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The Project ISM Artist prize
GRACIE_LEE Date: 01/04/2014 GRACIE_LEE ||
One day, Gracie_Lee walked out, naked as a sparrow, her footfalls delicate on the bending grasses and her camera taptapping against her hip. The world through Gracie's eyes is a soft and quiet place, rich with light refracting. Gracie Lee, fascinated by brilliance of her suncaught hair, the bokeh beauty of the day's colors brought back into focus by a sharp, clean twist of her efficient lens, the rippled creases and long taut planes of her own skin. Congratulations, Gracie Lee.
VIVIANA Date: 01/03/2014
Going through Viviana's folio "Laugh Riot" is like pulling a scarf out of a hat filled with emotions, each picture capturing a pure expression of mood. It's important to remember that beauty isn't always sunshine and laughter, but also moments of stark reality and calm contemplation. For reminding us of this, Viviana, thank you - and congratulations, for winning February's Art Prize!
JAY_D Date: 01/02/2014
Artist: JAY_D
Jay D's "Suspend" took big risks this month, combining flawless photography, thrilling public nudity, and fearless performance art as she perched on the balcony of her apartment tower, proudly displaying her naked body for the world to see. Jay_D ought to be proud - her risks paid off, nabbing January's Art Prize and our ardent admiration. Cheers, and congratulations to you, Jay D!
MADITA Date: 01/01/2014
Artist: MADITA
We're so pleased to wrap up 2013 and usher in the new year by offering up December's Art Prize to the curly-haired nyphette Madita, who has us alternately soothed and swooning with her white flowers and long bluegrass, that cheeky smile and elegant framing. Well done Madita, Glückliches neues Jahr, and congratulations!

TROUBLEGRRRL Date: 01/12/2013
As we get down on our knees and offer up November's Art Prize to Troublegrrrl, we're in fine company - with no less than 6 Feminist Porn Awards, 7 AVN awards and countless others, we won't be the first (or the last) to recognize Troublegrrrl's brilliance. She got a heap of experience under that sexy belt, which is probably crumpled among the rest of her clothes, in a pile over yonder. It's our pleasure to add accomplished self-shooter to her impressive resume.
AUTUMN_W Date: 01/11/2013
Artist: AUTUMN_W
With her attention to the finest details of her physical being, the way her skin brushes against, pushes out, slides on, and clutches to all the smooth textures of life which she gathers around her, Autumn W has captured our imagination, and brought a breath of magic into HQ from all the way over the sea. Thank you Finland, for giving us Autumn W and the landscapes which inspire her, and congratulations, Autumn W, for winning October's Art Prize.
CREATURA Date: 01/10/2013
A Creatura unlike the rest. It was nearly unanimous at HQ - we were all over-the-moon this month for Creatura's stunning debut "Grasslands", a tribute to all things green and glowing in the golden hour. Creatura opened up her lens and sucked in the sunlight, and the result was a folio as warm and beautiful as Creatura herself.
ANNIE_BLOOM Date: 01/09/2013
This month the art prize goes to Hungary, and 23-year old artist and student Annie_Bloom. Her moody folio uses "found light" perfectly and plays with focus and perspective to give us an all too brief look into the mind of this intriguing and beautiful woman.

ORIANE Date: 01/08/2013
Artist: ORIANE
We've heard reports of chicks returning from their ISM shoots with all kinds of new insights, so it's nice to see someone picking up her camera with that firm intention in mind. Using her own reflected presence to take her soulful quest through body and subject, Oriane pushes the limits of experiential portraiture, baring all as she searches for self. We are proud to award July's Art Prize to Oriane - congratulations!
AKIRA Date: 01/07/2013
Artist: AKIRA
When shoots come in and HQ nearly burns down in a feverish explosion of love, it's a pretty good sign for any art prize contender. And so it was for Akira, who, through particularly fierce competition this month, emerges the victor for June's Art Prize! Akira's joyful, naked freedom against the blue sky, and those perfectly framed shots in her red-curtained harem space sealed the deal - but like we said, we were obsessed from day one. Congratulations, Akira.
NAGORE Date: 01/06/2013
Artist: NAGORE
Between needles, a point of infinite precision. Nagore wields her camera as skillfully as her sewing kit - although this tool weaves images that reveal her body, rather than clothe it. For exquisite balance, great color, and compositions that make us sweat, we're awarding May's Art Prize to Nagore, for her primary folio, "Entre Agujas". Thanks for piercing our boundaries, Nagore - that's just how we like it.
AMBER_N Date: 01/05/2013
Artist: AMBER_N
Congrats to Amber_N for winning April's Art Prize! Sharp focus, fine lines, big attitudes and beautiful bursts of color demonstrate that when it comes to Amber_N's vision for the new world of erotic media, we're 100% on board. Here's hoping this Art Prize is the just the start of Amber N's new erotic empire.

NUR Date: 01/04/2013 NUR ||
ISM is very pleased to present March's $500 Art Prize to Nur, for her elegant folio, "Bon Matin". The bright light and firm lines of her folio are gracefully mitigated by the softness of Nur's body in frame, her skill and intention turning that stark potential into something sweet and fragile. Good morning, Nur - we hope that this is the dawn of a beautiful friendship. Congratulations!
KAYT Date: 01/03/2013
Artist: KAYT
Congratulations to Kayt for winning February's Art Prize! In a world where women are objectified until they mature, and then shunt aside just when they're ready to bear up under them pryin' eyes, Kayt's work is essential. To remind us that our beauty, and our confidence, don't belong to anyone but ourselves - neither objectification or rejection can take them away from us. For that and for damn fine artistic portraits, rich with depth, color, and intensity, we commend you, Kayt.
MEW Date: 01/02/2013
Artist: MEW
2013 is off to a dark and sultry start, as Mew takes January's Art Prize. An experienced erotic photographer, Mew's skills really show - we're especially impressed with this folio full of charged body language and stunning close-ups, defining a new standard here at ISM for shots at once both explicit and stunningly beautiful. Thank you and congratulations, Mew!

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