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New Releases

Jan 26, 2015 Fern_D//"wizard_lips"
"I rocked up to my friend's house only to find her housemate there instead, who willingly showed me his blue paint collection and a wizard cape and allowed me to strip off in his backyard to shoot myself. It was sunny and hot and the grass was itchy, and there was a constant traffic of people coming into the yard. I nakedly shook their hand each time. My last shoot before heading to a new land, I went for broke and ended up on my head. See you on the other side soon."
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Jan 26, 2015 Tara_B//"same_diff" vote to hitlist
"A year ago, I could have never done a folio like this. Shooting this was such a fun, liberating and enjoyable experience. I am so happy to be in this place now, where I am able to do a project like this and be proud of how far I've come. Getting to this weight, but more importantly this state of mind, has been a long and difficult process. Websites like this provide a place to view people of different sizes and body types, something that this world needs more of, acceptance of diversity."
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Jan 25, 2015 mary_jay//"intruder_alert"
"This warehouse was once a woodworking factory so there was lots of old ladders and benches to use for props. There was also a resident cat. I was going to pose with him a bit, but after inspecting his face I was terrified of the possibilities of getting rabies. In any case, the cold spurred me on to get the shoot done. Hope you enjoy the pictures! I had fun despite the cold and infected cat."
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Jan 25, 2015 Arati//"pop_the_cork" vote to hitlist
"Ich liebe es in der Natur zu sein und ich liebe es nackt zu sein. Gibt es eine bessere Kombination?!? Weintrauben und Erdbeeren sind meine lieblings Fruechte, ich mag es mit meinem Koerper und Dingen die ich mag zu spielen. // I love to be in the nature and I love to be naked. Are there a better combination?! Grapes and strawberries are my favourite fruits, I like it to play with my body and things that I like."
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Jan 24, 2015 Banji//"why_the_cat" vote to hitlist
"At first, I felt nervous, and shy to shoot at front yard. It was not big thing, same with the other selfie. Felt comfortable, closer to nature. Understand why the cat like to do put nothing on the body. Could feel wind, sunshine, smell of garden more than wearing bikini. It is helpful to find myself too, glad to know & join to this project. I feel proud myself and love more myself by this project. I want to recommend to my friends, don't be shy just do it!"
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Jan 23, 2015 Marlee//"wonder_haven"
"Welcome to my little wonderland backyard. We have everything out there: an open air tent that you can lie under and lazily pass the time, a little stone fireplace to keep me warm in the chilly night air, and my favourite cane chair that I frequently curl up in to read a book. At the moment, I'm reading a wonderful romance book that I'm completey swept up in... When I could eventually resist the urge to keep reading and put my book down for a tic, I took out my camera and shared myself with you instead."
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