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The ISM Art Prize

April's art prize goes to Desiree for her elegant folio "Deep_Desiree". Capturing her skin in stunning sepia shades, her lens lingering on textures - the tickle of chocolate coloured hair, the rough fuzz of carpet on delicate skin, the embrace of a heavy cotton jumper. Desiree illuminates her abandoned mansion with the energy of her self-exploration, reflected back to the camera in a subtle and inviting gaze. Congratulations Desiree!
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editors pick week 602

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Artist name: Serina_S
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia.
Currently living in: Sydney, Australia.
Occupation: Poet.
Age: 28.
Starsign: Scorpio.
The biggest passion in my life: What better passion to have in life than scotch whiskey and cigars! And what a great combination. I especially like to partake in Japanese and Tasmanian whiskey.
I like to listen to: the hum of a busy cafe energizes me and makes me focused.
I like to watch: other people interacting with the world around them in vast and various ways.
I like to smell: I like the way sweet skin smells, not all skin, but when you meet that special someone.

New Releases

May 27, 2015 Serina_S//"WritersBlock" vote to hitlist
"My shoot was inspired by writer's block! I didn't realize my FRUSTRATING writer's block could so make me feel so sexy! I love the artistic challenge of IShotMyself. The constraint of taking the photo yourself without a timer or 'selfie stick' makes the shoot feel like you're in an bizarre art project, which in a way, it is. I enjoyed contorting my body around my props, trying out new poses and angles while trying to take the photo with one outstretched hand or toe. I felt really beautiful during my shoot, with the silvery light dancing on my naked body and dazzling my skin. My favorite poses were with the ancient typewriter (which by the way, was very heavy resting on my stomach!) I can't wait to do my next IShotMyself!"
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May 26, 2015 Olivia_N//"Calisthenic" vote to hitlist
"I'm fortunate enough to have some old gym equipment in my garden, so the mix of nature and mechanics was interesting to play around with. So many of us exercise inside, this was like taking a natural physical element of myself back into nature. I wanted to mix up the angles as much as I could, but managed to sunburn my back and back of one leg. The SPF50 must've rubbed off in patches just before I got my camera. My skin has definitely has Scottish genes!"
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May 25, 2015 Cassidy//"illuminate"
"I shot in a room with a vintage look to it, from the old wallpaper to the big bright window. It was a great place to get a nice crisp clear photograph - pushed up right against the light. It was about exploration: playing around with the camera and seeing what angles I looked best from. Figuring out what my favourite part of my body was with the help of the lens."
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May 25, 2015 Maira_S//"Vertrauten" vote to hitlist
"Ich muss sagen, dass es mir wirklich Spass gemacht hat an diesem Projekt teilzunehmen. Meine beste Freundin hat mich dabei unterstuetzt und begleitet und sich auch dazu leiten lassen. Bei dem shooting gab es viel zu lachen und viel neues zu erfahren, explizit wie schwierig es ist eintausend unterschiedliche Posen zu finden, die auch gut aussehen. So intiem waren wir uns bislang noch nie und es war auch das erste mal fuer uns beide, dass wir uns selber in diesen Posen fotografiert haben. Es hat totalen Spass gemacht und war alleine deswegen zu tausend Prozent eine Erfahrung wert. It was really fun for me to participate in this project. My best friend supported me and I supported and guided her also. In the shooting, there was much to laugh about and a lot to learn, explicitly how difficult it is to find a thousand different poses that also look good. So we became more intimate than we were before and it was also the first time for both of us that we have photographed ourselves in these poses. It was total fun and was therefore about a thousand percent worth the experience alone."
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May 24, 2015 Senna//"sautoir"
"The more I do this, the easier it gets and the more I want to push myself to play arouned with different things. In this case, it was the light that captured my attention. The way that it trickled in through the curtains and lightly touched and warmed my skin was lovely to see and feel, so I hope I was able to portray that in my photos. I snuck outside for a bit too, to catch some good old vitamin d, but only long enough so that it didn't burn me!"
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May 24, 2015 Tara_L//"photomontage" vote to hitlist
"I've always been really reserved and had self image issues and wouldn't let my partners see me naked, let alone take pictures of myself. In fact this was the first experience I've had taking photos of myself. Surprisingly after the initial awkwardness of how to pose what to do, I was comfortable. I've now got this complete contentedness with my body and myself. I actually really love baths (I feel it's somehow connected to the fact I was a water birth) so this shoot was really fun for me. I was in my element (quite literally) and had fun experimenting with my body, the water and everything around me."
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May 23, 2015 Mari_B//"dryads_play" vote to hitlist
"Walking into the small, wooded clearing near the creek, I immediately wanted to get naked. Private, sheltered and gorgeous, low growing trees and shrubs. The air was fresh but damp. There were ants, beetles, bees, and a warm breeze. Just enough heat to get sweaty but enough shade to get goosebumps. I wanted to act out my fantasy of being a wood nymph, a mystical faerie creature with untold years at hand to play ukulele, eat, and frolic. A fellow nymph was in the next glade over, and we blew bubbles at each other to catch their shadows and prismatic colors. Not surprisingly, the bubbles were the most challenging! I forgot I was naked, until I got a bug bite or maybe two right on my ass. Oops!"
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May 22, 2015 Magnolia//"GoldenHour_1"
"Sun on skin. Hot summer air. Sweat and the smell of dirt. Nothing makes me feel sexier than being outside, in the open, beneath the sun, sweating hard in the heat. Everything in me feels alive, open. Clothes don't stay on for long in 40 degree heat. Houses with air conditioning are no match for the shade of a tree."
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May 22, 2015 Marie_M//"Bauarbeiter" vote to hitlist
This shoot was so exciting, and I love exciting! I did photos in a construction site, it was very dusty and dirty, and I was worried about getting caught. I felt very creative in the construction site and had all sorts of props to use to make it more interesting. I really enjoyed myself so much because I like getting dirty. Afterwards I had a long hot shower, it felt so nice :)
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