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New Releases

Apr 11, 2014 ale//"timpul_tantar"
"Here's the story: I went in the forest again with a friend. Who knew the forest is the kingdoom of mosquitoes?! They were everywhere in the air, on my legs, on my pussy, on my ass, everywhere! But I really wanted to do the shot and made it till the end! If you a photo blurred, that means a mosquitoe was on my hand and I was trying to get away from him."
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Apr 11, 2014 jasmine_k//"empyreal" vote to hitlist
"Somehow I felt more comfortable once the last pieces of clothing were flung onto the sand. It seemed perfectly natural to be naked in the mellow warmth of the afternoon sun, dipping and drenching myself in cool water, the scratch of coarse sand against skin, breezes, ripples, rain. Revelling in the senses normally dulled by the interference of clothing. It was such a playful, sensory experience. As I splashed around in the shallow waters of the river, warm rain fell on my face and a rainbow shimmered on the stormy horizon, I managed to snap it in one picture before it faded. A beautiful experience captured."
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Apr 10, 2014 evie_r//"indulgence" vote to hitlist
"As I was revising the history of dance in my bedroom on a Sunday afternoon, I got overcome by utter boredom and decided I needed some fun so I put some Beyonce on and found myself dancing and having fun. I didn't want to limit my limbs so I thought it was only fair that I should take my clothes off and before I knew it I was bare naked and my books were somewhere in the corner. After my spontaneous afternoon I stayed naked and grabbed some raspberries and cream from my fridge and took pleasure in eating them all!"
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Apr 09, 2014 shella//"revigore" vote to hitlist
"J'ai sentie la sensation de l'eau sur mon corps qui etait a la fois froid et doux qui me fit frisonner. puis j'ai voulu ecrire avec mon rouge a levre, "Love Is In the Air". Cette sensation d'ecriture fut douce sur ma peau. Je me suis rapproche plus de la nature et des fleurs pour sentir tous ces elements autour de moi. Je me suis roulee dans les feuilles pour etre encore plus pres de la nature, sentir son odeur sur moi, et par la suite la pluie fut sur moi, froid et extraordinaire, car le monde est juste magique !"
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Apr 09, 2014 maria_w//"frauleinwunder1" Video
Cleaning garages is generally a bummer of a way to spend your weekend, but Maria_W's figured out a way to keep herself entertained - and us, too, while she's at it. Wait for the 1 minute mark for Maria_W to challenge your established sensibilities - will you be turned on or creeped out? If you're anything like us, it's a little bit of both.
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Apr 08, 2014 sophie_b//"afternoondelight" vote to hitlist
"As I was on my afternoon walk, I just felt like I should experience my surroundings more naturally. The sun was nice and warm, just the way I like it, so I decided since no one else was around, I should strip. The feeling of leaves and twigs crunching underfoot as I took each step made me feel more and more like myself; nice and relaxed. I thought I would climb a few trees, just explore what I could do while I was naked. I captured a few of the trees and surroundings for your enjoyment."
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