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New Releases

Feb 28, 2015 Binc//"sweet_greens" vote to hitlist
"I decided to go to a place that I loved going to with my family when I was younger. When I was walking down to an area which I thought was secluded there were a couple of young kids following me, each time I'd turn around they would hide behind a tree. Not long after their parents followed. I decided to have a quick word to the mum to explain briefly what I was doing, she felt so bad that they had intruded! After I finished I went back to my car. I was carrying my large mirror which was covered with fabric. There were a few people in their mid-twenties, I smiled and said hello. When one of them asked to see my "painting", I explained it was a mirror and we got to chatting about the photo shoot. Funny timing. The shoot made me feel so adventurous, free, sexy and empowered."
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Feb 27, 2015 Phoenix_B//"self_evolved"
"The first time I ever contemplated putting naked photos of myself on the internet - I was a little more than anxious. So many people I knew were clearly against showing anything more than cleavage, it was hard to separate their opinion from my own. Since the first time I posted nudes on tumblr, and my first shoot for feck to today, I know my confidence and sexuality has evolved. I am more familiar with my curves and hairs. I am not afraid to raise my arms up and show off my pit-hair. Hopefully Coco, the crotch-sniffing dog, felt as comfortable with my naked body as I do."
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Feb 27, 2015 Jolie//"film_noir" vote to hitlist
"J'ai aime faire ce shooting voir mon corps nue sous tous les angles. Faire des photos nues dehors prendre des risques cela est excitant en esperant que tous sa vous a plue. Cela a etais une nouvelle experience pour moi jouer avec mon corps, trouver des idees des positions pour ce trouver toujours plus jolie, sexy, excitante. Je suis alaise avec la nudite."
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Feb 26, 2015 Sam_H//"joy_stick" vote to hitlist
"I love my friend's living room so I asked him if I could have an afternoon alone there. I had to tell him what was this about, of course he liked it and asked to be watching, but I wouldn't have felt so free with him being there. If he had been there, I wouldn't have played with his joystick and my pussy, I think. I hope you enjoy this folio!"
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Feb 25, 2015 manko//"last_heiress_2" Video
"In this video I'm strutting my stuff on the dancefloor at the disco of a 5 star resort - a derelict resort that was never completed, the dancefloor covered in shards, rubble and jungle. Sneaking in ninja shoes over smashed glass is not entirely inconspicuous. The complex attracts wandering explorers, kids playing laser tag, and local gangs. I even ran into a shady-looking dude who seemed to live in one of the "suites", so adrenaline was pretty high up there while shooting this."
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Feb 25, 2015 Jette_W//"gold_streak" vote to hitlist
This was such a fun and exciting exploration into empowering my inner erotic goddess! I was feeling tentative at first and was ignoring my camera sitting on my desk as I focused on my painting deadline. Then all of a sudden, I was painting myself. I ventured into my back yard which I share with the shop I live above. The added excitement from the possibility of being caught gave me a rush! I could hear people having business meetings in the cafe next door and voices in the alleyway behind my fence. Having a secret nude photo shoot, coupled with having to run inside occasionally to escape summer rain was exhilarating!
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