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Being naked is revealing and confronting to me. At first I thought I needed to project "being sexy". I realised slowly that it's hard to fake! Real genuine appreciation of my raw body had to come from a place in me where I felt it. I enjoy being sexy when I FEEL sexy. I also appreciate the fleshy container that holds me in all its other expressions too. Letting go of "what I should look like" is hard and rewarding work.

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29 Apr 18
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12 Nov 18
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birthplace: Newcastle, Australia
occupation: Whorticulturalist
age: 25
height: 170cm
relationship status: Polyamorous
starsign: Pisces (Aries rising, Libra moon)
biggest passion in my life: Growing compassion and food
I like to listen to: Birds singing and trees dancing
I like to watch: Flocks of birds flying over me
I like to smell: Fresh herbs and sexy sweaty skin
I like to taste: The salt off a lover's skin and fresh water from a mountain stream
I like to feel: Myself in the moment
favourite part of my body: My biceps, my hips, my legs
favourite part of someone else's body: Hip bones (oof!)
Why i shot myself: To challenge myself and appreciate all of my body
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: No one! We choose who we see
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My mum, my Grandmothers, and trans girls/women
my website/fav website: everydayfeminism.com
Most outrageous thing I have done: Made out with myself in a mirror (try it!)
Bands I like: Passion Pop, Brooke Powers
Books I like: Tracks by Robyn Davidson and Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe
Films I like: Bike Smut, LOTR, Amelie, The Wall