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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: VENA_S
Folio: "DHARMA"
Congratulations Vena_S for winning the Art Prize for May!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 666
editors pick week 666

Folio: "HAND_IN_HAND_1"
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Caity Ophelia_B Anais_L
Artist name: Cecilia_B
Birthplace: Yeadon, PA, United States
Currently living in: The World
Occupation: World Traveler
Age: 30
Height: 5'0"
Starsign: Sagittarius
The biggest passion in my life: Travelling to explore other cultures
I like to listen to: Songs that I can sing out loud while driving
I like to watch: Fire embers sparkling on a chilly night
I like to smell: Coffee in a french press and bacon on a griddle

New Releases

Jun 29, 2016 Redbird//"leaf_butt"
"Here I reintroduce Reddy, my beloved red arm chair (despite some protest from Zelda, the cat princess I live with) who makes an appearance to re-claim her seat. While playing a tune on a tiny harmonica, I reflect on my years with ISM and realise that not a whole lot has changed since my first folio and that is undeniably comforting."
video  |   Primary
Jun 29, 2016 Cecilia_B//"indigo_mood" vote to hitlist
"This was so challenging! I'm not near my place and I don't have many things with me since I'm traveling. I was afraid to offend my friend who I am staying with, so I had to keep it all a secret, too. Then first bunch of photos was easy. Then I ran out of ideas. At some point I realized zooming in on things at odd angles was really fun. Since I am so short, it's hard to get a full shot of myself. And I only had a little mirror. What an experience! I hope some ladies out there to see me who didn't put a ton of effort into manicuring anything to be "perfect" like you see in porn or the media. We need to team up together and just be ourselves."
photos  |   Primary
Jun 28, 2016 Anouk_L//"berry_squishy" vote to hitlist
"The location of the photoshoot was a park full of native plants, right next to a creek. It was picnic themed with cupcakes and fruits. It got a little messy towards the end and I ended up smelling like strawberries! There was a bicycle track very close by so there were people constantly going past - little did they know that there was a nymph amongst the trees."
photos  |   Primary
Jun 27, 2016 Lila_J//"pastural"
"Walking through bush land in my home town I came across an amazing rusty fence accompanied by straw-like grass. I just couldn't resist taking my clothes off in the sun and letting the amazing light hit my body. This is my first outdoor shoot and I was excited to be so out in the open. There is something so liberating about being nude in nature. For a while I have day dreamed of sun baking in tall grass with blue sky and for this shoot it was for filled!"
photos  |   Reload
Jun 27, 2016 Sophie_T//"vaper_wave" vote to hitlist
"I choose to shoot in my room with my plants as this is where I feel most comfortable with myself. I decided to use the leather collar and nipple clamps because I bought the collar recently and I love it and never want to take it off! I feel comfortable expressing my sexuality and thought it would be fun to incorporate this into my shoot. It was quite a cold day and I felt very unmotivated and unsexy at first because I was reluctant to take my clothes off and be cold, but once I started I had a lot of fun!"
photos  |   Primary
Jun 26, 2016 Alicia_S//"sky_lit" vote to hitlist
"I participated to the project because I wanted to discover a bit more about myself and the feeling of being naked in front of a camera. I wish I had more time to do the shooting, as I wanted to use some paint to decor myself but I couldn't, due to my busy life! I had told myself not to look at the pics, since I thought I'd be very picky, but I did and surprisingly enough I actually liked myself in a lot of those pictures, so it means this photoshoot has done his job!"
photos  |   Primary
Jun 25, 2016 Claudia_E//"powerpuff"
"Growing up, there was always a massive taboo surrounding nudity. I wasn't brought up in an environment where I could be open with my body. Taking nude pictures of myself was something I'd never done before, and I didnt know what to expect. I was able to express myself in a way I never had and it couldn't have been a more positive experience! My first folio left me wanting more, so here I am!"
photos  |   Reload
Jun 25, 2016 Nazz//"feminature" vote to hitlist
Nazz is one of the most colourful and dynamic individuals you'll ever meet. On this gorgeous sunny morning she went forth on a naked romp in the park and was kind enough to document her adventures for your viewing pleasure! Accompanied by the delightful Junipur, Nazz picked flowers, climbed trees, and naked army rolled her way around the gardens. Getting caught by strangers in the process only strengthened her confidence and she remained as always, unapologetically present.
photos  |   Primary
Jun 24, 2016 Ophelia_B & Alex_S//"hand_in_hand_1"
"What better way to spend a wet weather day than inside making intimate art with your best friend? It was a lot of fun to play with my partner, and Iím not camera shy so it was quite a turn on for me. We had a close call when minutes after we wrapped up my brother came home, but I donít think he suspected anything."
photos  |   Duet
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