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New Releases

Dec 04, 2016 Phoebe_W//"in_full_bloom"
"I have been waiting for months for the vines in my back yard to bloom. I really wanted to take naked photos amongst them but I didn't know who I could share the images with. This opportunity came along and it was at the perfect moment. My backyard is over looked by the units next to me and so I was running outside taking a couple shots and then running back in hoping no one would see me. Unfortunately at one stage the wind blew my door shut and I was locked outside naked. Luckily a waiter from the café across the road was having a smoke next to my garage door and I had to ask him to jump through my bedroom window and come let me in. He had a big smile across his face the whole time. I went into the cafe later to thank him and he said I now have free Coffee whenever I want. It really was very funny."
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Dec 03, 2016 Selador//"euphony"
When you have eyes as big and blue as swimming pools and a creamy complexion that would make a porcelain doll envious, one has very little need for anything else. Selador's minimalist approach to her folio is stunning in its simplicity and we are a lucky bunch indeed, being awarded the pleasure to bear witness to such magnificence.
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Dec 03, 2016 Amor//"oh_deer"
"I found out a little about I Shot Myself ages ago, I always wondered what it was really about, as I only had a very vague idea. So finally two weeks ago I did a bit more research and found out how awesome this project is! With minimal hesitation, I took over. Throughout the whole shoot I had some doubts and only saw the imperfect side of my body, however after a fair bit I realised that's just how I really am, with lots of flaws and certainly lots of merits, then I started to embrace the real me, the way I express myself and statements I make via my style, makeup and everything. It is a truly awesome life experience to have! Thanks so much I Shot Myself!"
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Dec 02, 2016 Sapphire//"the_rebel"
"I have always been interested in exploring different concepts of sex, nudity and how both empower an individual. Growing up with a conservative family background, I was always taught to cover up but rebelling against all odds really did its justice. Despite doing semi-nude shoots with various photographers before, holding a camera and working on my ishotmyself project was a whole new experience. After feeling nervous through the first couple of photos, I grew more comfortable with my body and shooting from 'explicit' angles made me appreciate everything I had down to every scar I beared. I am now walking around stark naked whenever I get the chance to because I love feeling so liberated! I want to thank ISM for opening me to a world I never thought had existed and letting me be a part of it. One Love x"
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Dec 01, 2016 Bobbi_J//"hot_and_heavy"
"This was my first I Shot Myself experience and I had so much fun doing it! Taking photos of my naked body makes me feel so empowered and sexy. I turned myself on while I was making out with my reflection in the mirror and I love staring into the lens with the look of desire and satisfaction, as if I'm fucking myself or whoever is going to look at the photo. I am currently making a move out of my little hick, set in its square ways town that I grew up in, it's so refreshing. Along side of I Shot Myself it makes me feel like I'm taking over the world! I shot these photos in my little room and made the most of the space. My roommate and his friends were in the other room while things were getting hot and heavy on my side of the door. It made me feel "naughty" knowing that they could hear my camera shutter going off while I was alone in my room. I wonder if they wondered what was going on. I look forward to doing this more and more. :)"
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Nov 30, 2016 Jazz_J//"jazz_cat_1"
"I loved the idea of filming my shoot, I talk to myself all the time anyway so this way I didnt feel as crazy as I was talking to the camera. I felt really comfortable, the idea of creating a story behind the shoot shows a lot more of who I am, catching all the funny things that happen throughout.. like having a tampon on my bed that the cat was playing with as we hadn't bought him any toys yet or tradies walking past, I'm butt naked and my blinds are all the way up, these are the kind of memories you want to catch on film."
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