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New Releases

Sep 30, 2015 redbird//"ukelady_3" Video
In the final part of the Redbird trilogy, we meet Special Agent Scully again as well as a half naked Bruce Lee. Expect more ridiculously cute ukulele playing, dancing, boob drumming and a rather sad sign off from Redbird. Please return soon!!! xxx
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Sep 30, 2015 Bonita_A//"fighting_fit" vote to hitlist
"This was my first shoot for IShotMyself. It was shot in my gym where I also live. It was a little nerve racking because somebody could've come in at any moment and seen me naked taking selfies which could've been awkward... but luckily nobody walked in. I started by wrapping my hands and messing around with some gloves, then got naked and oiled myself up and just had some fun with the camera."
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Sep 29, 2015 Lilo//"painted_smile" vote to hitlist
"I tried to show my personality in my folio. I love lipstick and liked the thought of shooting myself with nothing but a painted smile. As I was shooting I would grab some things of mine to shoot with. I laughed when I was shooting with my hula hoop and realised I could have a go at shooting myself whilst hula hooping. I wanted more shots with my ukelele but that was a little difficult. I think I was gradually having more and more fun the more I shot. My boyfriend had a laugh watching me find different ways to shoot myself!"
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Sep 28, 2015 Pixie_P//"e_Feckt"
"I'm a punk rock schoolgirl getting naughty in an alleyway... dirty and grimey and graffiting in the nude, peeking around the corner to make sure no one catches me. No stilettos here, no photoshop or fakeness, just real street art and a cheeky miniskirt. Maybe you could turn a corner one day and see me getting up to mischief..."
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Sep 28, 2015 Elise//"superpower" vote to hitlist
"My first idea for my shoot was trying to incorporate lots of different yoga poses, but it proved nearly impossible to shoot myself without falling over! I wanted to keep my shoot simple after that, to properly show off my body in all its glory with no distractions. My folio was shot where I feel most comfortable: on my balcony overlooking the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. It was funny looking down watching everybody go about their daily business with no idea I was completely naked! When I was shooting myself it was incredibly windy, my hair was blowing around everywhere. At first it was distracting, but then I worked it to my advantage, and felt like a supermodel with my hair blowing in the wind and flicking all over my naked body."
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Sep 27, 2015 Ashley_C//"riding_high"
"Some of my fondest memories are of riding my horse with my boyfriends and girlfriends to the beach. The girls wearing their tiny, colourful bikinis while the boys ran around naked into the cold and waiting ocean. Doing this shoot brings back of memories those moist, free-loving and uninhibited days."
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