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Why the fuck not, right? I've always been very open and comfortable with nudity and sexuality so it was just matter of time until I found Project_ISM. A few years back I had my first experience with erotica through an amateur anonymous erotic blog an ex and I created together, which gained a fair amount of fame and popularity surprisingly quick. It was short lived but ignited my interest in public nudity and capturing my own. Now, after a couple of tough, trying and humbling years, I've come back stronger and more confident than ever and sit at one of the most positive points in my life to date. What better time to bare it all and walk down yet another avenue I've always been curious about exploring further...

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birthplace: Toronto, Canada.
age: 24.
height: 5'7''. I used to be 5'9'' but I lost a couple inches in a car crash.
starsign: I'm a bright star cancerian 36/9 earth dragon.
biggest passion in my life: Submerging myself into as many cultures and human experiences as possible.
I like to listen to: my breath syncing to another's and following as they rise and fall together.
I like to watch: the sky.
I like to smell: salt in the air, it means you must be near the ocean.
I like to taste: fruit picked freshly from a tree (even more so from a friend's or my own garden).
I like to feel: the warmth of another's body.
favourite part of my body: I love all my markings and their subtleties (for the most part) over my body - like my tattoos, stitch scars and battle wounds. So to speak.
favourite part of someone else's body: My boyfriend's cock.
Why i shot myself: Why not?!
Bands I like: Anything math rock, hard and heavy.
Books I like: Cat's Cradle, K. Vonnegut. "Tiger gotta hunt, bird gotta fly, man gotta wonder 'why, why, why?' Tiger gotta sleep, bird gotta land, man gotta tell himself he understand."

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