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Oct 24, 2014 thuvia//"lost_at_sea"
"Staying the night on a boat I decided the only logical thing was to take some pictures documenting my time.. and where better to send them than to ISM? So, you can all share my chilly nipples too! It wasn't raining when I started shooting, but as I took more clothes off, more raindrops started to fall more heavily. In the end, they forced me inside to finish the shoot on the dining room table amidst the mess, and looking up out of the rain splattered windows to the grey skies above. The drawings and dress are by the amazing Mew!"
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Oct 24, 2014 Tash_V//"exuberantia" vote to hitlist
"The folio was shot on my parent's balcony at their house. I am just visiting with them in Melbourne for the week, so staying at their place... maybe not such good timing. I also have my auntie visiting who was home at the time whilst my parents were at work. In the shoot I start out in one of the dresses I have designed - luckily the weather was permitting as it is freezing here at the moment."
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Oct 23, 2014 Raina//"beanie_babe" vote to hitlist
"I've been a big collector of beany babies for aaages now. They were really big in the 90's, so I stocked up on them during my childhood and nearly have the whole set now. What you got to see was only a handful of the amount that I actually have. They were really nice and warm on my bare skin after braving the constant on-and-off rainy weather we've been dealing with lately. I sure did get a good workout though, with all the running in and out of the house to avoid getting soaked!"
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Oct 22, 2014 Sophia_R//"dear_self" vote to hitlist
"When I was 18 I was slim, but I thought I was fat. Then university called me, and off I went for endless nights filled with vodka shots and pizza to mop up the hangovers. It took me a long time to notice how much weight I had actually gained. I only realised at the end of my second year that my stomach had gone from flat to wobbly with purple lines on it. I then spent the next year of my life crying about my new body while shoving more pizza in my mouth to make up for it. It was only after I left Univeristy that I made the effort to lose the weight. The stretch marks are still there, but I didn't care. Even though I know I don't have the skinniest body, I love it."
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Oct 22, 2014 alyssa_r//"alyssaexplainsit" Video
It's not too hard for Alyssa to explain it all, considering she's got it all - the kind of confidence money just can't buy, combined with a good sense of humor, fine diction, and, of course, an incredibly rocking bod which could probably lift at least 3 of us lazy HQ bunnies. And then she tops it off by showing off her shoe collection....
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Oct 21, 2014 Min_Ji//"macrobiotic" vote to hitlist
"Usually I pose with pizza for pictures (clothed or unclothed), so I tried to shake things up a bit in my tiny, sun-deprived Chinatown apartment with a bunch of fresh kale. Aside from ignoring my dad's skype call and hoping my flatmate didn't see bursts of bright flash while she made her morning coffee, all was good and well during the self-portrait session. Dark leafy greens, white sheets, and a mindset quite different from my conservative South Korean upbringing. I'm sure in another generation, my parents would be proud."
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