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RELOAD - 18 MAY 2024
"This is my second time in making a photo shoot for I Shot Myself. I really enjoy working with ISM and I am glad that I am allowed to this shooting again. It's always super fun to do but also quiet a challenge. Taking so many pictures and trying to make them all different isn't easy but it definitely makes you creative which I love. This time I did the shoot at my friend's place where I am living for a short period. I enjoyed a lot that there are many different rooms in the house and also a big garden. It's fun to play around with the camera and light but always towards the end of the shooting it's really challenging because I am just running out of ideas. It was also really different this time because I wasn't alone at home like last time. Less privacy, but I still felt super comfortable doing it and my friends are super nice and were supporting me in doing it. Now I just finished the shoot and I am feeling great. I love my body and love being nude and enjoy to see my body in different ways. Thank you!"

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