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Artist: LOU_Z

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Editors Pick week 707
editors pick week 707

Artist: LUCY_P
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Artist name: Luella
Birthplace: London, United Kingdom
Occupation: Adventurer
Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Happiness
I like to listen to: UK funky house
I like to watch: Netflix
I like to smell: Fresh air

New Releases

Apr 30, 2017 Amberella//"lilypads"
"This was my third ISM project. It's been four years since my last one and I was so happy to do it again! This time I had a lovely outdoor setting, with different colours, plants and textures. Being outside felt very natural, depite the challenging weather. I would encourage anyone to do it, it's very liberating!"
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Apr 30, 2017 Luella//"languescent"
"Taking part in I shot myself made me feel good about myself in multiple ways. It boosted my self confidence even more, I saw myself in a different way and I feel like I've grown more as a person and become more accepting of others too. I wanted to do something like this to show other women that everyone is built differently and we should be accepting of ourselves no matter what. ISM stands for everything I believe in and body confidence is top of the list!"
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Apr 29, 2017 Lilly_P//"pinky_promise"
"I've done an ISM shoot before, but found it much easier this time around to come up with new ideas for poses and photos. As ever, it was a wonderful feeling to shoot my naked body unashamed. Overall it was a fab time. And I do like my new hair!"
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Apr 29, 2017 Ryan_M//"mornings"
"I always feel most confident in the mornings straight after waking up, feeling fresh, relaxed and usually rocking some awesome bed hair. So I decided that it was at this time that I would reach for the camera and document how I looked on different mornings, whether that was bare faced, with half my make up on from the day before, or with a new pimple right in plain site. Despite my best efforts my cat managed to sneak into the shoot, but since her coming in my room to cuddle/attack me in the mornings is part of my daily routine I felt it fit and included her in some of the photos."
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Apr 28, 2017 Talia_P//"wild_love"
"I absolutely adore the outdoors and nature, very natural, just like my body. This is why "I shot myself" in a more natural environment of a local forested park. Showing off my natural body in nature's wild wilderness. In this environment I feel most confident, energetic and adventurous! Become a free spirit, join the wild, be confident, be free, be happy in your own skin."
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Apr 27, 2017 Frieda_Gates//"one_by_one"
"This shoot was done in my backyard - amongst scratchy grass and millions of ants. My cat even joined me at one point. I'm fairly sure innocent people riding their bikes on the bike path next to my yard caught a glimpse of me (a wacky naked woman), but that was part of the thrill. Hopefully the calm that I was feeling at the time translates through the images."
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Apr 26, 2017 sondrine//"ilovemyself_2"
There's an art to making the perfect toasted sanger, and part of the trick is to remove all your clothes before you start. Don't question why, it's just one of those things. Sondrine reminds me of a Rennaissance seraphim, flitting about the landscape naked, making everything more pretty.
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Apr 26, 2017 Heidi_A//"my_own_skin"
"The shoot was very interesting and scary at the same time. Once that towel dropped and a few shots down, I felt very comfortable in the naked form. The actual location of the shoot was on a rooftop overlooking my favourite city, which reminds me a lot of London where I live. At one point I really overcame my fear of being seen naked. The apartment complex is new and has the odd viewing, I wasn't expecting there to be a viewing so I was pretty shocked when a woman walked onto the rooftop and got more than she bargained for! I felt flustered but also proud as I conquered my fear. The rest of the shoot was trying out new angles and I found that I was at ease in my own skin."
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Apr 25, 2017 Aisha_B//"sensual_side"
"Being comfortable in my own skin is not a given from day to day, some days I feel gorgeous and there are others that I feel completely inadequate. As I've grown I recognise that I like myself more and more in my natural tones and shapes, and have less negativity towards my perceived imperfections. This project was great as it allowed me to explore a sensual side of myself that I don't often showcase."
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