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The Project ISM Artist prize
MIA_TSZAKI Date: 01/05/2016
Mia muses in magenta. Turning her camera to her body, she discovers its rawness through a new lens. She breaks plant stems to release the foamy sap, letting it mingle with intimate hairs and pinching the stems between her toes. Fluffy cream smears over her bellybutton, lipstick brightens lips, coconut oil readies her partner for a massage. Thank you Mia _Tszaki, for giving us a glimpse into your special stripe of the colour spectrum, and congratulations on winning April's Art Prize!
AURELIE Date: 01/04/2016
Aurelie is as much a gift of nature as the morning sunlight, the gentle wind, the oak tree where she makes her home on a dreamy Autumn day. Her connection to the Earth and fascination with the female form come together in her art - drawings of leaves which resemble labia - and in her primary folio, "amour_de_soi". Congratulations, Aurelie, for winning March's $250 Art Prize!
SIWEI Date: 01/03/2016
Artist: SIWEI
Siwei illuminated IShotMyself this month with her Klimt-inspired folio, "gold_oleander". Experimenting with poses ranging from erotic to elegant, playful to introspective, Siwei pushed the boundaries of what's possible with a self-timer a voracious creative drive. Congratulations, Siwei, for winning February's Art Prize!
SHONY Date: 01/02/2016
Artist: SHONY
Lights, camera, action! This month, Shony proved it doesn't take daring feats of public nudity to take out the Art Prize; conquering our hearts from the comfort of her bedroom. Her true beauty shines from within, but it's her undeniable skills with her camera that allow her to share it so eloquently. Congratulations, Shony, January's Art Prize is all yours!

VISCOUS_N Date: 01/01/2016
A femme fatale in lingerie and muddy work boots, a glowing nude in nature, a hedonist indulging in self-reflection and self pleasure. Viscous_N embodies each of these subjectivities with artistic intentionality and raw authenticity. For this honest expression of Multiplicity, we award Viscous_N with the final Art Prize for 2015. Congratulations!
JASMYN Date: 01/12/2015
Artist: JASMYN
Folio: 1000_MATCHES
"Creating images is my life source. My greatest obstacle is validation seeking. It clouds my mind, filling my thoughts with unnecessary stresses. To create I must look within myself. Each day I must fight the urge to seek validation. I slit myself open. Vulnerable and exposed I embrace my weakness until it is gone." - Jasmyn
LOVISA_G Date: 01/11/2015
Artist: LOVISA_G
Lovisa_G proves herself equally skilled as a model and photographer in her standout primary folio "Lilac_Skies". The embodiment of a Gothic queen, she emerges from cerulean darkness, features defined in stark chiaroscuro. In awe of her icy elegance, we get down on our knees to offer up a much deserved $250 Art Prize and invite Lovisa_G to rule IShotMyself for the winter.
SHIVA Date: 01/10/2015
Artist: SHIVA
Shiva's joie de vivre shines through in her luminous primary folio, "northern_light". Natural elements - wood, flowers, water, sun - are brought together in a playful reinterpretation of the Japanese tea ceremony, taking place on the landscape of Shiva's bare skin. For capturing the joy of creative erotic play and infecting us with a contagious smile, we award September's Art Prize to Shiva. Congratulations!

ALLY_BELLE Date: 01/09/2015
A classic beauty mimicking a classical style. Similar to 16th century vanitas, Ally_Belle nestles herself amongst a selection of still life, arranged artfully within the golden frame and filling the composition with a deep use of field. In the midst of the rich colours and soft textures, her playful mix of bold and teasing poses still draws us in as the focal point of Augustís art prize! Congratulations Ally_Belle!
AURORA_A Date: 01/07/2015
Artist: AURORA_A
Never before has ISM peeked through a fish-eye lens, and we love what we see! This month we catch a glimpse of Aurora_Aís dreamland, adorned with colourful fabrics that fill the frame with playful charm. Her love for the colour green goes beyond the aesthetic, revealing a symbolic connection to the Earth that shines through in her folio "Psychedelia". Congratulations Aurora_A for winning July's Art Prize!
MAYA_S Date: 01/06/2015
Artist: MAYA_S
Worshippers in Ancient Egypt offered honey to the fertility god, Min. In the Hindu tradition, honey is considered one of the five elixirs and poured over deity statues in sacred rituals. Legend has it that a monkey offered honey to Buddha in the wilderness. This month, we offer up June's Art Prize in tribute to the divine sweetness of Maya_S, the newest honey goddess of IShotMyself. Congratulations, Maya_S, may you reign supreme!
SAFFRON_L Date: 01/05/2015
Congratulations Saffron_L for winning May's Art Prize! Your expert use of negative space and simple composition makes 'soliloquy' stand out from the crowd as this month's most artistic primary folio.

DESIREE Date: 01/04/2015 DESIREE ||
April's art prize goes to Desiree for her elegant folio "Deep_Desiree". Capturing her skin in stunning sepia shades, her lens lingering on textures - the tickle of chocolate coloured hair, the rough fuzz of carpet on delicate skin, the embrace of a heavy cotton jumper. Desiree illuminates her abandoned mansion with the energy of her self-exploration, reflected back to the camera in a subtle and inviting gaze. Congratulations Desiree!
SONDRINE Date: 01/03/2015
Shooting "shine_to_glass" may have cursed Sondrine with 49 years of bad luck, but that hasn't stopped her from winning this month's art prize! Using mirror shards to fragment the image of her body, bathed in pastel tones and flecked with rainbow light, Sondrine has created a folio truly worthy of adoration. Congratulations Sondrine!
SILKE Date: 01/02/2015 SILKE ||
A landslide vote this month makes Silke's pop-bam-wow folio, "Hallucinogene", our February Art Prize winner! Her intoxicatingly hot mess of color splashed onto our screens and made our hearts go "rawr", and her use of light, imagery and framing did the rest. Congratulations Silke!

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