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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: LOVISA_G
Lovisa_G proves herself equally skilled as a model and photographer in her standout primary folio "Lilac_Skies". The embodiment of a Gothic queen, she emerges from cerulean darkness, features defined in stark chiaroscuro. In awe of her icy elegance, we get down on our knees to offer up a much deserved $250 Art Prize and invite Lovisa_G to rule IShotMyself for the winter.
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 630
editors pick week 630

Artist: ELSA_H
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Artist name: Kitty_L
Birthplace: Venezuela
Age: 23
The biggest passion in my life: Mi gata/My cat
I like to listen to: Las anécdolas sexuales de mis amigas/My friends's sexual anecdotes
I like to watch: Fotos viejas de cuando era niña/Old photos from when I was a child
I like to smell: El olor particular de los chicos que me atraen/The particular smell of the boys I like

New Releases

Nov 26, 2015 Kitty_L//"exteriores" vote to hitlist
"I shotmyself outdoors, by the side of a river. At times I was hidding behind a rock because a group of people were approaching. Then I was a bit unconfortable having them nearer and nearer so I decided to get dress again (fortunately I had half of my clothes on when this happend). I had to wait for a while until they left so I could continue shooting myself without observers. I guess those people were wondering "what is this girl doing by herself, dressed like this by the side of the river?"
photos  |   Primary
Nov 25, 2015 angelica_b//"angelic_chats_1" Video
As Summer draws closer, the beautiful Angelica returns to ISM with a new two part video series. Join her for chats about life, boobs and an experience with twin sisters. And despite shooting out in a seemingly quiet farm, cars seem to not be able to get enough of Angerlica as they are zooming by constantly!
video  |   Primary
Nov 25, 2015 Grace_B//"HopSkipJump" vote to hitlist
"This shoot went too quickly! I wanted to capture myself doing something I love to do every day - tanning! I love lying out in the backyard but have never stripped off fully before when doing it. I felt so relaxed and free. The funny thing about this shoot is about half way through, my neighbor decided to start trimming her hedge right at my fence. I thought it'd be best to go inside at that point. Recently I've found the best way to cool down and get some wind in my face is a quick jump on my trampoline. Unfortunately, it's in my front yard so it was a bit risky to be jumping completely nude! Either way, I had so much fun hanging around on top of, next to and underneath my trampoline taking photos. I also discovered how nice and cool the shaded grass is on my body underneath it."
photos  |   Primary
Nov 24, 2015 Rose_S//"epiphany" vote to hitlist
"I did this shoot because I believe if an opportunity comes to you, you shouldn't pass it up so quickly. Most people would say no to something like this instantly, but really, if you think about it, why shouldn't we be open about things like this? I didn't see any harm in doing it. I have had past personal experiences that have made me closed to things like this, but this time I thought, "I shouldn't continue to live that way, I want to be free again"."
photos  |   Primary
Nov 23, 2015 Armeya//"beneficence"
"I felt very decadent and luxurious in this shoot. I made myself a cubby house outside with the clothes line. I was feeling tender and joyful to be in the sunshine and in nature. The deep red materials, blood red beetroot juice (which I had an accident with on my rug) reflected my sensual side, and the wild print reflected my wild animal side that I am feeling coming out of me lately. I'm sticking up for myself and saying no and YES!"
photos  |   Reload
Nov 23, 2015 Evelyn_S//"fancy_me" vote to hitlist
"I shot myself at home, when nobody was there. I wanted to share the way I look in my dress and shoes, and then show my entire nude beauty. I borrowed a mirror from a friend, because I've always liked the frame of that mirror, but I didn't tell her the real purpose... a little secret!"
photos  |   Primary
Nov 22, 2015 Anita_C//"gazely_stare" vote to hitlist
"The shoot itself was fun! I loved being in control of all the angles and getting up close to all parts of my body I often forget about. It made me feel accepting of my breasts which before the shoot I had always criticized and viewed as 'ugly' when in actual fact they are beautiful just as they are. I experimented with different types of lighting, props and themes such as flowers and tinted lights. It was a very empowering feeling. By the end of the shoot I felt a extreme sense of acceptance and love for my body. It makes me want to empower myself and other woman to also be accepting of their body and not give in to what society tries to tell woman."
photos  |   Primary
Nov 21, 2015 Ale//"warrior_princess"
"It was fun in the forest. I had some little problems, but in the end I didn't notice the problem in front of fun because the music was playing and I started to make photos. Some dogs appeared and I was afraid. I took a small axe that I chop some wood for fire and I put it up and scream to look taller and dominated. In the mud I really had fun and I felt like something non-uman who tries to put a mud-shield for mosquitos, and incredible it worked. I had fun and after I finished with the photos, a big surprize came which I worked in time I made photos... barbeque! 20 minutes relaxing with a Redd's Mojito on a pillow and after this I called a taxi and I came home very tired and with a great smile on my face."
photos  |   Reload
Nov 21, 2015 Valentina_V//"plein_de_vie" vote to hitlist
"Cette experience etait tres fun , je recommencerai surement car le fait de faire des photos nue dans un parc est tres marrant, et le fait de poser en selfie est tres rassurant. Je suis tres excitee de faire une autre serie de photo dans des endroit un peu plus insolites peut etre! j ai adore ca! / This experience was very fun, I will start probably with the fact of making nude photos in a park is very funny, and the asking in selfie is very reassuring. I am very horny to make another series of pictures in a little more unusual place can be! I have loved it!"
photos  |   Primary
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