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The ISM Art Prize

Mia muses in magenta. Turning her camera to her body, she discovers its rawness through a new lens. She breaks plant stems to release the foamy sap, letting it mingle with intimate hairs and pinching the stems between her toes. Fluffy cream smears over her bellybutton, lipstick brightens lips, coconut oil readies her partner for a massage. Thank you Mia _Tszaki, for giving us a glimpse into your special stripe of the colour spectrum, and congratulations on winning April's Art Prize!
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Editors Pick week 658
editors pick week 658

Artist: CALLI
Folio: "CALYPSO"
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Artist name: Jacinta_F
Birthplace: Santiago
Occupation: Business administration
Age: 26
Height: 162cm
Starsign: Tauro
The biggest passion in my life: Mi familia, daría todo por ellos/My family, I would give up everything for them
I like to listen to: El mar, lo mejor para dormir /The sea, the best to get to sleep
I like to watch: Personas en calles transitadas/People in busy streets
I like to smell: Lavanda, me recuerda las bositas para la ropa de mi abuela/Reminds me of my grandma

New Releases

May 06, 2016 bonny//"free_flow"
"It was mid April around Cunungra in South East Queensland. Just at the end of the warm weather, however the water was freeeezing! I got used to it after a while but my feet went a little numb. I used my Canon 7D camera with a remote control to fire the shutter. My dog and my friend's dog followed me to the river for the shoot, and while I was concentrating on shooting, the dogs hid my pants and I could not find them so I had to walk back to the house in just boots and a t-shirt! It took a while to do the shoot and by the end I was busting for a pee, so suddenly I thought to myself, "maybe guys would be interested in seeing a girl pee?" and I took a photo of it. Hope you like it guys and it's not too rude!"
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May 06, 2016 Jacinta_F//"tres_lugares" vote to hitlist
"My folio was performed in three locacionas: two beaches and a forest. In the first beach I had a problem with the camera, it would not work! So I had to postpone the session for the next day. In the forest was great but the not the most comfortable thing in the world, plants were fairly intrusive. Finally in the second beach I achieved total comfort, I even played with water!/Mi folio fue realizado en 3 locacionas, 2 playas y un bosque. En la primera playa tuve un problema con la camara, no queria funcionar! Asi que tuve que posponer la sesion para el dia siguiente. En el bosque fue genial pero no lo mas comodo del mundo. Las plantas eran bastante intrusas. Finalmente en la segunda playa logre comodidad total, incluso jugue con el agua!"
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May 05, 2016 Vena_S//"dharma" vote to hitlist
"Living in a gloriously feminine part of Australia inspired me to jump over my back fence and expose some countryside skin while being tickled by the grass and dodged by the cows. I absolutely loved the experience and the chance to unleash my creativity through a new medium that's all about womanly self-empowerment. And I think women should wear crowns of flowers way more often. We are all so beautiful!"
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May 04, 2016 Junipur//"sea_spell_2"
"There are lots of people at the nude beach today. I'm an introvert but I love that there are so many people around, because they're all naked too. We're all totally free, enjoying the sun and ocean. We have that much in common. There are lots of naked old men walking around, and that's an interesting sight to see. This is my first time at the nude beach so I've never seen anything like that before. I love being in the sun, but did you know that redheads absorb more vitamin C than non-ginger people? So I can't stay for very long or else I'll burn to a crisp."
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May 04, 2016 Sabrili//"kiss_kiss" vote to hitlist
"I was shooting in my house, in my housemate room, while she was at school, her room has more day light and the bed is beautiful for pictures. It was a little difficult to take those pictures because next to my apartment is a construction site, so I was very careful, no one will see me naked!/Eu estava atirando na minha casa, no meu quarto companheiro de casa, enquanto ela estava na escola, seu quarto tem mais luz do dia ea cama é bonito para fotos. Foi um pouco difícil de tomar essas fotos, porque ao lado do meu apartamento é um canteiro de obras, então eu estava muito cuidado, ninguém vai me ver nua!"
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May 03, 2016 Cassidy_S//"vitreous" vote to hitlist
"I made the folio in my apartment. I live with two guys who are nearly always at home, and also had a friend from Scotland staying in my room with me, so finding the time to myself for this was almost impossible! But somehow I managed to get it done. I tried to be original so I used a massive mirror and balanced myself in my window, careful not to fall into all of the junk my roommates had thrown outside. It was a super fun experience and totally worth it!"
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May 02, 2016 Ally_Belle//"prowess"
"For my shoot I decided to do a tropical/safari theme. I tried to incorporate as many colours and patterns as I could, such as leopard print in a range of different colours. I used flamingos too, as they’re one of my favourite birds. Unfortunately it was a bit cold and rainy on the day I did my shoot so I gathered my things and headed to my friend’s house, where I used her spare room. I had heaps of fun playing around with all my props and I was super excited when I saw that she had a tropical fish mirror which complemented my theme perfectly!"
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May 02, 2016 Daisy_A//"violaceous" vote to hitlist
"When I was shooting myself I wanted to focus on the lighting and the way it complemented my body positions in the photos. I sat mostly next to the window and placed the mirror up against the window to create the bright photos. I found it easier taking photos in the mirror as I was able to see what pose I was taking and how I could change it. I experimented with the mirrors, placing them on the floor so I was able to take many photos of my body from different angles."
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May 01, 2016 Celia_J//"divine_feminine" vote to hitlist
"I embraced my curves, the divine feminine, mother earth and her treasures. The experience was challenging, nerve racking, fun, flirtatious, creative and sensual. The weather was on my side for the hour I got down to the deserted beach. The sunshine came out to play and I found a beautiful mini waterfall, which was so peaceful."
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