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editors pick week 692

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Artist name: Essenden
Birthplace: Melbourne
Occupation: Dance Artist
Age: 22
Height: 168cm
Starsign: Pisces/Aries cusp baby
The biggest passion in my life: Making performance art and bringing love and joy into people's lives
I like to listen to: Anything bluesy and soulful but Etta James is my girl
I like to watch: Crime shows, true and fiction
I like to smell: Essential oils, fresh sheets and the rain before it falls

New Releases

Jan 21, 2017 Monica_G//"fueille"
"It was a very windy day - just managed to get a gap in the rain to shoot some photos in my backyard. The only problem I had was trying to dodge out of the builder’s viewing range next door. Crouching, bending and skipping around the garden, in the nude. There is just something about being naked that is so freeing, feeling the wind on my bare skin – there’s no way to describe how it feels. I started forgetting about the big trucks and cars driving past and felt myself being one with nature; it’s so calming and zen."
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Jan 21, 2017 selflove//"Essenden"
"This shoot has taken me on a journey of new found self love. As a dancer I am forced to look and judge my body and am always trying to achieve something more desired. This project helped and allowed me to be exposed to my fullest but within the comfort of my own framing. It was surprising to me how quickly I said "fuck it" just take every photo from every angle, someone will love it even if you don't. What was the best was that towards the end I did loved every photo and every angle of myself! Thank you ISM! 'She didn't need to be saved. She needed to be found and appreciated for exactly what she was". J. IRON WORD'"
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Jan 20, 2017 Sigi_Lou//"bluff"
"During the process of taking the pictures I realised that being naked is not something to be frowned upon as it really boosted my confidence, it was such an exhilarating experience. The female body is beautiful no matter what shape or size or colour. I chose the car for my shoot because of the colour. I also used some red underwear. To me red is a symbol of sexuality and love and I wanted to express that through the photos. I think red represents confidence for me. I love nature and being outside, I would prefer to be outside than indoors. Even if its cold! I wanted to express my passion for nature through some shots. It was so relaxing and I felt really free, despite any strange looks people gave me. I have allergies and hay fever - rolling around in the grass gave me a rash but I was having so much fun I didn't care. I also chose to shoot some close ups of my legs and arms. My legs are my least favourite part of me but it was important to embrace them and realise I should love them and myself, I can't be anyone else."
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Jan 19, 2017 Nykie//"empowered"
"So with this project I felt like it was something I needed to do for myself. I am a person who has taken so many knock-backs not to do with me as a person but what I looked like, where I was from or my sexual orientation. The first obstacle that I needed to get over was that I lived with family and at home I am not able to freely express who I am in my entirety. So because I had that little problem I was able to contact a friend who is a cross-dresser and was okay with my nakedness as much as I was with myself. Because of that I was able to gain a sense of an even higher confidence and empowerment than I usually had. Imagine that you are already a unicorn but another unicorn was like "You know what? you are awesome" so it throws up on you. Pretty much describes it in one thing."
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Jan 18, 2017 idya//"butt_pride_1"
"This was my first time shooting a video for ishotmyself and all I have to say is, that was a bit awkward – hahaha - but very enjoyable. I really enjoyed it because I got the chance to express my views on the social standard of what is and isn't accepted. I'm not going to lie though, it was quite difficult in the area I was in to film full body shots but I got there in the end. I pushed through."
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Jan 18, 2017 Assia//"niente_paura"
"I needed to do this project and in the first few I thought "It's too much... what can I do?!" but when I checked my photos the first time I realised how many I'd already done and how quickly I got into it! It was funny because I got past my fears and it's always amazing when you do something you have never thought to do!"
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Jan 17, 2017 Ruby_Soho//"darling_bud"
"I did the shoot at my rose farm between the thorny beauties that I have spent my life picking and being a part of. I started finding new angles on my body I had never seen before. At the beginning I was ashamed of my back and my bum, I'd always dreamed of having an hour glass figure but as the shoot went on I started to realise that my body was perfect, as the universe and god had intended. It was a spiritually aligning experience which I had fun with. No fake art that needs to look perfect because we ARE perfect just the way we are. THANKS ISM!! XXX"
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Jan 16, 2017 Simona_M//"posie"
"My idea for this shoot came from spring being just around the corner. There's a contrast between two different locations, one representing winter - cold, wet, concrete - and the other representing spring - sunshine, nature, flowers blooming. I like the contrast between the cold and the warmth; saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. In winter, we cover up, shielding our bodies from the cold. When spring comes, it's a new beginning. The sun comes out, flowers start to bloom. There's a different feel in the air."
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Jan 16, 2017 Penny_L//"bouquet_garni"
"I have taken only a few selfies in my life and hate getting my photo taken. Needless to say, this shoot was a bit more challenging for me. Once I got the hang of what my face or body looked like in certain light and positions I was able to have a tonne of fun and feel comfortable. I am very glad to have taken these photos during this time in my life. Photos represent a specific time period in life and at this time while I am traveling, I would like to remember this as the time I was most independent, strong and empowered. These photos represent that in many ways and encourage me to always remember that."
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