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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: SHONY
Folio: "ART_ANGEL"
Lights, camera, action! This month, Shony proved it doesn't take daring feats of public nudity to take out the Art Prize; conquering our hearts from the comfort of her bedroom. Her true beauty shines from within, but it's her undeniable skills with her camera that allow her to share it so eloquently. Congratulations, Shony, January's Art Prize is all yours!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 645
editors pick week 645

Folio: "ALL_TIED_UP"
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Artist name: Samantha_T
Birthplace: England
Occupation: Waitress/Bartender/Traveler
Age: 20
Height: 170cm
The biggest passion in my life: Art
I like to listen to: Electric music taste, mainly old school (60, 70s and 80s) Rock, Dance, Classical & Electro
I like to watch: I love to people watch whilst I do nothing, a sudden calm among cognitive chaos
I like to smell: Grass when its just been cut- fresh like a summers day

New Releases

Feb 14, 2016 Samantha_T//"Iznik" vote to hitlist
"It was the creative aspect of IShotMyself that enticed me to contribute. I enjoyed being able to decide for myself which location to shoot in, which props and which theme to go with in the shoot. I had a perfect garden setting so I wanted to create a tea-party effect, then I wanted to go a step further and make myself look like a porcelain pot or garden cherub. When I was making my project I found out how hard it is to photograph my body on my own, and to portray the ideas I had in my head through the camera. IShotMyself encouraged me to play around, investigate and find out what shapes I was capable of making. It was hard to capture the obvious cherub poses while expressing my sexy side, but I took on the challenge head on and enjoyed the shots I came out with. A good opportunity to push my boundaries and get creative."
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Feb 13, 2016 Laura_B//"smaragdgrun"
"I drove around with the car and parked at a pretty dead place. Then I started to take nude photos of myself in the car. The funny thing about it was that there were sometimes a few people with their dogs and I had to put on my jacket for a while until they were gone. I felt pretty comfortable during the shoot even though there were people around./Ich bin mit dem Auto herum gefahren und hab mich auf einen verlassenen Park gestellt. Dann hab ich Nacktfotos von mir gemacht. Wizig war, dass doch des oefteren Autos oder Hunde spaziergaenger vorbei kamen und ich mich des oefteren wieder kurz angezogen habe. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefuehlt waehrend des shoots obwohl manchmal leute drum herum waren."
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Feb 13, 2016 Giava//"point_of_view" vote to hitlist
"I shot myself on a rooftop, and the view up there was stunning. I was able to see all the city and the surrounding suburbs. I had lots of fun! The floor was a bit muddy and I got dirt all over my body but I think they colour looks nice on my skin. I was a bit shy at the begining because everyone could possibly see me but after a little while I became really confident. It was a great experience."
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Feb 12, 2016 Ellabella//"hearts_ease"
"For this shoot I was focused on my peaceful surroundings; using the shady trees, decrepit bench and even the window as a reflective surface. I feel most comfortable in my garden, and being naked is something I find myself often doing whilst there. ISM is making me realise just how comfortable I really am. Love ya ISM. xxx"
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Feb 12, 2016 //"" vote to hitlist
"I thought I'd keep it real and shoot in my bedroom like I do when I'm have a drink, listening to music and talking to boys on my phone. It usually leads to exchanging selfies and it's so much fun. Although once my housemate walked in on me and caught an eyeful - it was quite exciting!"
photos  |   Primary
Feb 11, 2016 Klara//"halcyon_days" vote to hitlist
"I shot myself in my apartment on a nice, sunny afternoon. I had some wine, chocolate and the whole place to myself. I shot a few photos on my balcony but it was so hot I think I burnt my bum a few times. I lost myself in the shoot and stopped feeling like I was naked. I felt excited, like I was wearing a new outfit."
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Feb 10, 2016 katie_z//"forest_treats_2" Video
Katie graces our screens for the second time with her all natural beauty. As she soaks in more afternoon sunshine, the lovely Katie continues to share more intimate and embarrassing stories!
video  |   Primary
Feb 10, 2016 Frida_A//"devoted" vote to hitlist
I loved to take the pictures and I loved the project. I felt completely comfortable in doing it as I'm completely comfortable in my body - I've had to work on that my whole life but it seems like I managed. I hope the project is successful./Mi sono divertita moltissimo a scattare, mi sono sentita a mio agio e spero che il progetto stia avendo successo."
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Feb 09, 2016 Laura_P//"morning_ritual" vote to hitlist
"For this folio I decided to document my morning routine, which is my most beloved and sacred part of the day. It also helped that I already spend this portion of the day naked. I think my favourite photos involved unplanned and spontaneous moments. Like when I was taking photos of myself eating cereal and dropped some onto my stomach, which I hope others agree is very cute and sexy. Without a doubt the best unplanned thing that happened was when I was masturbating with my electric toothbrush and had to drop the camera on the couch because I started coming in about 60 seconds and then squirted all over the couch and floor. It was quite unexpected but I was over the moon, both for myself and the shoot. "
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