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I got into modeling in 2007 and soon after I began using nude art to express myself. It's a freedom that I have no words for; it's empowering and thrilling. I try to speak volumes with my photos and I hope you can see a bit into my soul when you look at my photos. This site has a unique approach to nudity, there is something very raw about shooting yourself nude and alone, it's a depth that I don't think can quite be captured when there are other people in the room with you, especially when you have studio lights and being told what to do.

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birthplace: Oakland, United States
age: 29
height: 5'2
relationship status: Poly
starsign: Aquarius - and I fit it to a T
biggest passion in my life: My eternal obsession is Stephen King novels, though recently I've gotten into Joe Hill (his son!). My biggest passion is art in all its forms. Usually it comes out in modeling or photography
I like to listen to: My favorite music is symphonic metal (with a soprano vocalist) but I usually listen to audiobooks
I like to watch: I'm not really that into TV or movies, but when I do it's horror
I like to smell: I love the smell of cat feet and damp earth
I like to taste: I like to taste anything pleasant; sweet, tart, fruity, and I like it to have texture
I like to feel: I like to feel someone petting me right on my hairline, and cat fur in my fingers
favourite part of my body: Most people seem to answer that they like my eyes best, but I have to admit my favorite part of my body is my tattoos
favourite part of someone else's body: Lips
Why i shot myself: I found this site through another model and have been watching it for a while, but I never had enough time to myself to shoot for it before.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I think everyone is beautiful and should find their expression! I want to see everyone here!
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Razor Candi
my website/fav website: hadapixie.com and patreon.com/hadapixie
Most outrageous thing I have done: I never have done anything ridiculous, but I did learn through a fluke of art that I'm really into sploshing. Just so long as it's not cold! Sorbet was beautiful but a rather painfully cold
Bands I like: Anything off VenusAeon.com or LatexRecords.com - but Nightwish when the lead singer was Tarja Turunen is my favorite sound combination!
Books I like: Anything at all by Stephen King, Joe Hill, or my first love (and tattoo tributes) E.A. Poe
Films I like: The Babadook has become one of my favorite films, but I do love The Green Mile and Pulp Fiction too :)