came and watched me and looked out for other people. The harness I wore is one of my favourite things from Hopeless Lingere. I like to wear it under tops and dresses and feel the slight constraint and pressure it puts on me in all the right places. The aesthetic is pleasing to me and I love the feeling around my neck. I also just love my pretty glitter shoes so they had to make an appearance too!"
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Oct 12, 2015 Max_M//"the_firmament" vote to hitlist
"J'ai decide de faire le shoot dans ma chambre, ayant un grand mirror et une vue magnifique je me suis dit autant en profiter! J'ai pensee que ca me prendrais une heure max mais finalement ce shoot ce sera fait sur plusieurs jours. Je suis plutot contente de ces photos et surtout je me suis beaucoup amuse en les prennants./ I decided to take the pictures in my room. Having a massive mirror and a beautiful view, I thought it was best to take advantage of it! I thought it was going to take me an hour and I ended up doing the shoot for many hours over a few days. I'm pretty happy with the photos and I had fun doing it."
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Oct 11, 2015 Laura_N//"the_long_way"
"Als ich von der Arbeit kam, nahm ich nicht den direkten Weg nach Hause, sondern einen Umweg, der mich durch einen kleinen Park fuehrte. Die Sonne schien schon den ganzen Tag und die Stadt war richtig aufgeheizt. Da entdeckte ich einen schoenen Platz zwischen ein paar Baeumen. Der sah einladend aus! Ich musste ueber den Zaun klettern, dann legte ich mich auf meine Decke. Ziemlich gut versteckt von den Baumen schien es der perfekte Platz zu sein, um mich auszuziehen und davon ein paar Fotos zu machen. Ziemlich aufregend, wenn man jederzeit erwischt werden koennte! Leider hat mich keiner gesehen, obwohl eine Menge Leute vorbeikamen.../On my way back home from work I didn't go straight but took a longer way, which lead me through a little park. The sun had been shining all day long and the city was really heated up. Then I spotted a beautiful place surrounded by some trees. Looked inviting! I had to climb the fence and then I lay down on my blanket. Pretty well hidden, it seemed to be a perfect place to get undressed and take some pictures of that. Wow, exciting when you could be caught anytime! Too bad that no one saw me although a lot of people passed..."
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Oct 11, 2015 Nicole_G//"secret_sundaze" vote to hitlist
"Today I did a shoot outside, there was a slight breeze as you can tell but it was lovely in the sun. I went to a grassy hill near a creek just a minute's walk away from a public park, which was thrilling! I don't like creepy crawlys much but I found myself feeling inspired by the nature around me and I felt very comfortable being amongst it. I'd love to take more outdoor photos soon, maybe somewhere with ferns and more greenery."
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Oct 10, 2015 Anais_Miller//"remodeling" vote to hitlist
"I've shoot myself during a month where I got some new tattoos and some hairdo changes. I love working with my body but I love taking selfies even more because I get to know myself pretty well than before. I did a stomach bariatric surgery 2 years ago and since then I've been working as alt model and getting to know more about my body changes."
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Oct 09, 2015 Nancy_O//"lovespell"
"I seduced myself! I started shooting in the backyard on a sunny autumn day, rolling around on the couch and sheets like a cat in the sun. With red lips, pearls and black lingerie, I saw myself as a suburban burlesque queen. It was a thrilling experience, especially when the sound of the hose from an unassuming neighbour started up! Since that day I've felt more sensual, free and beautiful, and the creative buzz has inspired me to explore more erotic themes in my writing."
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Oct 09, 2015 Sapphi//"joy_of_being" vote to hitlist
"I experimented in my apartment with wearing things that make me feel sexy, like my red body harness, fishnet stockings and sparkly blue nipple tassles. I soon decided I needed to go outdoors and set off to a nearby park. It was so exhilarating to be naked outdoors for the first time, but I had to duck for cover every time I heard people coming! It was so much fun, I found myself giggling out loud at the sheer cheekiness of it all! Looking at the images afterwards, I exclaimed to my partner ‘This is so cool - you can see all my flaws!’, he replied ‘They’re not flaws, they’re features’."
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Oct 08, 2015 sundari//"sub_rosa" vote to hitlist
I'd never taken a selfie before, this was my first time! I had to do this shoot in secrecy as I'm staying with family right now. They were all watching TV in the other room while I snuck away to have some fun! I had some funky music playing and just had fun experimenting. I tried to keep this real and authentic, which is why the bedroom looks messy! I loved doing shots with the mirror. I'm happy I did this shoot!
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