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New Releases

Oct 19, 2014 Lima//"green_bean"
"The sun was out fresh in the morning when I was shooting, and the natural surroundings were so green. Finding the location was difficult as I slipped in the mud three times while on my quest for solitude and nakedness. I also gave a sneak peak preview from a boy who was running past to make it to the pipes near by."
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Oct 19, 2014 Leonore//"quantite" vote to hitlist
"Se montrer sous toutes ses formes, sous differents angles. Les miroirs m'ont permis de montrer ce jeu de multi-faces. J'aime jouer avec les cadres, dans la vie comme en photographie. Cette semaine etait plutot froide mais cela m'a permit d'avoir mes tetons bien dresses ! Et la lumiere etait juste parfaite!"
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Oct 18, 2014 Maggie_A//"rhizine" vote to hitlist
"I began the day with a train ride out of the city towards the national park where I chose to do my shoot. Watching the buildings begin to fade away and nature emerge I began to feel excited. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, a crisp autumn morning. As I entered the forest the world seemed to glitter. Getting back on the train to return to the city I felt like I had a special secret, no body knew what I'd been up to today in the forest!"
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Oct 17, 2014 sarena//"staying_in"
"I shot this folio at a friend's house I am staying at. I had to wait for her to leave for work before I could begin. I decided to shoot with a surfboard and some of her sexy clothing. I was also pleased with the mirror I was using. It's got jagged edges and is an interesting shape, but I found it made my shots that much more artistic. I kept thinking she might return home early and catch me posing nude with her clothes and surfboard..."
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Oct 17, 2014 Francesca//"sesso_e_dolci" vote to hitlist
"Ho voluto mettere nel mio progetto due delle mie piu' grandi passioni: i dolci ed il circo! Ho sempre assaporato dolci di ogni genere ma mai li ho sperimantati in un altro modo! Giocare con il loro colore, le loro forme e la loro consistenza e'stato sorprendentemente divertente! Faccio hula hoop da un bel po' di tempo ormai e trovare nuovi modi di connetterlo al mio corpo nudo e' stato fantastico, un nuovo modo di giocare armonicamnete con il mio gioco preferito! E' stato un'esperienza speciale! Mi sono sentita completamente a mio agio e libera in questo un ambiente giocoso e creativo!"
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Oct 16, 2014 Lila_R//"vanitylabel" vote to hitlist
"At first I was nervous, but as I got making more labels and taking more photos, I got more and more creative and comfortable. I took these photos because I believe the human body is a natural thing and a piece of art. I labelled myself with quotes such as 'birds flying high you know how I feel' and 'stripped of ego' because I'm feeling good and I am stripped of ego. Overall, a good experience."
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