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Nudity and sexuality are probably some of the few things that still keep us connected to our "natural-ness", it's an interesting juxtaposition that many of us are uncomfortable with it including myself!

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07 Apr 19
ZIP - 40|19M
birthplace: India
occupation: Carer/Nurse
age: 34
relationship status: Single
biggest passion in my life: To really try and push myself out of that comfort zone, sometimes that means being brutally honest
I like to listen to: Predominantly reggae, hip hop, afro jazz (Ali Farkatoure is a legend!!)
I like to watch: Docos and funny shit - currently Shameless.....And Parenthood
I like to smell: Leaves, vanilla, jasmine, baby soap, coconut (mmmmm), mangoes, Mum's curries
I like to taste: Anything and everything, as long as it's good or weird
I like to feel: Plants as I walk past them, soft fluffy things, as well rough sand-papery things
favourite part of my body: How curvy it is, thanks Mum xxx
favourite part of someone else's body: Shoulders, and a good booty mmm...
Why i shot myself: Honestly because I like doing things that are a bit different, but I did enjoy the freedom of taking photos outside.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Wankers who take themselves too seriously
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Sounds creepy, but my best mates
my website/fav website: SBS on Demand, a good conspiracy website, and wikipedia hahaha
Most outrageous thing I have done: God so many things!! A really fun one is going to a house party in Berlin with complete strangers I met at a nightclub, not telling anyone where I'd disappeared to till late afternoon of the next
Bands I like: Major Lazer, Ocean Alley, Snakadaktal, Public Opinion, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Fat Freddy's Drop, Flight Facilities, The xx, Madre Monte, The Merindas
Books I like: White American Youth, Into the Wild, Deadly Unna, Annihilation of Caste, Serpentine Creek
Films I like: Kontiki was epic!!