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New Releases

Mar 25, 2015 michaelah//"mehndi_maidens_2" Video
Our Mehndi maidens are back, frolicking in the dust motes and sun sprays of this abandoned place they are inhabiting. This kind of friendship is a rare and valuable thing, clear in the ease with which Michaelah's friend touches her, not tentative and shy, but cheerful and loving. Dance and song and paint and performance - a little glimpse into two very beautiful lives.
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Mar 25, 2015 Sonique//"vedere_frumoasa" vote to hitlist
"This folio was shot in one of beautiful weekends when I was at home and devoted it to myself :) I had wonderful mood and I did my usual, but lovely things, yoga, oil massage, light breakfast. Although many people can think that this is not regular things, I decided to make the photo sets to show what the morning can have the young girl :)"
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Mar 24, 2015 Bliss//"hard_femme" vote to hitlist
"I found the shoot difficult and confronting. It was a stressful week and I had to take many breaks to compose myself as I was struggling. I had such high hopes for my pictures and it put up expectations that were making me unable to relax and have fun. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and my overall experience with sticking to something I committed to and turning it around to be a wonderful time."
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Mar 23, 2015 Kristiina//"hiekkamyrsky"
"Herasin kuudelta aamulla, pakotin ystavani mukaani ja raahasin jattimaisen peilin rannalle, missa yritin salaa lenkkeilijoilta napsia itsestani alastonkuvia. Ystavani oli erittain hapeissaan, minusta se oli lahinna hauskaa. Loput kuvat otin ystavani takapihalla erittain sateisena paivana. Kolme ystavaani nauroivat minulle olohuoneessa silla valin, kun mina yritin paasta eroon koiranpennusta, joka ei antanut minun ottaa kuvia rauhassa./ On the first day I woke up at 6 am and forced my friend to come with me to the beach with a huge mirror. My friend was so imberessed about me shooting myself naked while people were doing their morning work outs. I found it really funny. Next day I went to my friend back yard. My friends were laughing in the living room and I tried to get rid of the puppy who wanted to bite me and jump on me all the time."
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Mar 23, 2015 Anna_D//"Brave_Merida" vote to hitlist
"While I was outside in-between the fence and my house, I could hear my housemates and people walking by on the street. At times I thought I was going to get caught and in some of the photos I captured that moment. I'm also pretty sure I flashed my landlord, the window shut behind me so I had to run round the back of the house through the kitchen. As I ran to my room, covered in dirt, he came out of the bathroom. Yikes!"
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Mar 22, 2015 Angelica_B//"cubbyhole"
"I wanted to keep the shoot as natural as possible. I used my bedroom because of the amount of natural light that comes streaming in. I didn't want to portray anything over-the-top or unrealistic about myself or how I am viewed sexually. The focus is more on the shape of my body and the imperfections that comes with being human."
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