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Strip off, get nude, be bold. Bodies are so similar but so unique, whatever you have to offer is beautiful and should be loved by not just you in the mirror but everyone who witnesses your gift. Cover when you must but let loose when you can and if someone catches you - what a blessing for them!

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29 Oct 17
ZIP - 46|69M
birthplace: Düsseldorf, Germany
currently living in: Germany
occupation: Student
age: 21
relationship status: Single
starsign: Pisces
biggest passion in my life: At the moment definitely traveling and I don't know if that will ever change
I like to listen to: Justin Bieber
I like to watch: Girly series like Gossip Girl
I like to smell: Roses and weed
I like to taste: Fast food and weed
I like to feel: Cold air in my face while my body is cuddled into a warm blanket
favourite part of my body: My belly button, even though some people say it's too small
favourite part of someone else's body: I find the dimples on the lower back really sexy
Why i shot myself: I feel like I've gotten more confident and started to truly love myself. Ishotmyself was a good opportunity to catch this feeling.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My maths teacher from high school
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Definitely Justin Bieber
my website/fav website: Instagram is always entertaining
Most outrageous thing I have done: This!!
Bands I like: Justin Bieber
Books I like: The Alchemist
Films I like: Catch Me If You Can, Limitless