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New Releases

May 19, 2016 Philo_M//"roygbiv" vote to hitlist
"For this shoot I decided to go with a theme that is something that excites and interests me greatly: travel. Breaking out of a mundane and routine life to experience other parts of the world is a journey that I'm currently taking with absolute and wholehearted joy. Both the photo shoot and travel have been such rewarding experiences in allowing me to see things from a different perspective and learn about myself. The greenery in this shoot taps into my lifelong love of nature and the maps reflect my love for the world we live in and my hunger to explore it. I feel that this photo shoot explores two things that us humans should do more of; exploring our world and exploring our bodies."
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May 19, 2016 Rigby, Bambieblue, BelleBeloved//"Smashy_Smashy_2"
Nothing is safe from these three badass babes as they continue on their destructive rampage through the corporate world. And what better way to assert themselves as rulers of the new world order than to do it all in the nude? Today, the office - tomorrow - the patriarchy!
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May 18, 2016 Jacquie//"maple_leaf" vote to hitlist
"I was not sure at all how to start this but as soon as I did I broke my mirror haha! It ended up working out though. Then, I was having a great time, I was like "Oh, I could totally balance that on my head". I work on a macadamia farm, so that's where the leaves come in, and I kind of love peanut butter and maple candy."
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May 17, 2016 Izzy_G//"alohomora" vote to hitlist
"I decided to shoot in my lounge room because I love the colour of the rug in that room so much. My mum bought it in morocco and it is so soft, especially when you roll around on it naked like this. My dogs kept me company during the shoot and really made it a fun experience with the silliness and curiosity. It was much easier then I thought it would be in the sense that it felt really natural, and I surprised myself with how great it felt to express myself and my sexuality like that. Being naked and sexy, my favourite stockings and good music made for a fantastic evening. Loved it."
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May 16, 2016 Cleo_V//"nimble_fingers" vote to hitlist
"I shot myself in my backyard. At first I was a little nervous as my neighbour's windows directly overlook the yard, but because I really wanted to create an outdoorsy feel to the shoot I kept going. I spend the majority of my time outdoors in nature and so encorporating that into the shoot was really important to me. I also had my babin' housemates in the yard with me too, giving me heaps of support and playing super sexy music to get me in the mood. One song that boosted my confidence in particular was The Coasters - Down in Mexico. What a sexy song. Although I very nearly got caught in the act when Oscar, my 70 year old Italian neighbour's dog, ran into our garden with my neighbour trailing afterwards! I hid in the bush and my girls distracted him until he left."
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May 16, 2016 Mia_S//"frootfuck"
"Thick, smooth-fleshed silver, dull only as human limbs are dull With the life-lustre, Nude with the dim light of full, healthy life That is always half-dark, And suave like passion-flower petals, Like passion-flowers, With the half-secret gleam of a passion-flower hanging from the rock. Great, complicated, nude fig-tree, stemless flower-mesh, Flowerily naked in flesh, and giving off hues of life. Rather like an octopus, but strange and sweet-myriad-limbed octopus; Like a nude, like a rock-living, sweet-fleshed sea-anemone, Flourishing from the rock in a mysterious arrogance." - D H Lawrence
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