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PRIMARY - 29 MAY 2024
"After a hot day, I returned home and was very hungry, I decided to cook dinner for myself and realized that I only had avocados in the refrigerator. I believe that it was the right decision to take it, as the green color in the photos looks very fresh. I realized that for a long time I did not have such an appetite and what a pity that there was only one avocado, but I enjoyed it to the fullest. It was so gentle, a little greasy, like an airy sweet cloud. When I cut it, I was a little worried that it would be too hard and green, since it is very difficult to find a ripe avocado in our area. In my country, they are not grown, but only brought in, and often they simply ripen in the dark, damp premises of a supermarket. How I want my own garden, where I will grow my avocado. Why do simple things sometimes seem so unreal? The question is rhetorical, I do not expect an answer to it, and who will give it to me if I communicate with myself anyway. When I cut it, I was surprised, because it was perfect, I had not seen such avocados for a long time and decided that I urgently wanted to photograph it, and I decided that I simply had to take a picture with it. Well, where else will you see such a ripe avocado, if not in my shoot. Just imagine this aroma and taste, as if it had just been plucked from a tree that was burning on the sunny coast of Spain. I have never been there, but I can imagine it. All evening I thought about Spain and how delicious avocados are there, although I'm not sure if they come from there."

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