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My self confidence has fluctuated over the years from feeling good and confident with myself to other times feeling a bit low. These past two years I have gone on a journey to focus on loving myself, every inch. It wasn't easy but I feel I am finally there. This shoot was an expression for my new found love with my arms, back, belly, stretch marks, cellulite on my thighs and crinkly elbows. I love it all and I feel sexy and proud to be me!

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30 Nov 17
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27 May 18
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28 Feb 18
07 Mar 18
birthplace: Canada
occupation: Artist
age: 21
height: 5'5
relationship status: De facto relationship
starsign: Scorpio
biggest passion in my life: Art, travel, music
I like to listen to: 60's rock/pop, dream pop, jangle rock, experimental electronic, shoegaze
I like to watch: Indie films, funny cartoons, documentaries and B&W French films
I like to smell: Cinnamon, mint, frying onions
I like to taste: Chai tea
I like to feel: Fuzzy blankets, sand in my toes, overgrown grass, soft skin
favourite part of my body: My booty
favourite part of someone else's body: Eyes and hands
Why i shot myself: To feel invigorated, empowered and SEXY
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I wouldn't want to see naked pics of my Dad
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Natalie Portman, what a babe
my website/fav website: juxtapoz
Most outrageous thing I have done: Attempted a skinny dip in a very famous fountain...in Rome ;)
Bands I like: The Velvet Underground, MBV, The Strokes, Fleet Foxes, 13th Floor Elevators, Slowdive
Books I like: The Lives of Women and Children by Alice Munroe, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Films I like: Amelie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Harold and Maude