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New Releases

Apr 17, 2014 sonya_t//"third_wave" vote to hitlist
"I always found the beach comforting. I wanted this shoot to reflect the evolution in my attitudes towards my body, from Catholic conservatism right through to stripper exhibitionism! I brought along my cross earrings, and attempted to subvert their traditional connotations. I wanted to turn away from the exotic dancer-style poses, which strip women of their autonomy by placing them into patriarchal ideals. In the end, I just had fun with it, tried to portray an image of me as I see myself. Thats about as naked and vulnerable as you can get, and yet I only feel empowered by the experience."
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Apr 16, 2014 maria_w//"frauleinwunder2" Video
Maria_W works hard - we can't help but be impressed at the gung-ho attitude with which she tackles her friend's garage. Lucky for us, her very talented camera-person is just as gung-ho - a little too much so, in fact. Sometimes in life, a girl just wants to clean a garage naked for a few minutes without any kind of audio-visual equipment following her around. We understand.
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Apr 16, 2014 milena_b//"snap_asana" vote to hitlist
"I practice yoga daily. It has opened me up, both physically and mentally. I am amazed by the body, what it can do, how it can feel and how we can communicate and understand ourselves so much more intensely when we connect with this physical, transient entity. I tried to include some of this in my shoot because it is so important for me and how I understand my body."
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Apr 15, 2014 irina//"groundies" vote to hitlist
"I went to a park to do this photoshoot, there's someone walking there, but I take the pic quickly! Under a slide, at swing.. Near there be a group of guys skating but I think don't saw me doing the pics. I played with different perspectives and shadows... it be really funny doing something like that and risky, someone could catch me in a moment!!"
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Apr 14, 2014 ageha//"gypsy_odori"
In Japan, I'm learning to belly dance. This is American tribal style makeup and costume. The accessory is Afghan antique. I'm not good at sports but I see belly dance and is amazing so I want to try. I learn belly dance for two years and I sometime dance in restaurant and club in Japan."
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Apr 14, 2014 ana_l//"escabulle" vote to hitlist
"Fuimos a un dia de pesca en un hermoso lago. Eramos 2 parejas. En un momento decidi alejarme del grupo y detras de unas rocas comenze a quitarme la ropa para hacer las fotos. Mezcla de emocion, locura y adrenalina, miedo a ser descubierta por los demas, pero con mucha excitacion por lo que estaba haciendo."
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