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New Releases

Jun 26, 2015 Theia//"I_am_love"
"I felt inspired by my colourful rainbow room and chose a a circus/vintage theme to reflect my character. Through parallel worlds within worlds, I entered into myself, capturing the essence of me thorough the camera and reflections. Dressing up in costume accessories to draw out my character even more was lots of fun."
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Jun 26, 2015 Lotte_G//"what_a_feeling" vote to hitlist
"This was a little more challenging than what I thought, but great fun. It was challenging because I was unable to find a private space. I was being discreet as possible to hide from housemates and neighbours through the entire shoot. I really enjoyed the creative aspect, particularly experimenting with mirrors. A few props were used to add some colour, variation and fun. I tried to smile but I felt my smile looked forced. So instead, I went with more of a neutral facial expression."
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Jun 25, 2015 Yuko//"Uranai" vote to hitlist
"I use color glasses because I'm a fortune teller and my reading can show your past, present, and future by using these beautiful color glasses. My shooting was interesting for me because it's new situation, but I really had a great time! Set me free with Feck! Thank you for your everything."
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Jun 24, 2015 liza_k//"on_the_town_1" Video
Who could ask for a more perfect tour guide then Liza_K? The rolling hills, beaches and duck pond are picturesque yet what's hidden under her black coat has taken our breath away! Back at home is where the real tour starts, as Liza_K maps her body from nipples to hips. I must say we have never been on an excursion quite like this one! The adventure is all too short-lived and makes us long to book a return trip with Liza_K as our number one tour guide.
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Jun 24, 2015 Farah//"Biophilia" vote to hitlist
"I became SO playful! After no time at all, I felt natural and at ease. I found a new sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for my body and how it wanted to move relative to my emotions and the environment around me. I feel the name of my folio captures the very essence of my adventure into the forest and deeper into myself. There was a moment where I almost forgot my purpose and was simply enjoying playing in the greenery. I felt so many walls fall down before me as I rolled in the foliage and got friendly with the situation. Added hilarity was present in the amount of mosquito bites I emerged with all over my body!"
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Jun 23, 2015 Joanna_B//"do_play" vote to hitlist
"Playing with the play-doh outside was so much fun! It was odd getting started, but I relaxed a bit because I fell into a comfort zone. I thought I would run out of ideas for angles or types of pictures, and although some got repetitive, they're all slightly different in one way or another. Spending the afternoon in the yard exploring the angles and ways to get round my body was really enjoyable."
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