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New Releases

Apr 19, 2015 Desiree//"deep_desiree" vote to hitlist
"I had the interesting fortune of staying in a old, slightly abandoned mansion, and the 'fancy' yet dusty and neglected look of the house was a beautiful background. I found myself focusing in closer and closer to my skin, so that in many of the photos you almost get lost in the curves and contours of the body. It's not always clear what is what, or which way is up."
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Apr 19, 2015 Lola_M//"Lost_Girl"
"This is one of my favorite comic books, Alan Moore is a genius and this book really pushes even his boundaries. I decided to be a little cheeky - trust me, the book is a LOT cheekier - and shoot an ISM tribute with a bit of a Lost Girls theme... can you guess which girl I am? Maybe I'm a little bit of all of them."
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Apr 18, 2015 Antoinette_S//"dive_bomb" vote to hitlist
"I used the balcony, but I had to do it lying down so the neighbours couldn't see me. I started getting really into the shoot, really enjoying myself, and then this wasps came out of nowhere and I am so scared of wasps, especially feeling being complete butt naked. I jumped up, screamed, and was prancing around on the balcony, to which I suddenly saw my neighbours, a cute little old couple, having a quiet lunch. They began talking to me asking me how my day is, I'm not quite sure if they noticed I was naked, but it was funny anyway."
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Apr 17, 2015 Macey_B//"succulence" vote to hitlist
"I based my shoot on what makes me comfortable and happy! I decided to do the shoot during my favourite time of day, which is sunset. I was surrounded by flowers, plants, cacti and succulents as I am always the most happiest in nature. As I started the shoot, a few of my neighbours arrived home so I think they got a sneak peak at what I was doing, but I was having way too much fun to worry about what they were seeing! The shoot went smoothly and I think I had way too much fun by myself, I was on such a buzz after the shoot I could have run a marathon!"
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Apr 17, 2015 Ellabella//"intruder_alert"
"I snuck into my best friend's house for this cheeky ISM. Eloise (my friend) probably has a vague idea about what I was doing. You won't believe how crazy the weather was today! I originally planned to shoot outdoors but the weather gods had a different idea. I was FREEZING too, I'm not used to my nipples being so erect when I'm not actually turned on. Perfect excuse to go and have a hot hot shower right after running around being naked. YAY!" Click here to see Ellabella's accompanying video, Awkwadorable.
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Apr 16, 2015 Jayleigh//"living_dream" vote to hitlist
"I had a number of ideas on how I wanted to create this shoot, though I decided to be simple, but natural and real. I wake up naked in my bed and I go to sleep in the exact same way, just as seen in my shoot. This is where my imagination goes wild and my dreams are alive. I had fun as I'm sure my neighbours also did seeing as my windows were wide open. Hey, I'm not shy..."
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