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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: SILKE
A landslide vote this month makes Silke's pop-bam-wow folio, "Hallucinogene", our February Art Prize winner! Her intoxicatingly hot mess of color splashed onto our screens and made our hearts go "rawr", and her use of light, imagery and framing did the rest. Congratulations Silke!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 590
editors pick week 590

Artist: ANA_S
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Artist name: Saraya
Birthplace: Uruguay.
Age: 26.
The biggest passion in my life: Mi moto y todos los perros son mi pasión, en particular los mios/My motorbike and dogs, particularly mines.
I like to listen to: los pajaritos y el agua/the birds and the sound of water.
I like to watch: definitivamente hombres/men, definitely.
I like to smell: ese aroma que hay en los bosques/the woods.

New Releases

Mar 04, 2015 Saraya//"como_yo_soy" vote to hitlist
"Shooting myself has been a great experience. I shot myself at home, the most comfortable place I've known. I felt so natural, 'como Dios me trajo al mundo' (just like God brought me to the world). I don't have the chance to be naked at home all the time because I live with my sister, but now I would like to live alone so I can be naked whenever I want. Doing this made me feel really sexy and sensual."
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Mar 03, 2015 Sondrine//"shine_to_glass" vote to hitlist
"This shoot left me with 49 years of bad luck and an impressively deep gash in my shin! I wanted to not only express myself and my sexuality, but also express my creativity. The mirrors were a good way to vary the shots and make things interesting to look at, fragmenting my body and abstracting it, but maintaining the raw, natural look of my naked body. Although I've taken nudes of myself before and I'm confident with my body, this experience was completely different and it challenged me to open myself up completely in such a way."
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Mar 02, 2015 Lila_J//"elastic_heart"
"It's my housemate's birthday this coming weekend so I began the festivities early and nuded up with her pretty purple balloons. You have no idea how rad it is to play in a room full of bouncy balloons, I was entertained for ages! Blowing them all up was quite a feat, but totally worth it. I love seeing them slowly expand with each breath, and then trying to avoid getting my fingers caught when tying them off. They felt soft and light against my skin until I got a little hot and then they'd squidge against my skin making all sorts of funny noises."
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Mar 02, 2015 Dani_Jess//"tree_to_sea" vote to hitlist
"My first location was a beautiful little clearing in the forest alongside the river. Here I rolled around in the mud, lay in the soft greenery, climbed trees and swung around like a monkey! I also encountered some passing kayakers who thankfully didn't do much besides stare for minute, haha. My second location was by the sea. It was a bit chilly for a beach day, but was a brilliant experience all the same. I loved the feeling of nuzzling my bare skin in the warm sand and thrill of going for a midday skinny dip! I have never felt so alive and free as when I ran nude into the salty waves."
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Mar 01, 2015 Laura_A//"Locher_im_Zaun" vote to hitlist
"Mein Tag startete nicht all zu gut, denn als ich morgens aufstand hat es geregnet und es war sehr kalt ! ich dachte ich muss meine selfies in meiner wohnung machen. Doch dann wurde es doch sehr schoen, die sonne schien und es wurde warm. Es war sehr aufregend da ich nicht wusste wann meine Nachbarn nach hause kommen und mein Zaun nur aus Holzstreifen besteht, wo man sehr gut durchlinsen kann wenn man moechte. My day starts not so well, because if I stand up it was very cold. I was thinking I have to make the pictures inside, but it got better so I was able to go in my front yard. There are some holes in my fence so it was lucky the neighbours didn't see me."
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Mar 01, 2015 Ana_S//"urban_sprawl"
"I saw the graffiti and instantly knew I wanted to photograph myself here. The art, my skates...it was perfect. Everything was going well until a scary looking homeless guy started heading in my direction. I ended up busting my ass on my skates trying to put my clothes back on, and just when I had gotten my stuff ready to leave, he disappeared. I waited til he was clear of sight and then another ten minutes just to be sure, then finished my shoot. Thank goodness, he never came back. It was pretty scary!"
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Feb 28, 2015 Binc//"sweet_greens" vote to hitlist
"I decided to go to a place that I loved going to with my family when I was younger. When I was walking down to an area which I thought was secluded there were a couple of young kids following me, each time I'd turn around they would hide behind a tree. Not long after their parents followed. I decided to have a quick word to the mum to explain briefly what I was doing, she felt so bad that they had intruded! After I finished I went back to my car. I was carrying my large mirror which was covered with fabric. There were a few people in their mid-twenties, I smiled and said hello. When one of them asked to see my "painting", I explained it was a mirror and we got to chatting about the photo shoot. Funny timing. The shoot made me feel so adventurous, free, sexy and empowered."
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Feb 27, 2015 Phoenix_B//"self_evolved"
"The first time I ever contemplated putting naked photos of myself on the internet - I was a little more than anxious. So many people I knew were clearly against showing anything more than cleavage, it was hard to separate their opinion from my own. Since the first time I posted nudes on tumblr, and my first shoot for feck to today, I know my confidence and sexuality has evolved. I am more familiar with my curves and hairs. I am not afraid to raise my arms up and show off my pit-hair. Hopefully Coco, the crotch-sniffing dog, felt as comfortable with my naked body as I do."
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Feb 27, 2015 Jolie//"film_noir" vote to hitlist
"J'ai aime faire ce shooting voir mon corps nue sous tous les angles. Faire des photos nues dehors prendre des risques cela est excitant en esperant que tous sa vous a plue. Cela a etais une nouvelle experience pour moi jouer avec mon corps, trouver des idees des positions pour ce trouver toujours plus jolie, sexy, excitante. Je suis alaise avec la nudite."
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