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New Releases

Nov 19, 2014 Ivy_F//"angel_face" vote to hitlist
"This folio is a true representation of me. There are no touch ups, nothing fake. Just me. I portrayed myself in these images just as I do in my everyday life- natural, fun and a little quirky. I liked sharing my intimate and bedazzled space with you, lazing about as the warm sun shone through my uni window (a rarity at the moment in these chilly months!), in a space that I'm really comfortable. Initially this shoot was a little nerve-wracking but I soon warmed up and ended up having heaps of fun!"
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Nov 19, 2014 traci//"oh_canada_1" Video
Whenever Traci's around, it's a good day here at HQ - she's always gorgeous, always hilarious, and like many cool Canucks before her, she knows how to keep it real. But this video is something else - filming near her family's cabin, Traci opens up to us, her audience, with no holds barred. In pure Traci fashion, the result is intimate and sexy, and disarmingly profound.
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Nov 18, 2014 Simona//"refleksija" vote to hitlist
"Zelo sem uzivala v slikanju sama sebe. Zelela sem enostavno biti jaz, taksna kot sem, zabavna :) Sem kar gibcna, zato sem se tudi malo poigrala z mojim nogami, malo tu, malo tam, malo vsepovsod :) Hotela sem enostavno slikanje, samo js, prazna soba in ogledalo. Mislim da je bilo dovolj da sem lahko storila to kar sem zelela :)//I really enjoyed my photo shoot :) I just wanted to be me as I am, having fun. I am quite flexible that is why I played a little bit with my legs here and there and everywhere :) I wanted to be simple, just me in an empty room with a mirror. I think it was enough to do what I wanted to :) "
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Nov 17, 2014 phoebe_g//"spice_it_up"
"The setting for my ISM shoot was my Grandma's massive back garden whilst she was out, which I was unsure about. But once I started I felt completely relaxed in such a familiar place. The door and outbuilding which I used as my backdrop has been abandoned for as long as I could remember so invoked a fairytale mystery for me. I really enjoyed this project and experimenting with the old lace and overgrown ivy from her house and made me feel very cheeky being naked with such a small time frame with the risk of her being back at any moment just heightening that feeling."
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Nov 17, 2014 Lucille_R//"justspringthings" vote to hitlist
"It was so liberating and fun to shoot outside on such a lovely day and roll around the backyard. I used my hammock because they are just so much fun (let's be honest), and there was heaps of freedom and variety in the way that I could position my body and fall around in it. You can usually find me there on a warm day, swinging and free flowing in the nice breeze (and shade!) with a cold drink. I love that summer is finally coming!"
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Nov 16, 2014 Delete_&_BelleBeloved//"planet_glitter_2"
Sparkly dueters Bellebeloved and Delete are actually sisters, which makes their creative process that much more intriguing. See what Bellebeloved has to say: "It was interesting to use color in such a spontaneous medium. Using light and paint to create our usually predictable projects, surprisingly were less so. We found entertainment in using a space which, has been for so long a place of work, uniforms and structure, instead as a creative space for mess and bare skin. It was good business. Delete is always a muse for creative projects. Her and I always seem to feed each others creative egos, which are already waaaay to big." -BelleBeloved
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